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Einherjar Arthur

Einherjars are the physical manifestations of the souls of heroes produced by magic. Summoning a single Einherjar is a sizable task involving the procurement of sacrifices and relevant Magical Heritages to serve as its weapon as well as a body, usually mechanical, to contain it. A single Einherjar was able to devastate an enormous amount of space both times it was identified. Most Einherjar bodies are supported by a Dragoon frame.

Later on, Valhalla acquired the means to mass-summon these constructs in their war against the Inquisition.

Known Einherjars[]

  • King Arthur: Encountered near the vicinity of the Anti-Magic Academy and summoned by Haunted. It was summoned with Excalibur in form of an experimental rail-gun while its sheathe was also managed to be summoned as well, granting it extra defense. It's Intrinsic Magic is Knights of the Round where it summons the phantasms of the 11 knights that served Arthur to unleash their most powerful attacks in a single, concentrated strike.
  • Siegfried: Encountered in the Grey City during the Magic Side's occupation of the area. It is similarly armed with a rail-gun-blade, only with Balmung's reach and slicing power. While it's destructive power is lower than King Arthur's, Siegfried boasted near invulnerability save for the back. This is according to the legend that when Siegfried bathed in the slain dragon, Fafnir's blood, it made him immortal, however, all of his body except for the back was blessed with immortality. It's critical blind spot being was its backside but it boasted extremely quick reaction times, even for a mechanical body.