Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai Wiki
"The Drunken 35th Platoon"
Kanji 第35酔いどれ小隊
Romaji Dai 35 yoidore shoutai
Air Date December 2, 2015
Story Arc
Opening "Embrace Blade" by Afilia Saga
Ending "Calling my Twilight" by Itou Kanako
"Two Alchemists" "Crazy Summer Time"
List of Episodes

"The Drunken 35th Platoon" is the ninth episode of the anime series Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai.


Ikaruga finds special information and tips the 35th Platoon information. They find out about the magical artefact trade would be done on that day and decided to have a undercover operation and catch the criminal in hopes to get points. However, Ikaruga says that the undercover mission is not suitable for Ouka and tells her to consider dropping out. Ouka, who says she has been insulted and have done undercover operations numerous times, insists on going on the mission. However, Ouka realizes that she was baited by Ikaruga, and she wants the mission to end quickly. Ouka was uncomfortable, but Takeru, on the other hand, seemed to be comfortable since he was used to night jobs. Soon, they have found their target, and Ouka attacks their target when he accidentally touches her butt and shoots a bullet at the parcel, which is suspected to be the magical item. When they name themselves as the Inquisition, they realize that the item in the parcel is not the magical item, and that their target is the wrong person. However, they have managed to catch the real person and get the item, which they have found out later was an F-rank item that is a ring.

Later, Ikaruga tries to test the ring, and due to some reasons, Takeru ends up with the ring and see a bright pink light that makes the platoon members except Takeru who's wearing the ring to become drunk. Usagi tells Takeru he smells nice and licks him, while Mari tries to show her flat chest and cry, and Ouka hyper, and Ikaruga who vomits. Even Lapis is drunk and hiccups.