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Kanji 栄利座弁寿
Also Known As
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Pink
Personal Info
Blood Type
Status Deceased
Professional Info
Species Witch
Inquisition Role
Occupation Chairwoman of the Magic Academy: West Side
Affiliation Valhalla
Magic Academy
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 6

Elizabeth (栄利座弁寿 Elizabeth) is one of the leaders of Valhalla and the chairwoman of the Magic Academy's West Side comprised of the militant Purebloods. She herself is a powerful witch who survived the first great war.


Elizabeth is youthful woman with long orange hair and pink eyes.

She wears a flowering red dress and a matching red hat that also has some net-like drapes over her head. She also wears multiple assortments of jewelry. She is often seen with her fan.


As a survivor of the first Witch Hunt War, Elizabeth is extremely arrogant and pompous of her status and power. Fitting as she also manages the West Side of the Magic Academy whose students are similar to her in their pride and strength.



Elizabeth partook in and survived the first Witch Hunt War, and she was made an executive of the Purebloods faction of the Magic Academy when it was constructed as both the base of operations for Valhalla and the safe haven for the remaining magic users of the world. Wishing to retain her youth over the years, Elizabeth attempted to replicate the vampire's true ancestor's longevity.

Valhalla Calling Arc[]

Elizabeth has a small meeting with Kanaria where she learns that Mother Goose and Orochi planned on keeping Takeru and Lapis in their custody. Haunted appears to annoy both of them and as he leaves, Elizabeth orders for Kanaria to "prove her loyalty" and eliminate Takeru while delivering Lapis to her so that they may conspire against the Inquisition and avenge Kanaria's mother together.

Kanaria's duel against Takeru ends in her loss and Elizabeth with a number of West Side wizards arrive to take Lapis on their own, and Takeru was unable to catch up to her until Mari joined him. Mari confronted Elizabeth while Takeru chased Lapis and Mari's fight with Elizabeth ended with the latter's unexpected retreat.

After receiving unwanted help from Haunted, Takeru confronted Elizabeth in her mansion where she was attempting to force Lapis to be wielded by her. Takeru equips Lapis and enters combat and Elizabeth's range puts him at a disadvantage but Kanaria, who was previously captured, stabs Elizabeth with anti-vampiric material, causing Elizabeth lose an arm. Takeru accesses God Slayer Form for 10 seconds and is able to annihilate Elizabeth after their clash. With her dying breath, Elizabeth tells Takeru that the root of the problems plaguing humanity stems from Sougetsu.


Witch: As a survivor from the Witch Hunt War, Elizabeth commands the respect and authority of the Pureblood West Side for her power and knowledge. Like the faction she represents, Elizabeth staunchly supports the war effort against the Inquisition and understandably holds immense sway in Valhalla's decision making.

Ancient Attribute- Almighty: Otherwise known as All Talents, Elizabeth's unique property allows her to utilize and master all other attributes that are not classified as Ancient, giving her the largest and most unique spell pool available for usage. This also had her master the usage of fusing spells of multiple attributes to produce numerous effects.

Property Collapse- Quietus: A mixture of numerous properties that produce pure destructive energy that is hurled at foes.
Colorful Fog- Elemental Breath: Magic used to counteract Lapis' Twilight property where Elizabeth utilized a corrosive fog with each particle infused with a separate operative procedure that made it impossible to have the magic be absorbed.
Rejection of Wings- Daedalus: A defensive spell that spawns black wings that repel enemy spells.
Raging Requeim- Dies Irae: A powerful spell with an enormous range that simultaneously utilizes countless spells of different properties to be fired off in a momentous volley.

Vampire Apostle: One of the primary reasons for Elizabeth's obsession in trying to prolong her youth. Her ancestry is involved with vampires, but they cannot sustain themselves without human flesh and blood as well as utilize the benefits without the existence of a True Ancestor. While her vampiric ancestry has thinned, it still grants her greater physical strength than a regular human.

Nails: Magical Heritage class magic imbues Elizabeth's nails that return the impact of a countered attack back to its enemy.
Hades Claw: Dark magic that imbues Elizabeth's nails that she can fire off or utilize as close combat weapons.
Bloody Barrier- Bloody Dance: A close combat technique that utilizes Elizabeth's claws imbued only with strength and her vampiric abilities instead of magic.