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The wood-elf originated from the Alchemists. Elizabeth was Kanaria's technical superior as the former was a high-ranking member of Valhalla, and she wanted to utilize Kanaria to obtain Mistelteinn from Orochi and Mother Goose's side of the Magic Academy. Knowing Kanaria's desire to exact revenge on the Inquisition, Elizabeth promised to aid Kanaria in storming the Inquisition if she was successful in bringing Mistelteinn to her. Clearly a lie, Elizabeth betrayed Kanaria even after the latter was somewhat successful in her end of the bargain. But this betrayal was properly sorted out after Kanaria's assistance in Elizabeth's duel with Takeru crippled her.


A fellow member of Valhalla. Elizabeth, like every other character in the series, detests Haunted's presence. Her hatred, however, is furthered by his taunting involving Elizabeth's efforts in trying to maintain her age.

Mother Goose/Orochi[]

The leaders of the Magic Academy's East Side and fellow leaders of Valhalla. Elizabeth shares a disagreeable attitude with her fellow leaders as she favored the more offensive approach to their war against the Inquisition, partly due to her leadership of the convincingly more vengeful and militaristic nature of the West Side. The feeling was mutual as Elizabeth's independent action in her attempt to use Mistelteinn for herself got her killed, and Mother Goose used this "accident" to gain complete control of Valhalla's forces.


Mari Nikaido[]

The young witch of Aurora previously affiliated with Valhalla. Elizabeth initially thought of her as an overconfident child but soon came to respect her after their brief but extremely demonstrating fight where Mari proved herself to be a genius among wizards with her mastery over two new attributes that were long thought to be ancient and lost.

Takeru Kusanagi/Lapis[]

The duo that Elizabeth had her eyes on. More interested in utilizing Milsteinn's legendary powers for herself, she had willed it for her underlings, along with Kanaria, to retrieve Lapis. Prideful of her own strengths, she looked down on both of them but eventually came to understand how powerful they were. Elizabeth had it in her to mention to Takeru of humanity's greatest enemy being Sougetsu himself and that Valhalla's war is nonetheless justified in wanting to get rid of him.