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Bloody Mary (ブラッディ・マリ Bloody Mary) is the Relic Eater contracted to Scarlet Magnolia. It is designated as Malleus Malificarum III.


Bloody Mary takes the shape of two small, scarlet colored revolvers. Its bullets are also scarlet in color and the same goes for her Witch Hunter armor.


Bloody Mary has shown no signs of personality.



Scarlet was contracted to Bloody Mary in the uncertain time where she entered the EXE.

White Escape Arc[]

Scarlet first brings out Bloody Mary while chasing the team down a highway during snowfall and unleashes its high energy shot that forces the team's van off the road. On foot, Scarlet confronts Takeru and Nagaru after both parties separate due to an avalanche. Takeru's close range combat and all-offense style prove a simple task for Bloody Mary to work around before Nagaru reverse its effects to weaken Scarlet and have the Hyakki Yakou cells overtake her.


Relic Eater- Malleus Malificarum III: The only paired set among the Relic Eaters that work grant both high offensive and defensive powers to its user. However, the abilitiy itself is highly situational and could easily work against her if put up against the wrong target.

Intrinsic Magic- Tradgedy Over the Mirror- Turn Over: Bloody Mary's magic that turned reversed the effects of healing and damaging. All harmful effects become restorative while conversely, all healing effects become hazardous.

Bullet Control: Bloody Mary's bullets can be controlled by the user in changing the trajectory and speed of its bullets.
Bullet Enhancement: Bloody Mary's bullets can be further empowered through magic and takes the shape of either a large dragon or smaller, multiple ones.

Witch Hunter Armor: Bloody Mary grants a bright red armor that protects it user, but is not able to counter its own effects.


  • Following the trend of Relic Eater namesakes, Bloody Mary is derived from the title given to Queen Mary I of England who persecuted hundreds of Protestants in an attempt to reestablish Catholicism.