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The identity of the legendary blade, Dáinsleif, who is contracted to Haunted. Haunted's twisted sense of morals and love for murder attracted Nacht to him where she chose him to be her master after many others have tried to claim her legendary abilities for their own. Haunted frequently converses with her on mundane issues, but he also teases her on occasion to rile her up, usually by questioning her quality as a blade and her abilities compared to other swords. While Nacht mostly bickers back, Haunted mostly enjoys the company of someone as twisted as he is, and he equally sees her as his own eternal companion.

Mari Nikaido[]

The young Witch of Aurora who Haunted finds completely enamored with. The two met after Haunted was sent to recruit her, and he tricked her into working for Valhalla as an informant while essentially holding the orphans who Mari grew up with hostage in exchange for her cooperation. Haunted specifically finds Mari's looks something to be adored, and aspired to try and eke out all the emotions he could from by hurting her. His fixation goes beyond his regular tendencies as his usual actions ended with killing someone to indulge in their last vestige of emotion. With Mari, he wanted to continuously exhaust her emotions for his own delight, and he was very insistent on recovering her from Takeru. His over-protectiveness of her seemed to have become well-known as even Mephisto stated that if she were to kill Mari, Haunted would never stop hunting her.

Orochi/Mother Goose[]

The leaders of Magic Academy's East Side as well as the top-ranking members of Valhalla. Haunted's divergent tendencies to the organization's goals puts him at odds with the other members, with the duo being no exception. Haunted doesn't seem to mind the negative attention as he attracts and treats the two like old friends. To be fair, they fought together during the First Witch Hunt War and while they did fight for the same cause, it was clear that they, as individuals, did not agree with each other. Even with the constant threats from Orochi, Mother always calmed him down, stating that it would take too much effort in fully killing Haunted off. Haunted seems aware of their ultimate goals, particularly of Orochi's reasons for doing so involving the death of his sister.


A wood-elf recruited into Valhalla's ranks very recently. Haunted was most likely associated with Kanaria's transfer to Valhalla seeing as how he was affiliated with Isuka before and after this event occurred. Haunted seems to have not seen her since as he mentions how fast she has grown. Kanaria on the other hand, like nearly all other characters, doesn't seem to find him all that comforting to be around.


A fellow member of Valhalla and the leader of the Magic Academy's West Side. Haunted particularly found Elizabeth extremely vain in her attempts to retain her youth. Whereas Haunted was admittedly content with his extended youth through having an Ancient Attribute, Elizabeth was intent on keeping her youthful form by means of vampirism.

Isuka Suginami[]

A former Alchemist Division head based out on the 5th Laboratory. Isuka's willingness to offer her expertise and break away from the Alchemists faction led her to come in contact with Haunted who acted as Valhalla's liaison in the border territory. The two came to an agreement where Isuka promised the resurrection of the dark-elves if Haunted granted her full control of the facility, and he quickly dealt with every scientist inside to bend to her will. Haunted didn't particularly agree with her morals of life and death, but got along with her enough to continue working with her for a span of a few weeks.

Suzaku Suginami[]

The CEO of the Alchemist's Corporation that Haunted was previously acquainted with. Similar to Isuka, Haunted was friendly with her, but ultimately came to disagree with her methods as a scientist. Whereas it involved the question of killing others with Isuka, Haunted disagreed with Suzaku's treatment with Kiseki which he once again decided to interfere with. The two were apparently previously affiliated with business dealings for Valhalla and the Alchemists. It is notable to mention that Suzaku is one of the few people (the only one) who seems to welcome Haunted's company as she wasn't completely dismissive of him during their encounter in the First Laboratory. Even after Haunted caused Kiseki to awaken, Suzaku did not fault for him this as she was too enamored with Kiseki's Hyakki Yakou.


A fellow Valhalla officer who Haunted was disdainful at the prospect of working with. Mephisto herself shared the same sentiments in her unwillingness to work with him. The two were originally meant to work together during their attacks on the academy.


Takeru Kusanagi[]

The captain of the 35th Platoon who Haunted firstly antagonized for being too close to Mari, and later developed an interest in him after recognizing his last name that reminded Haunted of a certain someone. After his loss against the 35th Platoon, Haunted began to ponder his next course of action while Nacht insisted they take their revenge. Haunted; however, had other plans than outright ambushing them. Haunted's next encounter with Takeru was saving him from a contingent of West Side mages, an act that surprised both Takeru and the supposedly allied wizards. As Haunted healed Takeru's wounds and fought at his side against the West Side, Haunted declared that Takeru was the perfect antithesis to his being. Whereas Orochi made the compromise to sacrifice the world to get what he desired and Kurogane made the compromise to give it all to save the world, Takeru wished to save everything he desired without sacrificing anything. This pure intent and hope for the world disgusted Haunted to his core and he desired nothing less to snuff it out, but the current circumstances where Takeru was without Lapis had Haunted relent in his plan to not let Takeru die before their final confrontation. This final fight came to pass after Haunted interfered Takeru's reunion with Kiseki, but he became promptly occupied by Kurogane's own intervention.

Sougetsu Ootori[]

The Chairman of the Inquisition. While the two were technically on opposing sides for well over a century, the two have never met until a recent encounter in the northern territories. Understanding Sougetsu's plans, Haunted was harshly against the thought of the apocalypse as this would mean he would have no one left to kill and torture. Haunted attacked him on sight, and this was one of the few occasions Haunted was vehemently disgusted against someone else.

Hayato Kurogane[]

The captain of the Inquisition's EXE and the "Hero" that proved to be Haunted's biggest threat. Haunted derived his pleasure and joys from the emotions of others during their deaths, but Kurogane's inexpressive nature deprived Haunted the simplest of pleasures during their unfortunate encounters with the other. Haunted despised Kurogane for being so immovable and preferred to avoid him at all costs. This also constituted as fear as Kurogane's abilities were not only quick, but deadly to take away his extra lives. This was showcased in their most recent encounter where at least 2000 of Haunted's stocked "lives" were used up in around 5 minutes. Their final encounter, however, had Kurogane display some enthusiasm in his intent to finish Haunted off once and for all and, Haunted finally acknowledges him as someone worth fighting.