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Akira Yoshimizu
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Kanji 吉水 明
Rōmaji Yoshimizu Akira
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age 16
Gender Female
Hair Color Dark Green
Eye Color Gold
Personal Info
Blood Type
Status Deceased (Real Self)
Alive (Clone)
Family Kyouya Kirigaya (Husband)
Professional Info
School Anti-Magic Academy
Platoon 15th
Species Human
Inquisition Role 15th Platoon Member (Formerly)
Occupation Academy Student
Heretic Alliance Member
Affiliation Inquisition (Formerly)
Heretic Alliance
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 2
Anime Episode 3
Seiyuu Akira Sekine

Akira Yoshimizu (吉水 明 Yoshimizu Akira) is a member of the 15th Test Platoon and a childhood friend of Captain Kyouya Kirigaya who aspired to become a Seelie in the Inquisition.


Yoshimizu has long dark-green hair that is tied into a ponytail by a white ribbon and dark golden-brown eyes.

She wears the standard female uniform of the Anti-Magic Academy.


Being the most passive and amiable among her platoon, Yoshimizu is known to be the peace-keeper for her rather belligerent captain's abrasive tendencies. This also extended to keeping peace with the other platoons, especially Takeru Kusanagi who is a regular victim of Kyouya Kirigaya's abusive language.



Yoshimizu has been Kyouya Kirigaya's childhood friend from their earliest memories and she was the only "consistent" friend he has had for his entire life. While Kyouya befriended Takeru Kusanagi during their middle school years, the latter's shift in personality led Kyouya to distance himself from him. Kyouya and Yoshimizu would end up in the same platoon when they entered the academy and Kyouya's leadership and effort had their platoon ranked as one of the top 3 platoons in the school.

Witch's Struggle Arc[]

Yoshimizu is met alongside the rest of her platoon after Takeru Kusanagi left the locker room after his own platoon's failure to train cooperatively. Kyouya Kirigaya insulted Takeru's platoon while the latter only viewed it as their regular small talk. Yoshimizu eventually stepped in before Kyouya's remarks started anything and the two separated.

During the mock battle, the 15th platoon move in against the 35th platoon and Kyouya orders for his squad to cease fire as he intended on taking Takeru alone. Kyouya demands Takeru to show himself, but Yoshimizu starts convulsing and the rest of the 15th platoon are pierced from inside by thorny tendrils. Yoshimizu has a plant bursting inside her and Haunted reveals himself to the crowd. It is revealed that the real Yoshimizu was killed prior to Takeru's meeting with her and her platoon, and she was replaced by an identical clone that retained her memories. During the fight Takeru had with Haunted, the latter threw another clone of Yoshimizu at him.

Two Alchemists Arc[]

The comatose Yoshimizu and the heavily amputated Kyouya Kirigaya were the only survivors of the 15th platoon after Haunted's attack. Kyouya visited Yoshimizu everyday and pondered what he could do to sate his vengeance and regret in not being able to save a single person in his platoon. After the Alchemists conflict, Sougetsu Ootori visited the two in the infirmary and offered a solution to Kyouya's desire to mete out his revenge. Since then, Kyouya's contract with Nero had him utilize the healing property on her instead of himself, inhibiting the ability to accelerate his healing during combat.

Hyakki Yakou Arc[]

Takeru Kusanagi encounters a girl resembling Yoshimizu after his conversation with Nagaru Hoshijiro, but she is revealed to be Nero assuming her appearance to aggravate Kyouya Kirigaya.

Heretic Alliance Arc[]

When the Seelie medical ward and Nero's healing poison effects become less effective, the Inquisition and the Alchemists had Yoshimizu's body transferred to the First Laboratory with Kyouya Kirigaya being sent to guard the premises. Kyouya quietly grieved in front of the containment cell filled with liquid with Yoshimizu's body inside until a homunculus lurches inside the room and Kyouya responds by shooting at it, and figures that Kiseki Kusanagi was awakened.

After a bloody rematch, Kyouya is defeated by Takeru Kusanagi, but Kiseki's entry into the fight destroyed the holding tank Yoshimizu's body was in and Kyouya started to panic over her deteriorating body. The aftermath of Takeru and Kiseki's fight has the former be absolutely devastated at how Kiseki rejected the chance to be saved and the Install Charm he meant to transfer her soul to a new body was instead used to save Yoshimizu.

Witch Hunt War Arc[]

The wheelchair bound Yoshimizu greets Takeru Kusanagi while being assisted by Nero and thanks him for using the Charm to save her. She tells him that she was told on the events that took place since her coma by Kyouya Kirigaya and how happy she was to see him again. Takeru feels immense guilt and anguish from hearing such gratitude from her as he saved her only because he wasn't able to save his sister. Nonetheless, Yoshimizu thanks him and Takeru, while accepting her notion that he was at least able to save someone, apologizes for being unable to completely accept her thanks.

Yoshimizu finds Kyouya outside the 35th Platoon's room and asks him to repay them for what they did for him. Kyouya declares that he'll never join their platoon as he'll forever remain the 15th platoon's captain and begins to walk away. Yoshimizu then tearfully brings up the fact that she's a clone and asks if she can really act as his childhood friend as her real self. Kyouya reassures her that while he accepted the fact of Yoshimizu's death, he would not hesitate to protect her, even if she was a clone. Even in the circumstances that they were in, he would not think twice in putting his life on the line for her safety.


With the aftermath of the war, both Yoshimizu and Kyouya Kirigaya quit the Inquisition's services after its restoration and get married to each other. Sometime after, Yoshimizu hears from Kyouya of the time he was disguised as a baker to help get access to the Critical Point. Yoshimizu delights on hearing this story and suggests that they open up a bakery which Kyouya took for a joke, but both eventually get their license to open a shop. Yoshimizu's condition had also stabilized and as long as she continued with her medical check-ups from Ikaruga Suginami, she was guaranteed a normal life. She converses with Ouka Ootori who is buying lunch for herself. She asks if Ouka wanted to speak with her husband, but Ouka decides to leave in order not to annoy him.


Academy Training- Team Medic: Yoshimizu sought to become a Seelie when she graduated with her platoon, so it can be assumed that she had sizable knowledge regarding medical procedures with her team's high rankings.


  • The name Akira means "bright, light, clear" (明).
  • Akira's surname Yoshimizu means "lucky, good" (吉) (yoshi) and "water" (水) (mizu).