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35th Test Platoon, also known the "Small Fry Platoon," is the lowest-ranking platoon in the Anti-Magic Academy and the titular crew of characters of the series follows.


Original Members[]

Takeru Kusanagi

  • The unwilling captain of the platoon whose only proficiency lies in close combat. Has a near uncontrollable temper and questionable leadership skills.

Usagi Saionji

  • The highly-regarded sniper of the platoon who suffers from an immensely crippling case of stage fright that leads her to be near-useless under pressure.

Ikaruga Suginami

  • The technological expert on the team that maintains communications, transportation, weapon modifications, and general logistics. On most accounts, a non-combatant.
  • Three members were cited to have been part of the platoon before the events of the series begins. One of the three was the leader of the platoon before leaving. It is unknown what exactly their skills or circumstances were, but one dropped out, one joined a cult, and one was diagnosed with a mental illness.


Ouka Ootori

  • Former Inquisitor that was demoted back into the academy after committing an unauthorized execution on-duty. She is effective in all forms of combat, but usually stays mid-range to either help lead an assault or cover for her teammates.

Lapis Lazuli

  • The Relic Eater that was contracted to Takeru after the latter's defeat at the hands of an Einherjar. She is "enrolled" into the platoon due to her insistence on clinging to her contractor in human form.

Mari Nikaido

  • A former member of Valhalla who joins the platoon after severing her ties with the organization. She provides long range support with her magic, but proves herself more than capable on taking down opponents on her own.



  • Ikaruga's wood-elf "daughter" who is admitted into the academy after the end of the war.

Former Members[]

It is revealed that the 35th Platoon's members were always composed of "oddballs" handpicked by Sougetsu himself. The previous generation's 35th Platoon was composed of EXE members, Hayato Kurogane, Mamoru Jougasaki, and Iori Himemiya, among other unnamed members. Kurogane himself was an unapproachable genius who worked alone, Mamoru excelled in Dragoon piloting, and Iori was highly skilled with information processing.