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Daji is the Relic Eater contracted to Iori Himemiya. It is a relatively "new" Relic Eater, and its proper designation is not known.


While unseen for most of its unequipped state, Daji takes the form of stealth drone that was able to fly and act independently. When equipped, Daji gives Iori a robust and mechanical looking armor that allowed flight with its wings and had gun emplacements on the shoulders and missile pods on the legs. It is summoned by a pale yellow magic circle.


Daji has shown no signs of personality.



It is stated that Heliogabalus and Daji were made relatively later than the other Relic Eaters, making them the "youngest".

Witch Hunt War Arc[]

Daji is utilized by Iori to ascertain the 35th Platoon's location in order to stop them in their tracks while Mamoru escaped from Kurogane. When Usagi and Ikaruga were able to fight back and expose Iori's sniping position, Iori was forced to jump from the falling building and equip Daji. Iori repositions herself to confront Takeru, Ouka, and Mari and the two fight back against her while Takeru continued to give chase to Kurogane. Daji's abilities and maneuverability allowed Iori to hold her own against the duo, but an unexpected shot from Usagi has her soon driven into a corner where enough of Daji is shot off to cancel her flight. Iori accepts defeat and is saved from falling by Ouka, but the former is soon killed by Daji under Sougetsu's will,


Unique Relic Eater- Daji: A Relic Eater that takes the shape of a flying drone instead of a weapon. As such, it has no offensive functions of its own as it is strictly a supportive Relic Eater that specializes in reconnaissance instead of combat on its own.

Intrinsic Magic- Beguile: Daji's primary ability is an area of effect scanning that surveys a radius of 2 kilometers to identify any trace of magic. Daji can automatically utilize this information to deduce a target's predicted movement, giving the user a keen idea on what to expect. This powerful ability of information can also analyze projectiles and materials to further help its user. All of this information is directly fed into the user's retina, giving them unobstructed vision and insight on their targets.

Witch Hunter Armor: Daji's distinct armor retains its information proccessing abilities but now gives unparalleled mobility to its user with flight capabilities. The armor itself is covered with weapon emplacements such as gun turrets, missile pods, and lasers on its wings.

Full Burst: Utilizing Daji's information reading ability, the armor automatically seeks out all enemy projectiles and intercepts them with the weapon emplacements surrounding the armor.

Daji's reconnaissance abilities extended to 2 kilometers and allowed it to detect any signs of magic within its range. It's magic sensor was able to discern a target's movements and if a spell was cast, its operative procedures were able to be predicted as well. Because it locked onto targets based on their magic properties and everything in its vicinity, no amount of visible obstruction or wind speed was able to effect its trajectories. It only mattered if the person receiving Daji's information was able to make use of it. In Witch Hunter form, its information gathering abilities persisted, although pertaining to a small area around its user. It's wings granted high mobility and its weapon emplacements allowed for rapid attacks from relative safety.


  • Unlike other Relic Eaters, Daji's name is from Chinese folklore as the consort of a Chinese Emperor of the Shang Dynasty.