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Hero Summoning
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Location Anti-Magic Academy
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N/A ←Hero Summoning→ Witches Struggle Arc

Hero Summoning Arc is the first and introductory story arc of AntiMagic Academy "The 35th Test Platoon" series. The arc primary focuses on the formation of the infamous 35th Test Platoon with Ouka Ootori joining the ineffective trio of Takeru Kusanagi, Ikaruga Suginami, and Usagi Saionji.


The Witch-Hunt War︻デ═一[]

150 years ago, mankind nearly faced extinction during their war against the Witches, supernatural creatures that wielded supernatural powers that threatened the entirety mankind. Despite the Witches having been suppressed, which almost drove them into extinction, the cost of victory, however, was one-tenth of humanity's original population. To ensure another tragedy would never come to pass, the Anti-Magic Academy was established to train society's youth as Witch Hunters whose powers were used to keep the Witches and other magical beings at bay. Since its aftermath, society rebuilt itself and drastically changed with the rise of the advanced technologies.

Summary ︻デ═一[]

Assembly of the 35th Platoon Unit ︻デ═一[]

Ouka's Transfer to the 35th Platoon ︻デ═一[]

At the chairman's office, Sougetsu informs his adoptive daughter, Ouka, that she has been fired for abandoning her mission[Notes 1] despite her position as "Dullahan" of the Inquisition [Notes 2]. As her punishment she will enroll back into the Anti-Magic Academy as a student and enter the 35th Test Platoon, a Test Platoon which infamously known as the "Small Fry" that consists students who are belittled by everyone, despite one of them is a would-be new candidate for the legendary Twilight Type Relic Eater's owner. Still, Ouka belittles the students whom she assumes not as professional as she is, only to stay silent as Sougetsu reminds her that not all Dullahan (not even Ouka herself) are chosen as a specific Relic Eater's owner. When Ouka asks who is that Relic Eater's new candidate, Sougetsu tells her the information is confidential, prompting her angrily leaves his office. At the same time, Sougetsu is also visited by Lapis who is yet to chose her owner, but highly anticipating in overseeing the entire event.

35th Platoon Unit's Daily Life[]

Meanwhile, Takeru heads to the 35th Platoon's office while hearing his fellow student's mocking over his one track mind toward swordsmanship, but he refrains himself from retaliating[Notes 3], keeping in mind his goal order to earn money for his sister's sake[Notes 4][1]. As he enters into the 35th Platoon room, Takeru accidentally witnesses Ikaruga filming Usagi in her bunny girl costume but he is the one to start crying instead of the embarrassed Usagi, who is trying to retrieve her cosplay photos from Ikaruga.

The platoon begin their discussion as Usagi laments over their zero records streak[Notes 5] for nearly half a year, and she strongly urges the captain (Takeru) to think of solutions in order to change their circumstances. In the midst of the meeting, however, Sougetsu interrupts as he enters the platoon room and introduces Ouka to everyone as the platoon's newer member. Just as Takeru asks her regarding her health; however, Ouka's only response is her hostile glare while claiming that she doesn't remember him[Notes 6][2].

35th Platoon's First Success?!︻デ═一[]

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An Un-Welcome Party︻デ═一[]

Welcome Party

Ouka's welcome party.

Just as Ouka enters the platoon room, the members throw a welcome party for her, but she isn't delighted to see it. At the same time, Takeru also notices Ouka's wound and learns that she had just secured a Magical Heritage without them. He tells her to seek medical treatment, but she refuses to take orders from him. When Ouka leaves the room, Takeru gives chase and brings a first aid kit, and he is eventually able to convince Ouka to be treated where she informs him that their previous mission still presented itself as a loose end.

Massacred Bodies in Tokyo Bay︻デ═一[]

Takeru and Ouka eventually reach to Tokyo Bay without Usagi and Ikaruga[Notes 7]. As they enter the warehouse, they are assaulted by gunmen who quickly try to escape by driving off in their van. Ouka is able to shoot the tires, and the three gunmen are left to Takeru to be handcuffed while she went on ahead to investigate. Takeru finishes capturing the gunmen and enters the room where Ouka headed into, and he finds an enormous amount of plastic bags filled with dismembered human parts. Takeru shudders from the stench, but he finds Ouka silent and still. Ouka then walks over to an operating table where she starts to apologize to the body of a dead child, and she arms herself with a shotgun as she approaches the captured men outside. Takeru stops her from her bloodthirst and warns her that she could face charges that will never allow her to become an Inquisitor again. Takeru reminds her that her job is to prevent further tragedies from occurring, and Ouka begins to calm down but soon passes out.[Notes 8][Notes 9][3]

《Crimson Princess》's Tragic Origins︻デ═一[]

The next day, Ouka is seen in front of her little sister's grave while Takeru shows up behind her, apologizing to her for following her and for yelling at her the other day, and he explains his visit as something a comrade would do for each other. Ouka doesn't fully accept the apology as she still denies on being a comrade to the platoon. Takeru asks if Ouka's outburst was something that was his fault, and Ouka decides to reveal that her anger over witnessing a child's corpse was related to her family's death. Ouka explains that her family was killed by a witch, and she was motivated as the attack's sole survivor to exterminate every last one of them. Ouka concludes by saying that "comrades" will only get in her way and urges them to leave her alone. However, Takeru refuses to stand down, but also accepts that he will not get in the way of her revenge and declares that he will "carry half her burden".

Ouka still denies Takeru and states that she doesn't wish for anyone else but herself to be involved in her revenge, but Takeru begins to notice tears in Ouka's eyes and assures that he will not leave her alone as a fellow human being. Still, Ouka refuses to acknowledges his kindness as she continues to belittle Takeru by mocking his swordsmanship as useless before pushing him away. Hearing Ouka's mockery somehow changes Takeru's mood as he unsheathes his sword while making a bet that if he gets better results, Takeru will join her quest for revenge, prompting Ouka to finally give in while allowing him to support her revenge.

Chaos in the Streets︻デ═一[]

Hunted Ritual

Hunted is performing his ritual.

Elsewhere, Haunted looks at the city's scenery from afar while vulgarly making a statement of the female residents, much to his sword, Nacht's disgust. Viewing the world as "imperfect", Haunted performs a ritual to summon a powerful construct to assault the Anti Magic Academy in order to retrieve captured 《Valhalla》 members. Upon his departure, chaos quickly plagues the city as explosions occur in multiple locations, and the creatures begin their rampage by attacking everyone in sight.

Chaos in the city immediately garners both Ouka and Takeru's attention as she rushes to the city without him. Whilst telling the residents to evacuate, Ouka begins to engage on the Corpse-Devouring Demons by herself until reinforcements arrives. Ouka immediately asks one of the Spriggan's Squad member about the situation, where she is shocked to learn that an 《Einherjar》 has appeared, and it is heading towards the academy. Meanwhile, Sougetsu is informed of the incident after receiving Eighth Spriggan Squad's last message from his secretary before their annihilation by said 《Einherjar》. Staggeringly, Sougetsu laughs and considers the incident "interesting" and "nostalgic". He states that finds this event to be a golden opportunity to "awaken" someone, while confusing his secretary with his cryptic words. Nevertheless, Sougetsu decides to speak on the intercoms and rallies the academy students to join their Inquisitors as fellow brothers in arms to subdue their enemy.

On the streets, Takeru tries to catch up to Ouka while also dealing with a number of monsters on the way. Takeru suddenly encounters a mysterious little girl and is transported to a strange world where she begins to question him about obtaining power, but he is quickly pulled back to reality when he hears Ikaruga messaging him and tunes him in to the Chairman's rallying call.

Duel Against《Einherjar》︻デ═一[]

Ouka fights against 《Einherjar》 with her guns while dodging the Hero's attacks, but her gunshots have little to no effect against the Hero due to its durability. Despite her best efforts, Ouka is bested by the 《Einherjar》's monstrous strength as she receives its attack and crashes into a building. Ouka is able to survive the attack as she kicked off the debris to reposition herself, but is able to stand with a sustained injury on her leg. Seeing no other choice in the matter, Ouka is forced to call out her Relic Eater, Vlad, and requests his help. Vlad answers her call and brings up the provisional status of their contract, but Ouka refuses to fully contract with him, limiting his powers. Vlad nonetheless agrees to assist her and heals her leg injury, and they enter combat against the Einherjar. Vlad's piercing stakes analyze the Hero and discerns its identity as King Arthur and the enormous defensive properties originating from the sword Excalibur's scabbard. Ouka sacrifices a portion of her blood and powers Vlad to utilize his intrinsic magic, Tepes Rain, and is able to damage the Hero. However, before she is able to continue, Vlad dissipates, apologizing to her as he has been recalled "by orders of the king". Ouka is left defenseless, and she is severely injured from the hero's attack.

Just as the Hero raises its weapon to kill Ouka, Takeru jumps in to fight. Ouka yells that a Hero is something that Takeru won't be able to defeat, but Takeru refuses to back down as he promised to assist her in her vengeance if he proved his skills were worthy enough to do so. As Takeru jumps into battle, he is able to keep up with Arthur's slow swings, but his blade is only manage to make a light injury. With Usagi's assistance, Takeru is able to get in a few more hits onto Arthur. Usagi's anxiety; however, gets the best of her, and she calls Takeru and informs him that she's afraid to take the shot, fearing that she might hit him. Takeru reassures her that her skills are exceptional and trusts that he won't end up as a target. [Notes 10][4], With the two working in tandem, Arthur is slowly beaten back, but he begins to charge its intrinsic magic. Takeru attempts to flee while carrying Ouka and orders for Usagi to retreat. Arthur unleashes "Knights of the Round" and engulfs Takeru in magic.

Dying state

Takeru's apparent "death".

Nearby buildings are destroyed, and Takeru lies on the ground while he finds himself cut in half from the King Arthur's signature ability. As his teammates try to contact him, Takeru laments how seems to have met his end so soon. Takeru passes out but instead of death, he finds himself in the same realm he was before when he encountered the mysterious girl in the market. She once again continues her questioning. Only this time, Takeru accepts all of her offer, and she hands him a blade and requests that he pulls the trigger. Takeru does so, and the girl declares that their contract is complete. Takeru returns to find himself in the real world, but now clad in azure armor.

Takeru engages Arthur once again and sends Arthur flying a considerable distance, and he expresses confusion on what's going on. The girl from before introduces herself as Lapis and congratulates him for completing the contract with her. Sougetsu's voice also chimes in on the conversation, and he explains that Lapis is a Relic Eater and like most others, she has personally chosen Takeru to be her host. Sougetsu invites Takeru to immediately enter service as an Inquisitor, but Takeru becomes wary of Sogetsu's true intentions and refuses, stating that he does not want to involve himself and his squad to be under his direct whim. He declares he will become an Inquisitor along with his comrades but merit and effort, and Sougetsu simply wishes him luck in battle before signing himself off from the conversation.

Takeru Finish

Takeru's victory over Hero Monster.

Prior to Lapis's briefing to Takeru regarding his newfound powers, however, a nearly broken King Arthur fires a gun shot at Takeru again, though the magic bullets are cut in half without any difficulties, further emboldening Takeru's initial impression. Using Lapis' powers, Takeru is able to fend off Arthur with less effort than before, and Arthur begins to prepare for another Knights of the Round. Lapis suggests for them to use their own intrinsic magic, and Takeru heeds her words as Lapis chants for her abilities to increase his speed and power. Takeru charges forward to meet the Knights of the Round, materializing as 11 separate knights charging toward him. As they clash, Takeru is able to cut down all 11 knights and meets Arthur head on, and he utilizes a Double-Edged style technique he was never able to pull off before. This time, however, Takeru pulls it off and assaults Arthur with the Yamata no Orochi technique, and he destroys the Einherjar. 

From afar, Ouka is astonished to witness the battle as she comes to realize her vulnerability despite her best effort to hide it from others. Upon reaching her, Takeru announces his victory and has Ouka promise to uphold their previous agreement. Now that he has proved himself, he will be able to help her and that she won't have to be alone anymore. Takeru passes out on Ouka's lap, and she is finally able to smile, her first one in nine years.


Inside the Facility Lab, Takeru visits Kiseki and tells her everything that happened with his platoon. Kiseki is happy to hear his stories but Takeru's visitation time comes to an end, and the two are separated.

A month passes by since the Hero Incident. During Takeru's recuperation at the Seelie Hospital, Sougetsu pays him a visit and informs him that he will assign Takeru missions to act as a Dullahan[Notes 11], especially since now, he wields Lapis. A week later after his recuperation, Takeru brings Ouka to have dinner with the team, but the latter becomes nervous as she still hasn't completely made up with them. Takeru, however, assures her that everything will be fine from here on out.

Light Novel, Manga and Anime Differences︻デ═一[]




Major characters[]

Supporting characters[]

Minor Character[]

Story Impact ︻デ═一[]

  • The main characters and setting are showcased.
  • Ouka's tragic past is explored where she was her family's only survivor: Her parents were killed by a Witch, and Ouka herself had to kill her little sister under the Witch's influence, further brewing her hatred against Witches as the result. That alone has shaped Ouka into a stoic, anti-social, stubborn, and even ruthless Dullahan as she vows to annihilate all the Witches to ensure nobody suffer the same tragedy as hers, even through her upbringing under Sougetsu's care. Through her transfer into the 35th Platoon Unit, Ouka's life begins to change as she learns teamwork and trust to her fellow comrades despite her initial rocky relationship between them.
  • Takeru's past also briefly explored where he once was a violent student who wrecked havoc until he met and was subjugated by Ouka two years ago[5][6]before the series. Whilst the defeat did change his life, Takeru also notices Ouka's desire of revenge is her reason behind her anti-social behavior and distrust upon others, in which he claims to have had before. For this reason, Takeru acts as Ouka's moral compass though he wouldn't stop her quest of vengeance.
  • Lapis officially become Takeru's Relic Eater after rescuing him from death and helping her host in defeating the Einherjar, with Takeru gaining new powers in exchange of the contract. At the same time, she is also the fifth member to join the 35th Platoon as Takeru's "sister".
  • The casualties from the Hero's invasion is by far the worst disaster since the Witch-Hunt War's Hero Summoning event, with 40 death, 5 missing, 75 injured, 5 school buildings collapsed, and 27 people voluntarily dropping out as the consequence of this disaster. Its aftermath also involving those who are either participating or witnessing the entire event.
    • The incident became the 35th Test Platoon Unit's great achievements and became a widespread gossip by the students despite them still ridiculing them.
    • Mari, one of Valhalla's supporting members, begins to feel guilty over the damage caused by Haunted which causes her to blame herself. The incident alone is enough to prompt Mari to question Haunted's methods and her defection (post amnesia) from the Valhalla to the Anti-Magic Academy, in which makes her as the organization's traitor.


(To be added...)


  1. During one mission, Ouka executed a witch during a tense moment where hostage's life was endangered. Ouka insists that killing the witch was the only way to save the hostage and refuses to deny what she did was in the wrong.
  2. A Dullahan's mission is to arrest the Witches without killing them. Even among the "Dullahans", Ouka is known to have a bad reputation for her anti-social personality and stubbornness in listening to anyone, even to her own comrades, making her infamously known as 《Calamity》 despite her abundant professionalism and experience as an officer; moreover, Ouka's obsession in the Witches's annihilation has been cited by Sougetsu as her fatal flaw, which poised as insubordination.
  3. Takeru is infamous for being poor in using firearms (he just learned its basics) despite excelling in swordsmanship by using his trademark Katana, something that's considered as ancient before the Witch-Hunt War. Therefore, he is constantly called an "idiot" by his fellow students but Takeru himself has been accustomed to these mockeries since middle school.
  4. The only reason he is controlling this temper was to earn enough money to clear his debt, support himself and his sister Kiseki, who is later revealed to be imprisoned within the Inquisition's facility.
  5. The reason behind the 35th Platoon Unit's lagging progress were multiple. Unlike most teams, which usually consists of six member by default, the Small Fry platoon has only three, meaning that they were short in three members. What's worst was despite their talents in the respective field, their lack of cooperation due to a fact that Takeru was only useful in close combat and Usagi's sniping was obstructed by her anxiety.
  6. The sole reason for Ouka not remembering Takeru was because she was too focused on her quest for revenge despite being classmates two years ago, where she ironically was the one who quelled the violent Takeru from his mentailty. It was until Takeru's resurfaced violent persona during King Arthur's invasion prompted Ouka to finally recall her encounter with him.
  7. The reason for Usagi's and Ikagura's absence was because Ouka herself didn't want them to be involved in her business, though Takeru was a different case because he insisted on coming along as he didn't wish to see her injured again, a concern that irritated her.
  8. In this aftermath, Takeru was supposedly calling the other Inquisitors for help while sending her to the hospital. However, Ouka rejected his help again.
  9. In the anime counterpart, Ouka reveals her family's tragedy in front of Takeru before her visit to her sister's grave.
  10. According to Ikaruga, the rifle Usagi is equipped with is specifically modified to fit Usagi herself. Even its bullet rounds were special where they were personally modified and synchronized by Ikaruga herself, which is consisted slight material named the Orichalcum, a rare metal that would deliver a strong impact if the bullets reached to its targets. The drawback of this weapon however that because of her meekness despite its stronger firepower, Usagi was once again struck with anxiety to use it properly.
  11. Takeru's reason for distrusting Sougetsu was because of his attempts to contract Lapis with him, all the while risking the lives of countless students and Ouka herself.


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