Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai Wiki

15th Platoon[]

Kyouya Kirigaya[]

Kyouya is the captain of the 15th Platoon and Yoshimizu's childhood friend. Yoshimizu acted as the deterring agent to shift away Kyouya's characteristic belligerence from anyone who was unfortunate to somehow gain his ire. Having known him the longest time, Yoshimizu is accustomed to her captain's behavior was not all that fazed when she was on the other end of his ill-mannered words and always reciprocated with an understanding smile. She had always seen Kyouya's efforts in bettering himself and leading their platoon to greater achievements and endlessly supported him. Her death, along with the other members of the platoon, understandably impacted Kyouya's mentality, and he sought to both avenge his platoon and find a way to save her as she was survived by a rapidly deteriorating clone. This led to Kyouya's contract with Nero to supplement her recovery while playing as a pawn under Sougetsu's command. The entirety of Kyouya's motivation and willingness to justify and harness his anger was fueled to maintain Yoshimizu's health. While Kyouya maintained his aggressive attitude, his consciousness soon caught up to him, and he faltered and cried at how alone he was without her.

With her "recovery", Akira was happy to return to Kyouya and support him, but she questioned her identity and her role. Akira doubted if she could be the same person Kyouya had remembered, but her doubts were easily answered with his determination to keep her safe as long as she acted on the memories and experiences she had.


Kyouya's Relic Eater that was responsible for a large portion of Kyouya's anguish following the death of the platoon. While Yoshimizu's recovery represented the end of Kyouya's contract with Nero, the latter seemed to be fairly indifferent toward her. Yoshimizu herself seemed to have gotten along with her well and affectionately called her, "Nero-chan", similarly to how she referred to Kyouya as "Kyo-chan" despite his wishes to be called "Captain". It is unknown how much Yoshimizu knows about the events that Kyouya went through with Nero for her sake.


Takeru Kusanagi[]

The 35th Platoon's captain who is notoriously known throughout the academy for his incompetence in firearms and unapproachable visage. Despite his infamy, Yoshimizu was one of few people who befriended Takeru, and they regularly interacted with each other when Kyouya felt the need to insult him. The two have known each other since middle school and were generally on good terms. When she was revived, she showed immense gratitude towards Takeru's judgment while the latter was unable to accept her full thanks as he knew that she was only able to be saved because Kiseki had refused to be saved herself.