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Gou (豪 ) is a member of the EXE's Magnolia Troop who accompanied Scarlet Magnolia and Kagerou Ootori in capturing the 35th Platoon. He is the result of an Alchemists experiment involving demi-humans. He is contracted to Ivan.


Gou is a giant of a man with very little distinguishing features other than his blankly staring face that conveys little to no emotion. However, his appearance changes to that of a werewolf with pointed ears, curved eyes, and fur covering his skin.


While Gou doesn't showcase anything resembling a personality, Kanaria was able to discern that Gou felt sadness and loss from looking in his eyes. Given his enormous height, girth, and strength, Gou was unable to completely protect and love the things he cherished without hurting them.



It is unknown when Gou was made part of the EXE or when he was experimented on by the Alchemists. It is unknown if this took place before or after the alliance forged between them and the Inquisition.

Two Alchemists Arc[]

Gou, along with the other Magnolia Troop members, accompany Sougetsu and act as his bodyguards during the raid on the Fifth Laboratory.

White Escape Arc[]

Gou, Kagerou, Scarlet, and a platoon of Dullahans chased the 35th platoon attempting to escape Inquisition territory and join the dissidents. Scarlet is able to knock the platoon's van off the highway and the trio confront the platoon on foot but are separated by an avalanche. Gou confronts Ikaruga, Usagi, and Kanaria with the latter being his main opponent. In terms of strength, Gou and Kanaria were evenly matched, but Gou's durability is able to give him the upper hand. Only after Ikaruga and Usagi's assistance that was previously delayed by the heavy snowfall allows Kanaria able to properly fight back and use his own weight against him to finish him off.


Gou and the rest of the Magnolia troops are revealed to have survived their encounter with the 35th Platoon and remain in the restored Inquisition's services, once again under Kurogane's command. Kurogane and the trio work as another off-shoot squad of the EXE, now led by Kanata, with their primary duty being bodyguards for the new Chairman.


Dullahan Training: A powerhouse among the EXE with his abnormal size, Gou served as the muscle for the Magnolia Troop who specialized in disposing of traitors and the likes within the Inquisition.

Immense Strength: Gou's abnormalities were also expressed through his immense power as he was able to physically overpower Kanaria, a wood elf that is physically superior to humans, even before his werewolf abilities were brought out.

Alchemist Experiment- Werewolf: An experimental trait that was developed by the Alchemists. Gou's tough frame is given a considerable boost in all fields with the werewolf hide boasting high physical defense as well as increasing his reflex speeds.

Relic Eater- Ivan: A Relic Eater with extremely high defensive attributes against magic, giving Gou's tough exterior to be completely immune against magical effects. While its own defenses are rather weak, the werewolf hide gives Gou balance to his defensive attributes making him even tougher to take down.


The name Gou means "overpowering, powerful, superior"(豪).