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Guillotines are a mass-production type of Relic Eaters created by a joint project between the Alchemists leader Suzaku Suginami and Inquisition Chairman Sougetsu Ootori. They are designed to allow anyone to use them.


In its regular form, Guillotines are sizable, portable rail-guns. When Witch Hunter form is activated, the user is coated in a steel-colored armor. Plates on its shoulders and back can also extend to form wings and enable short flight.


Being a mass-produced Relic Eater fueled by an external source, Guillotines do not possess any personalities.


Crimson Lotus Arc[]

The Guillotines are showcased by Suzaku to Sougetsu after the former takes pride in their accelerated development after researching Kiseki.

White Escape Arc[]

Guillotines are fully deployed onto the field as a full squadron accompanied Sougetsu when he meets with Orochi and Mother Goose in their "peace negotiations". Sougetsu leaves as 50 Guillotines group up on Orochi but they are quickly dispatched.

Heretic Alliance Arc[]

A number of Guillotines defended the First Laboratory during the Heretic Alliance's assault on the facility.

Witch Hunt War Arc[]

A large amount of Guillotine wielders and members of the EXE were sent out to pursue Kurogane Hayato who had gone AWOL.


Mass Production Relic Eater: One of the key products born from the Alchemist's partnership with the Inquisition. Guillotines are mass-produced Relic Eaters that can grant magic usage to anyone. In its regular form, they take the shapes of portable railguns. However, their lack of an inherent magical source and intrinsic capabilities exclude them from being true Relic Eaters. These weapons were often paired with Hyakki Yakou cells.

Intrinsic Magic- Chaos: The source of magic that powers each Guillotine is externally supplied by 50 captured witches who power its functions with the speed of ten dedicated magical procedure protocols. The Guillotine combines a large number of magic properties and executes a dedicated operative procedure afterwards.

Property Collapse- Quietus: The primary spell utilizing the artificially induced Chaos property. Fires off the churning mixture of spells at a target.

Witch Hunter Armor: Guillotines grant simple armor that considerably augments their offensive and defensive abilities. However, they do not possess regenerative capabilities, tracking abilities, or any other complex intrinsic abilities.