"The Necromancer Laughs"
Episode 4
Kanji 死霊術師は笑う
Romaji Shiryōjutsushi wa warau
Air Date October 28, 2015
Story Arc Witches Struggle Arc
Opening Afilia Saga
Ending Ito Kanago
"A Witch Joins" "The Witch-Hunting Festival"
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"The Necromancer Laughs" is the fourth episode of the animated adaptation of the light novel, Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai.



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During a night of a festival, when Usagi and Ikaruga were playing at a win-a-prize stall, Takeru revealed to Mari that the two had a rocky relationship like her and Ouka. She then told him how scared she was that if her memory was restored, she'd find out how horrible she is. Takeru reassured her that his opinion on her wouldn't change.

The next day, Ikaruga was seen erotically excited over mechanic battles, also admitting she was a pervert. Ouka came into the scene, giving a glare at Mari for her snarky comment. She told Takeru, in private, what she found out about Mari. Hayato and Sougetsu were both well aware of her breaking into secret crime records but did nothing since they would let Takeru handle it.

When the 35th Test Platoon had their mock battle, Mari, Takeru and Ouka were taking cover. A flashback occurred, Ouka telling Takeru of Mari's previous alliance with Valhalla. Though she didn't take action upon it as she brainstormed over why Mari was placed in their platoon and why it's affecting their mission.

Haunted interrupted their mock battle by killing a member of the 15th Test Platoon from the inside. He announced his rescue of Mari and also introduced himself as the leading commander of the Valhalla recon. Mari, with Ouka covering her, was frightening and puzzled at who Haunted was, freaking out also. Sougetsu was just watching, amused at what was going to happen next whilst Hayato immediately called on his men to shoot Haunted. After Haunted deceived the men by falling, they stopped with Hayato shouting at them to continue. However, it was too late as Haunted unleashed a new magic which held the 15th and 35th Test Platoon in a cube with him. On Sougetsu's approval, Hayato called for the Relic Eaters.

Haunted put up a barrier, and Sougetsu said that he'd leave Haunted to Takeru's squad. Takeru opted to protect Mari, and activated his Relic Eater. Haunted retaliated with his own. They fought, and Takeru found out that Haunted's strikes were left behind still. Haunted then gives Mari her memories back. After learning about Mari's blackmail, Takeru told Mari that the children were all dead. haunted proves this by showing their ghoul-ish forms. Mari is then distraught. Ouka called Sougetsu and blackmailed him into deactivated Mari's collar. Mari, not knowing this, and thinking that this will be her last spell, uses some magic that she is only able to conjure when she wants to protect something important to her (Takeru). She uses it, but misses. Just as her collar is about to blow up, it turns off, to which Ouka appears and explains.

Ouka participates in the battle, while Mari charges up another burst of magic. Usagi then shoots him, apologizing for the delay. Haunted declares that they are worthy opponents. Mari releases the blast, but Haunted dodged it. He starts to monologue, until realizing she wasn't aiming at him, but Takeru. Takeru, having absorbed the energy, attacked Haunted, dealing a fatal blow. Haunted asks Takeru his name, to which he answers. Haunted recognizes his name as a demon slaying clan. He then leaves through a portal.

The barrier comes down, and Takeru faints. Mari runs over to him and thanks him for giving her the chance to redeem herself. Takeru wakes up in the hospital. Ouka walks in and tells him there is bad news about Mari. Takeru is concerned until, Mari shows up with a school uniform. Ouka then says that it's very bad news for her.


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