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Crimson Lotus Arc
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Location Grey City
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Crimson Lotus Arc is the seventh story arc of AntiMagic Academy "The 35th Test Platoon". The arc showcases the now halved 35th Test Platoon under Ouka's leadership during Takeru's absence while being monitored by Kyouya. The team is given orders to assist the reclamation of the Grey City along with the Inquisition's soldiers against the Magic Side's invasion. While war wages across the city, Ouka hears that the target of her long-awaited vengeance is on the field and must come to terms with protecting her comrades or seeking out her revenge.


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Summary ︻デ═一[]

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Epilogue []

The Defense of Fifth Laboratory (First Part)[]

In the Fifth Laboratory, Mari, Kanaria, and Usagi are trying to repel the Inquisitors while defending its entrance.

Ouka's Ruthless Mercy[]

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The Empty Vengeance[]

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Sougetsu's Unexpected "Surprise"[]

Meanwhile, in the corridors of the Alchemist Cooperation, Sougetsu is delighted to see Takeru's return to the academy, much to Suzaku's displeasure as she deems the student would escape the school again. However, Suzaku warns Sougetsu regarding Ouka's knowledge about the chairman himself, who in truth that he is the cause behind Laugh Maker's escape and atrocities she inflicted to Ouka, something that garners the Chairman's displeasure. Nevertheless, Sougetsu continues to walk to the huge doors where Kiseki is imprisoned, whom he implies as "interesting".

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Major characters[]

Supporting characters[]

Story Impact[]

  • The incident of the Laugh Maker's escape attempt and her battles against Takeru and Ouka bring an ire development in this arc. Not only Ouka finally defeats her family's killer, but it also shows Sougetsu's and his ambiguous plots' darker side, making him as an antagonist in the later arcs.
    • After she finds her family's killer, Ouka finally avenges her family by defeating Laugh Maker, but lets her live instead, leaving her to question if her quest for vengeance is worth it.
    • It turns out that Sougetsu was the mastermind behind Laugh Maker's escape, which also resulting the death of Ouka's original family before her enrollment to the Anti-Magic academy.
    • The conspiracies of the world destruction from all three factions (Anti-Magic Academy, Magic Academy and the EXE) would mark an early establishment of the Heretic Alliance.


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