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"Two Alchemists"
Kanji 錬金術師二人
Romaji Renkinjutsu-shi futari
Air Date November 25, 2015
Story Arc
Opening "Embrace Blade" by Afilia Saga
Ending "Calling my Twillight" by Itou Kanako
"Traitor" "The Drunken 35th Platoon"
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"Two Alchemists" is the eighth episode of the anime series Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai.


This episode continues from where the last episode ended arrubtly where Ikaruga tells Takeru that they are going to have sex since it might be good-bye for them. However, Takeru and Ikaruga are interrupted by the Alchemists before they could begin. Ikaruga kisses Takeru and tells him that she loves him, but she drugs him with a syringe. Later, she follows Isuka to the tower where the Alchemists where developing the dark elf.

Meanwhile, Usagi, Ouka, and Mari were released with Ikaruga's negotiations. They head back to save Ikaruga and meet Hayato and Sougetsu, who tell them that they are going for a war. During the battle, Takeru is reunited with his 3 teammates. Later in the elf research facility, Ikaruga tells Isuka that she wants Isuka to be with her and stop the elf research, but Isuka shares that she has been redesigned by the higher ups so that her facial expressions were restricted and if she feels unnecessary emotions, she will feel intense pain in her head. Ikaruga also tells Isuka that she had used the Lost Matrix on herself and turned herself into an artificial dark elf that can possess enormous power for short amout of times.

Ikaruga pressures Isuka to follow her, and Isuka almost gives in when Haunted appears and stabs Isuka. Ikaruga tries to save her, but it is too late. Isuka tells Ikaruga Kanaria is alive and with Valhalla, and she takes her last breath. Haunted shares that he had killed Isuka because she was of no use to Valhalla since she had taught them how to build Dragoons and resurrect Dark Elves, and that he is also interested in Ikaruga and wants her to join Valhalla. Ikaruga rejects Haunted's offer, and he presents to the 35th Platoon Isuka's parting gift and a artificial dragon appears. Ikaruga shares that it is artificial, so it can be defeated and they were to attack the flight engine by the dragon's spine. Usagi hits the engine with a bullet, but it is not enough to destroy it, and Takeru is unable to fight due to his lack of mana. Just when he thought he was going to lose his comrades, Mari gives him her mana, and they defeat the dragon. At the end of the episode, Takeru finds Ikaruga sitting away from the rest of the platoon, and he tells her to rely more on the rest of the platoon members.


Takeru Kusanagi

Ikaruga Suginami

Isuka Suginami

Lapis Lazuli

Mari Nikaido

Ootori Ouka

Saionji Usagi

Hayato Kurogane

Ootori Sougetsu



  • "Two Alchemists", which refer to Ikaruga and Isuka, hints that this episode revolves and is about them.

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