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"Move Out! Small Fry Platoon!"
Episode 1
Kanji 英雄召喚
Romaji Eiyū shōkan
Air Date October 7, 2015 (Japan)
October 8, 2015 (Worldwide)
Story Arc Hero Summoning Arc
Opening Afilia Saga
Ending Ito Kanako
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"Move Out! Small Fry Platoon!" is the first episode of the animated adaptation of the light novel, Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai.


The episode opens with Ouka Ootori being unconscious and Takeru Kusanagi on the floor bleeding out from his stomach. Usagi Saionji and Ikaruga Suginami were far, checking on Takeru, worried, but he couldn't reply to them. Lapis Lazuli stood before him, congratulating him.

Takeru started off being a little infamous for his type of weapon. He used a sword, which those around him mocked. He was a little angry at them but remained calm, knowing it would be wrong to fight back. He was on his way to his platoon's HQ and what awaited him there were his teammates. Unknowingly, he stepped into the room where Usagi, ironically, was dressed as a very appealing black rabbit, which was caught on camera by Ikaruga. This whole routine even made him cry, which caused Usagi to be angry for he wasn't supposed to. Ikaruga was still catching it on camera and even jokingly threatened to spread it across the school. Usagi immediately rushed over to her, pleading with her not to. Takeru just sighed at the two.

Meanwhile, Ouka was in the principal's office where her adopted father, Sougetsu Ootori, was. He announced to her that she was fired from being an inquisitor and applied her into the 35th Test Platoon. The cause of this was because she killed a witch, whom she wasn't allowed to kill. Ouka was of course displeased by this order.


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  • The meaning "Small Fry Platoon", as many would have already known, indicates that the title and base of the episode are on the 35th Test Platoon.



Episode 1
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