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Anti-Magic Academy

The Anti-Magic Academy is an institution created by the Inquisition in the aftermath of the war to train youth to become inquisitors, so they can hunt down illicit magic users and maintain peace. It functions like a regular school in how it teaches various subjects, but only with topics dealing with magic and how to fight against it. Since it primarily is a military school, combat training is regular, and students are taught to use weaponry.

Every student is placed into a platoon in which they are teamed up with around five more students to partake in assignments and gain points to eventually graduate. This acts as a team-building exercise throughout their school career so they can properly learn how to function as a team and learn how to give and follow orders. Points are given through the successful completion of an assignment and the points themselves depend on the nature of the assignment itself. Students within these platoons are only capable of handling cases ranging from Ranks F-C, with the higher ranking mission being tackled by the Inquisitors themselves.


35th Test Platoon[]

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Most infamously known to be the worst platoon in the entire school with its low ranking and lack of members to effectively accrue enough points for graduation.

15th Test Platoon[]

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One of the top three ranking platoons, alongside the 18th and an unknown platoon.

Student Council[]

The Student Council is a special case in the academy's platoon system where individually high-ranking students were scouted to join it, with the Council President being elected. It was notable in not separating any of its members through the years and having them simultaneously take classes. First years required 200 points, second years 300, and third years with 400, with their graduation total being 1000 points. For this, they were the only students who were allowed to take on B-Rank Missions.

With the Inquisition's Principal doubling as the organization's Chairman, most of the administrative work was put onto the Student Council. They were responsible for organizing school events, ordering the equipment the platoons needed, and judging whether or not a platoon could undertake a chosen mission. Entering the student council is the quickest way to become one of the upper echelons of the Inquisition, and it's said that it produced many excellent Inquisitors up to this date.