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"A Witch Joins"
Episode 3
Kanji 魔女入隊
Romaji Majo nyūtai
Air Date October 21, 2015
Story Arc Witches Struggle Arc
Opening Afilia Saga
Ending Ito Kanako
"Summon the Hero" "The Necromancer Laughs"
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"A Witch Joins" is the third episode of the animated adaptation of the light novel, Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai.


Sougetsu Ootori and Hayato Kurogane, as they walked down a corridor, discussed business to do with Mari Nikaido - the Auroral Witch that was on their WANTED list for 3 years. Once they arrived at her cell, Sougetsu welcomed Mari with enthusiastic open arms. At this point, the witch has amnesia and doesn't remember the crimes she was involved in with Haunted.

After that, the 35th Test Platoon was told to go to the principal's office. Sougetsu then informed them about Lapis Lazuli, who was the only Relic Eater who had chosen a partner until Takeru Kusanagi. During Lapis' introduction, she tells Sougetsu and the others the reason why she chose Takeru as a host; and his abilities as a swordsman. Once that was over, the Platoon was then in charge of looking after Lapis as Sougetsu told them he put her in their class and also made a fake ID for her; on paper, she's Takeru's little sister.

Sougetsu even informed the group about his newest experiment for the school, letting witches attend the academy to become Inquisitors. Because of their good job with the einherjar, he appointed them to also get along with Mari, the first witch in the school, much to Ouka's dismay.

Immediately after leaving and going down the grand stairs of the academy, Mari and Ouka had an argument which led them to take different paths. Usagi and Ikaruga thought to leave Mari alone since she was just an ordinary human with a collar.


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  • The meaning of "A Witch Joins", shows that this episode would be based around Mari.
    • She, the Auroral "Witch", was directed to 35th Test Platoon.