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Festivals of Fools Arc
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Location Anti-Magic Academy
Unknown Church
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Festivals of Fools Arc is the fourth story arc of AntiMagic Academy "The 35th Test Platoon". This arc focuses on Usagi's arranged marriage with her childhood friend Reima Tenmyouji under a strict order from her family's matriarch Kikyou Saionji, who strongly despises her over a tragic incident within the household. While this is going on, Student Council President Nagaru Hoshijiro informs Ouka of the mysterious witch, Mephistopheles, who has killed several members of the Student Council a month ago, the same time Reima entered the academy.


Usagi's Forced Marriage  Edit

At Saionji Manor, while looking over her step-daughter's report card, Kikyou asks Usagi regarding her school life which Usagi timidly answers that she managed to make some friends, though Kikyou is displeased to hear it as she belittles her skills that hinders her "promotion"[Notes 1]. She gives Usagi a month to quit her enrollment, where she is to be married to Reima afterwards. Usagi pleads to her mother to let her graduate before this occurs, only for her words to be ignored as she walks out. [Notes 2][1]

Summary Edit

Witch-Hunting FestivalEdit

Mephisto And Mother Goose Edit

Somewhere in the Anti-Magic Academy's outskirts, Mephisto is cornered by a student who attempts to avenge his fallen comrades but she quickly switches bodies among all of them and out of sheer paranoia, the students shoot each other. The only survivor of this incident then begins to think he might be possessed by Mephisto and simply hasn't realized it yet and shoots himself. At the same time, she is confronted by Mother Goose[Notes 3] who warns her that she will be punished should she abandon her mission, though Mephisto remain confident as she claims that she can do better in rescuing the captured Valhalla members whilst retrieving her "body".

Meeting of the Witch-Hunt FestivalEdit

At the Seelie Hospital, Takeru visits Akira and Kyouya, only to find their room completely empty and their visitor's log blank. As the same time, a broadcast is announced where all students are told to gather in the gym to hear a mandatory presentation on the Witch Hunting Festival.

Making an annoucement

Reima introduces the Witch-Hunt Festival's new system.

Inside the School Gymnasium, the presentation starts where Reima, the festival's executive chairman, gives his rousing speech by firstly apologizing over the recent incidents beforehand but promises that even with the school's stricter security and strong Inquisition's presence, the Witch-Hunt Festival will proceed to improve the academy's image. Of all people who listening to Reima's speech, only Mari finds the festival and its sponsors skeptical due to the absence of Sougetsu and other high ranking officials, prompting her to assume the higher ups are as rotten, Ouka then promptly silences her. Reima continues his speech by introducing a new system for the festival where everyone can enjoy the festival as their fullest while making money along with it, though this time silence is everyone's only response but only Takeru fires up after listening to the revelation.

The platoon meeting begins where Takeru declares that the 35th Test Platoon will participate the Witch-Hunt Festival and urges everyone to give their all but nearly everyone (especially Ouka and Mari) worries over their captain sudden enthusiasm.

The Meeting of the Witch-Hunt Festival (2) Edit

Dropout Alliance Edit

Reunion of HorrorEdit

Mephistopheles Edit

I, And The Place For Me To Be In Edit

The Cosplay Social Meeting EventEdit

Episode 5

35th Platoon Unit's group photo.

Shortly before the event begins, Ikaruga announces a Cosplay Social Meeting much to the horror of her teammates as Ikaruga has given everyone, including Takeru, a costume to wear for the event. Ikaruga however assures them that touching will be prohibited but paid photography will be allowed, much to the interim leader's delight despite the Dropout Alliance student's skepticism. Without further ado, Ikaruga presenting the 35th Platoon Units members in their cosplay costumes[Notes 4]: Ouka in her sleeve-less Cheongsam, Mari in her school swimsuit with cat ears and tails, Lapis in her long-sleeve shirt and Usagi in her provocative Bunny Suit. Not even Takeru is spared as he had to cross-dress as a Gothic-style maid. Ten minutes later, Ishida of the 23rd Platoon brings a Polaroid camera to take a picture for the Dropout Alliance, much to Mari's delight. As the 35th Platoon gather in one group, everyone calls Usagi to come over for a photo-shoot, which Usagi responds by quickly rushing for her fellow comrades. Just as they are posing, Ikaruga hugs all of them and makes them lose balance.

Ouka's Shocking DiscoveryEdit

Takeru's Confrontation with ReimaEdit

Takeru's hostility

Takeru's confrontation with Reima.

Meanwhile, Takeru encounters Reima while trying to ask if his squad could borrow an empty classroom. Takeru brings up the topic on Usagi's behavior in their last encounter and Reima reveals a small amount of his history with her and how he will solve her problems. Takeru notices the way Reima calls Usagi a "tool" and begins to get aggressive. Reima asks why Takeru is so concerned about his fiance and Takeru replies that Usagi is an important comrade to him, only for Reima to respond that Usagi is in fact a killer and he shouldn't involve himself with her anymore. Takeru approaches him and warns him that he'll be willing to do anything in his power to have Usagi back and lets him off, ignoring Reima's further taunting. Reima himself heads back, while muttering to someone in the shadows.

Rabbits Have Fangs Too Edit

Rabbit that Bites BackEdit

Woken up from her nightmare, Usagi is horrified to see herself in a wedding gown while pinned down by Reima, who attempts to rape her under his rightful position as her husband. Usagi tries to break free but ends up cutting Reima's lips, prompts him to beat her while viciously taunting her pathetic state. Usagi musters up her courage to fight back and bites Reima in the arm, causing him to fall off and she declares that she won't have him treat her like this anymore. Reima attempts to regain control of the situation and equips himself with Tyrving, a magical heritage that Mephisto had given him. Takeru intervenes and knocks Reima away and checks on Usagi's health. He bids her to return to the platoon room to arm herself to help Mari and the others while he stays behind and deals with Reima. Reima attempts to chase her down but Takeru stands in front of him with an intimidating glare.

Usagi vs Mephisto OukaEdit

TMG v04 0008

Mari confronts Mephisto Ouka.

On the school's rooftop, Mari arrives at her destination where she discovers and examines a Demon Amethyst, a special kind of crystal that destroys anti-magic materials. She begins an enchantment to dispel the artifact while Ouka arrives and checks on her health. However, Ouka's tone is completely different from what she's used to and Mari immediately discovers that Ouka is actually under Mephisto's possession. Mari's arm is grazed and before a fatal shot is taken, Ouka is tackled by Usagi and the two fall a considerable height away from Mari.

On ground, both Usagi and Mephisto Ouka clash in a brief fight where Mephisto Ouka initially gains the advantage [Notes 5]by attempting to pin Usagi down in order to possess her, only to see her magic circle being shot by Usagi instead. Frustrated, Mephisto Ouka kicks Usagi and tries to shoot her, which Usagi is able to dodge. Usagi hides behind a tree and loads her Mosin-Nagant with Anti-Magic bullets. With her priorities lying on stopping Mari from canceling the spell, Mephisto Ouka places a charm on Usagi and runs off. Usagi attempts to give chase but the charm activates, making all nearby male students chase after her.

Back at the ruined church, Takeru initially struggles against Tyrving's attacks that overwhelm him through its immense feat of speed and strength that gives Reima an advantage, despite the latter has had no training in swordplay. Takeru's superiority in training however are more than enough to make up for Tyrving's abilities and the two make a final bout, where Tyrving's ultimate, wish-fulfilling powers are invoked. The two clash but Lapis' magic drain gives Takeru the same amount of wish-fulfilling magic as Reima and he is finally defeated. Takeru then completely knocks Reima out before heading to Mari's location.  

Takeru vs mpehisto ouka

Takeru vs Mephisto Ouka

Mari is once again in danger as Mephisto Ouka returns from her detour but once again, they are interrupted by Takeru who arrives to assist. Mephisto Ouka taunts the two and Ouka herself as she was able to have a glimpse of her memories and thoughts. Takeru fights back but is forced to hold back his attacks but Vlad's shot on him completely disarms him from Lapis. [2] Not giving up, Takeru continues to struggle against her while protecting Mari.

Having finally escaped her pursuers, Usagi finally reaches to the roof where she finds Ouka and Takeru in a stand off. She is unable to discern who exactly is possessed between them and Mephisto Ouka's mimicked voice urges that Takeru is the one that is currently possessed. Takeru however puts his faith onto his comrades and tells Usagi that if she has no idea who to shoot, she should shoot him first. Takeru and Usagi's trust physically disgusts Mephisto Ouka enough for her to reveal that she's still the one in possession of Ouka's body and aims Vlad at both of them. However, her body refuses to move and realizes that Ouka is fighting back as well from within her body. With Ouka in temporary control of her body again, she yells at Usagi to shoot her immediately if she deems herself as her comrade and Usagi complies and loads the specialized bullets to force Mephisto out of Ouka's body.
Final shot

Usagi prepares her final shot at Mephisto.

Without delay, Usagi loads another specialized bullet as Mephisto's soul is forced out and takes aim. Mephisto is shot and her soul completely dissipates. [Notes 6]Afterwards, the team checks up on the unresponsive Ouka and they panic in not knowing any method of resuscitation. Ikaruga arrives to check her status and calmly reassures them that Ouka is still alive. Ouka shortly wakes up to tell them be not to be so loud.

Epilogue Edit

The Aftermath Edit

Warmth of Friendship Edit

Reima's Demise Edit

Elsewhere, Reima, who survives his injuries, tries to escape from academy grounds before the Inquisition forces arrive. However, he is chased by a green Witch Hunter and begs for his life. The Witch Hunter clad individual is revealed to be Kyouya and he mercilessly shoots Reima from point blank range. He reports back to Sougetsu and complains at how his assignment was so simple. Sougetsu however states that they had no choice as he didn't expect the 35th Platoon to clean the situation up so easily.

Light Novel, Manga and Anime Differences︻デ═一 Edit

Anime Edit

  • Contrasted to the original light novel's timeline, this arc swaps with Two Alchemists Arc as the anime's third arc.
  • Unlike the light novel's counterpart, the fight between Takeru and Reima is skipped to Reima's defeat.
  • Mephisto's shape is shown as a ghost of a matured-woman.

Characters︻デ═一 Edit

Major charactersEdit

Supporting charactersEdit

Minor CharacterEdit

Story Impact Edit

  • The Saionji Household is introduced as an elite House that renowned for its involvement during the 150 year long Witch-Hunt War. The renowned household however suffers from a dysfunctional partition where most of its members are not fully considered part of the family.
    • Usagi's darker childhood is explained where she was scorned by even her own family members (except her grandfather) due to her position as a mistress's daughter and her accidental murder to her siblings. To add insult to injury, Reima tends to use her self-guilt to dominate and even toying Usagi's feeling. However, throughout her friendship with the 35th Platoon Unit fellow comrades, Usagi become a braver girl who no longer doubting herself while paving her own path without under anyone's control.
  • Kyouya is fully healed after his Relic Eater contract and becomes a Dullahan obsessed with revenge.
  • Reima is introduced as one the arcs's main antagonists where he possesses a violent, arrogant, and sadistic personality caused by familial abuse on his own end. This led to him wanting to make others suffer to cope with his weakness.
  • Valhalla's leader, Mother Goose appears in this arc and her conflict with both Haunted and Mephisto foreshadows the more noble goal of Valhalla to be shown in the future
  • Ouka's mental fortitude is shown at how she was the first person to be able to hold Mephisto from fully controlling her. Ouka's inner strength would be showcased multiple times afterwards.




  1. According to Kikyou, the sole reason Usagi enrolled into the Anti-Magic Academy was due to her grandfather when he left a will to support Usagi and her future however he could. This was something that Kikyou disliked out of her sheer animosity against Usagi and her actions.
  2. Usagi was born as a daughter to the household's mistresses and Kikyou had scorned her due to this fact. This relationship would worsen when an accident involving Usagi where the favored child of the primary family was accidentally killed.
  3. Even as one of the leaders of Valhalla, Mother Goose denounces the atrocities committed by both Mephisto and Haunted.
  4. In an anime exclusive, Ikaruga herself cosplays as a succubus during the Witch Hunt Festival.
  5. While under her possession, Mephisto gains the skills, memories, and experience from her afflicted host.
  6. The bullet Usagi used to shot Ouka was the Spirit Silver Bullet, a special mythril bullet that inflicts severe injuries towards the Undead and ghosts.


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