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Antoinette (アントワネット Antoinette) is the Relic Eater contracted to Kagerou Ootori. It is presumed to be designated as Malleus Malifcarum VI.


Antoinette takes the form of a large blunder-buss type of rifle. Its Witch Hunter form gives off a lead color.


Antoinette has shown no signs of personality.



Antoinette was presumably given to Kagerou after her induction into the EXE. Whether or not this was before or after her one-sided marriage with Sougetsu is unknown.

White Escape Arc[]

Antoinette is used during Kagerou's fight against Mari and Ouka where its anti-magic capabilities had Mari's spells explode in front of her, neutralizing her for the most of the fight. While Ouka was quick enough to avoid Kagerou's attacks, she was also unable to land any significant hits against her. Antoinette's tonal effects begin to make moving hard for Ouka, but her previous encounters with Mephisto and Laugh Maker strengthened her mental fortitude enough for her to continue moving. During this time, Mari was able to muster enough power to make Kagerou lose focus and Ouka took the initiative to disarm Kagerou of Antoinette and knock her out.


Relic Eater- Malleus Malificarum VI: A sound-based Relic Eater in the form of a large blunderbuss. While it fires ordinary bullets, its primary magic utilized specialized frequencies to disrupt the target's senses and interfere with magic.

Intrinsic Magic- Disturbing Sound: Antoinette can emit a special soundwave that prematurely backfires any spell's operative prodecure, preventing any sort of magic to be used in a large area. Its attacks also affect the target's sensory organs, limiting their combat effectiveness.

Sound of Fear: A specialized tone that incurs immense, unconditional fear on whoever hears it. All symptoms of anxiety, numbness, and other effects related to absolute terror are forced out from the body.
Concussive Blast: A simple technique that emits a large shockwave that clears the area where Antoinette is pointed towards, causing more internal body injury even after its powerful force is emitted.

Witch Hunter Armor: Protective armor that shields its user from harm. With Antoinette being a ranged weapon and with its particular user being inefficient at close-combat, it is its only means of defense.


  • Following the trend of Relic Eater namesakes, Antoinette is named after the Austrian-French queen of the same name who attempted to flee France during the French Revolution. She was also accused of other frivolous deeds undermining the country and was executed by guillotine under the charge of treason.