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Heliogabalus is the Relic Eater of Mamoru Jougasaki. It is a relatively new Relic Eater, and its proper designation is not known.


Heliogabalus is not seen in its regular state, but only in its Witch Hunter form. Different from other Relic Eaters, Heliogabalus encases its user in an enormous, tank-like armor that resembles the chasis of a dragoon. Its right arm is a heavy cannon with its muzzle the size of a human head. It is manifested through ultramarine magic circles.


Heliogabalus has shown no signs of personality.



It is stated that Heliogabalus and Daji were made relatively later than the other Relic Eaters, making them the "youngest".

Witch Hunt War Arc[]

Heliogabalus is called out by Mamoru when he faced off against Kurogane to convince him to return to the Inquisition's side. While its Witch Hunter form was larger and boasted a significant level of defense, Kurogane was still able to best with him just using Caligula. Mamoru is; however, killed when Sougetsu remotely takes control of Heliogabalus and crushes its user within its armor. Heliogabalus is then destroyed by an enraged Kurogane.


Unique Relic Eater- Heliogabalus: A relatively new Relic Eater along with Daji with known numbered classification. Heliogabalus is a sturdy, tank-like Relic Eater that only manifests through its Witch Hunter armor.

Intrinsic Magic- Dragon: A defensive attritbute that utilizes Dragon scales, the toughest magic resisting substance that trumps ores and other materials crafted to combat magic. These scales can be utilized to coat the dragoon chasis as well as enchanting the shells that the armor can fire, giving them immense stopping power.

Bahamut Enchant: An enchantment made for close combat, the full destructive capabilities of the dragon property are concentrated at a single point to unleash a devastating melee attack.

Witch Hunter Armor: The most unique property of Heliogabalus is that its Witch Hunter armor is a large tank-like dragoon armor. It is outfitted with an enormous cannon and multiple mechanisms that help it manuever around, anchor itself onto the ground to stabilize gunfire, and sweep the field with its wide arms.


  • Following the trend of Relic Eater namesakes, Heliogabalus is named after a Roman Emperor of the Severan dynasty of the same name who also shared the same name after a local Syrian god who the Emperor used to be a priest for in his early years.