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Hyakki Yakou Arc
TMG v05 0003
Location Anti-Magic Academy
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Hyakki Yakou Arc is the fifth story arc of AntiMagic Academy "The 35th Test Platoon". This arc primarily focuses on Kiseki Kusanagi, Takeru's younger sister who is the reason for Takeru's enrollment in the Anti-Magic Academy. Suffering from the Kusanagi Clan's inheritable curse, Kiseki is an S-class threat who is contained in the Inquisition's underground research facility and is subsequently targeted by Valhalla. The arc is the starting point for the 2nd Witch Hunt War where all three factions become involved with the events that transpire and sets a number of events into motion.


Takeru's Visit[]

Within the Inquisition's Special Underground Facility, Takeru is underoes a checkup and given a short briefing by Dullahan officers regarding his visit[Notes 1][1] to Kiseki.

Kiseki ep10

Kiseki during Takeru's visit.

Inside the visitor room, the Kusanagi Siblings begin their conversation as Takeru tells Kiseki about his day to day life with his comrades, especially Ouka whom Kiseki assumes to be his lover, but Takeru denies as he claims their relationship is nothing of the sort. Nonetheless, Kiseki is happy to hear about Takeru's change and tells him that she is doing fine too. Takeru saddened to see her confined and asleep for most of her life and promises her that he will provide her a normal upbringing. Howeveh, their ir conversatiis on cut short by a Dullahan officer who announces the visitation's time limit, forcing Takeru to say his goodbyes to Kiseki while promising to visit her again soon. Kiseki begins to cry while muttering about why didn't he "kill"[Notes 2] her [2] before the room turns dark, and she returns to her "medical-check-up"[Notes 3].

Summary ︻デ═一[]

35th Platoon Growth and Improvement︻デ═一[]

The winter season arrives and the 35th Platoon are seen in the middle of an operation where they are able to subdue the criminals with their increased, synchronized teamwork Usagi was able to shoot without hesitation, Ouka chased down the perpetrators with Ikaruga's modified bike, and Takeru was able to catch them. After finishing their mission, Takeru notes their rare success as they have caught fifty criminals so far, prompting Usagi to brag about her recent accomplishments before getting teased by Ikaruga again.


Ouka's offer to help Takeru.

While Takeru remarks on their recent accomplishments, Ouka sees noticeable bags under Takeru's eyes and advises him to take better care of himself, and maybe take a break from his constant workshifts. Takeru tells her that he's fine, but she insists on him taking a break, even going so as far to offering to help make money for him. Takeru finally gives in to her to suggestions and promises to take it easy for a while, especially when she mentions that she would be wiling to ease his burden. Ouka remembers hearing something about Takeru's sister, and he lies about how she's attending an academy somewhere far away with scholarships. Ouka mentions how she would like to meet his sister, much to his inner sadness and guilty for lying to her.[Notes 4]

Nagaru's Ambition and Kyouya's Hostile Change ︻デ═一[]

The next day, Takeru visits the Student Council room to visit Nagaru, who treats him with some food she bought. They discuss the aftermath of Mephisto's attack, and she brings up Lapis' name and how it differs from the standard Relic Eaters' names, much to Takeru's confusion. At the same time, Nagaru shares her intent to uncover what the Inquisition is hiding from the public and take over the organization. She also suggests Takeru to discuss the topic of his sister and her abnormalities, to which Takeru responds by saying that he will give her his answer after he discusses everything with his platoon and promise to meet again soon. Nagaru advises him to be wary of Lapis as she suspects her to be one of the 『Sacred Treasures』. As Takeru asks her for precautions, Nagaru adds that he should not follow through with its desires or offers.

Scarred Kyouya 2

Kyouya brands Takeru a traitor.

After exiting from the Student Council while thinking about Nagaru's plans and Kiseki, Takeru is shocked to see a shadow of Akira, only to see a recovered Kyouya instead. When Takeru asks him about his injuries and Akira's condition, Kyouya angrily shoves him off and calls him a "traitor", cofusing Takeru even further.

Kiseki's Escape ︻デ═一[]

At the Underground Laboratory, Sougetsu and Hayato arrive where they are informed by the scientists that Kiseki had just survived an over-dosage of their most toxic poisons. Sougetsu is impressed by her tenacity while Hayato is still uneasily concerned of how they plan on removing the oddity in her. Sougetsu, however, claims that they cannot really do anything about it since her demonic attribute is something that still needs constant trials and tests on. [Notes 5]. As Kiseki continues to endure her pain while calling out for her brother, Kiseki suffers from a nightmare where she sees him walk away from her with a female partner. Kiseki's sadness forces her powers out and breaks her Gleipnir. Two Dragoons equipped Sprrigan squads are sent to deal with the threat and Hayato volunteers to stop her frenzy by himself, but warns Sougetsu that he will judge him as well if he is to utilize Kiseki as something more than a deterrent.


Hayato confronts the Demonic Kiseki.

The facility goes into lockdown, and Hayato orders all troops to withdraw and focus on strengthening their defenses while he confronts Kiseki alone. Hayato enters into the room and enters Witch Hunter form while Kiseki cries out for her brother. Eventually, Kiseki breaks through the roof to find her brother while Sougetsu and a team of Spriggans search for Hayato's body. Hayato picks himself up from a pile of rubble and apologizes to Sougetsu for letting Kiseki escape, but the Principal reassures himthat he has already sent Kyouya and the other EXE members to retrieve her.

Kusanagi Siblings' Surprise Reunion ︻デ═一[]

Around the same time, the 35th Platoon are seen in the middle of their mission, where they disguised themselves to capture an magic artifact smuggler. Ouka and Ikaruga act as lookouts, Takeru is dressed as a mascot, while Usagi and Mari are dressed provocatively to garner attention. With their target closing in, Usagi tries to seduce them, but they ignore her. Mari's attempt, however, turns out to be successful, but their target catches on and fires upon the team. The bullets deflect off Mari's shield, but the bullets spawn mandrakes and start terrorizing the general populace. Ouka and the others hold them off while Takeru chases down the magician and tails him to an alleyway where he hears the magician cry out for help. Takeru wonders what happened and braces himself, but he is surprised to find Kiseki walk out of the shadowed alleyway. She collapses in his arms while muttering that she broke out to see him.

Takeru feared

Takeru points his blade at his comrades.

Ouka, Mari, and Usagi manage to catch up to Takeru, but the latter panics and draws his sword at them, much to their horror. Ouka calms him down and assures him that they'll hear him out and never turn their backs to him. Takeru eases up and sheathes his sword, and he explains that the girl is his little sister, an SS level threat that was locked up in a maximum security prison. He assures them back that as long as he's around, his sister won't be an issue.

Magic Side's Next Move ︻デ═一[]

Blue elf briefing

Kanaria as Diluted.

In a far off mountain and inside an abandoned hut, Diluted [Notes 6] receives a report about Anti-Magic Academy's Underground Facility's near destruction, which she considers a golden opportunity to have them attack the Inquisition in order to avenge her mother. Her enthusiasm goes unappreciated, and the voice on the other line asks to have Orochi be put on the line. Diluted complains, but Orochi shows up behind her and distracts her with some sweets. Orochi is told of the situation and of both Haunted and Mephisto's failures, a fact that Orochi had predicted. Mother Goose informs the two that they will ambush the convoy containing their VIP during the convoy's journey. A number of Einherjars are to assist the duo, despite Orochi's general lack of respect for them to be even called "heroes".

Kiseki and the 35th Test Platoon︻デ═一[]

TMG v05 123

Kiseki's first meeting with Ouka.

Back in the city's dark ally, the 35th platoon hide in the magic dealer's former hideout, and Kiseki wakes up to find her brother next to her. Kiseki apologizes for killing again, and Takeru comforts her, knowing that it wasn't her fault. However, Kiseki fully accepts her abnormality and still feels guilty about not having control of her body. Ouka enters the room, and Kiseki hides behind Takeru while Ouka introduces herself[Notes 7]. Takeru asks Ouka to understand that Kiseki has not interacted with anyone else outside of him, to which Ouka forgives her mistake, but she calls Takeru out of the room to discuss their course of action.

Confronting his fellow comrades, Takeru reveals everything about Kiseki, but informs them that she doesn't mean any harm since she is unable to control her powers properly. Just as Takeru is about to reveal the true nature of abilities, Ikaruga interrupts as she "claims"[Notes 8] that, according to an information she found during hacking into the Inquisition's database, Kiseki suffers from Overflow Complex, a rare disease that witches inherit if they are not from a primarily magic-using lineage. When Takeru is about to stop Ikaruga from lying, Ikaruga instead tells Takeru to be silent since it would be easier for her to explain on his behalf.

Nevertheless, Ouka declares it as an emergency, and Takeru agrees and plans to call the Inquisition to escort her back to her holding facility. However, Ouka decides to have them call the Inquisition later, after they escort the siblings around the city. Ouka explains that she fully knows what she's doing is illegal, but she believes in Takeru's promise that nothing will go wrong if he's around his sister and the team pull in their efforts to have the two siblings have their fun. Ouka bickers with Mari, with the latter teasing her for her usual change in attitude while Ikaruga whispers to Takeru of her little lie to fool everyone for now, and she tells him to just enjoy himself with his sister.

A few minutes later, everyone introduces themselves to Kiseki and have her wear a number of clothes as to not attract attention when she goes outside. The outfits range from summer clothing, the academy uniform, and the likes, and Kiseki thanks everyone for their efforts in helping her and her brother. Mari hugs Kiseki and promises her that she'll be her older sister someday before getting pulled back from the others. During make up, Ikaruga tells Kiseki to forgive Takeru and for her to not hold grudges or blame anyone for his decisions.

Kusanagi Siblings' Cruel Promise︻デ═一[]

Around noon, the Kusanagi Siblings stroll down the street and have lunch together in the cafe. While talking about Takeru's platoon, Kiseki asks if she could make a request, and he hears her out. She requests for her brother to finally kill her as she's perfectly aware of what her powers can do. Despite this, Takeru still refuses, stating his obligations as his older brother and as the only family the two have. Takeru promises her that he'll keep trying his best to see her and give her a normal life, and he wishes for Kiseki to hold on for him. Takeru swears that if the time came where she had to be killed, he would die with her. After eating, Takeru brings Kiseki to ride a Ferris Wheel while calling Ouka to thank her for giving them this time. He promises to take most of the punishment, but Ouka silences him and says that they'll receive punishment together.

As they prepared to cross the street, Takeru catches a glimpse of Kyouya, and the latter calls the two out. Takeru tries to call Ouka, but finds no response on the other end. As people begin to walk between them, Kyouya is joined with someone who resembles Akira, and Kyouya reveals his priority to kill Kiseki.

Former Friends' Duel

Takeru's and Kyouya's first duel.

Kyouya enters Witch Hunter form, and Takeru is forced to do the same as the redirects and attempts to block Kyouya's shots. Takeru pleads to have Kyouya withdraw, as he planned on returning Kiseki to her containment facility anyway. Kyouya aims at Kiseki again, and Takeru moves into the block and receive some of the shots. The two prepare to lunge at each other, but tjey are stopped by Hayato, who holds both his revolvers at their temples. Takeru cancels Witch Hunter form, but Kyouya remains in his and shoots Kiseki, but the shot is redirected to the sky by Hayato as he shoots Kyouya in the shoulder for disobedience. Takeru is handcuffed while Kiseki is outfitted with a Gleipnir, and he pleads to talk with his sister one last time and Hayato gives him two minutes. Takeru apologizes to Kiseki over the incident and tells her that he will visit her again soon, and the two siblings share a hug before Kiseki falls asleep under the Gleipnir's effects.

Sougetsu arrives on site to apologize for Kyouya's behavior, which is why he removed Lapis' limiter, so he could defend himself, but also had Takeru arrested for harboring Kiseki's freedom. Takeru leads to the Chairman to lessen Kiseki's severe treatment, but he assures him that he was only doing the right thing in keeping her pacified. However, Sougetsu states that with the Inquisition's newly forged alliance with the Alchemists, they will have Kiseki transported to a new, more advanced facility where there is a high likelihood that they may find a cure for her. Takeru's hope increases, but are immediately dashed as Sougetsu refuses to tell him of the facility's location, stating that it would ultimately compromise the facility's secretive location for Valhalla to show up. Takeru remains silent as he realizes that he was completely powerless to stop this.

Valhalla's Invasion ︻デ═一[]

In the sky, Valhalla's stealth plane flies across the freeway as they close in on the convoy. Diluted begins to question the nature of this attack, but Orochi silences her. Orochi briefs her that she will focus on the air support while he and a number of Einherjars assault on foot. Diluted reluctantly agrees, and Orochi also informs her that the instant transfer charm will take place in around 30 minutes and advises her to rendezvous with him after their work is done. Diluted sets out while Orochi drops from the plane.

While this occurs, Kanata asks for a status report from the plane's pilots before Diluted guns down through the plane's front windows and forces her way in through the front. Kanata fights back with her Relic Eater, Nobunaga, but she is unable to utilize it effectively as it was enhanced for long range combat. Diluted suggested to Kanata that she should escape and Kanata attempts to fight back, but Diluted dodges all of the bullets fired and opens the plane's emergency hatch where Kanata falls off the plane. However, Kanata shoots the wings of the plane and forces Diluted to retreat from the plane as well.

As Kanata's plane comes under attack, Hayato advises all officers to continue the operation and urges everyone to be on their guard. Hayato heads to the back of the convoy vehicle where he informs Kyouya to be ready to move out at any time. Initially unresponsive but later acknowledging the order, Kyouya begins to question Hayato's interest about a "monster"[Notes 9] such as Kiseki and warns him to stay out of his revenge. Whilst noting Nero's interest towards people such as Kyouya to make such a shallow contract, Hayato replies that he isn't interested in involving himself with Kyouya's vengeance and that he will only act on his principles as an Inquisitor and reminds him to stay focused on the mission at hand. Just as Kyouya grabs Hayato's collar, however, the convoy driver notifies them of three Einherjars have arrived in front of the convoy. Kyouya delights in having judgment to mete out, but Hayato heeds him to let him take two Einherjars while Kyouya handles only one at the back. However, Kyouya declares that he will crush all three, and the two enter Witch Hunter form.

Imprisonment of Takeru and Ouka ︻デ═一[]

《Crimson Princess》's Reformation︻デ═一[]

TMG v05 237

Takeru and Ouka in the prison.

Elsewhere, in the Inquisition's Prison, Takeru wakes up from his nightmare while lamenting his inability to protect Kiseki. At the same time, Ouka is locked up in a cell opposite to Takeru's and reveals that she surrendered in order to not have Takeru take all of the blame. During their time in the prison, Ouka apologizes to Takeru over the incident, but he forgives her and expresses his gratitude in her efforts to allow in letting him spend time with his sister. Takeru asks her why would she do so much for him, to which Ouka reveals that she is grateful to him and the platoon for changing her for the better. [Notes 10] Whilst turns Takeru's words back to him and admits to have no idea what he meant at first, Ouka tells Takeru that he is not alone and offers to shoulder half his burden for him and discusses in saving Kiseki, much to Takeru's relief.

Prison Break︻デ═一[]

(To be added...)

Kusanagi Kiseki ︻デ═一[]

Kiseki Rescue Mission︻デ═一[]

(To be added...)

Duel Between Bitter Enemies︻デ═一[]

Kyouya drives the convoy van alone, but stops to think about how he's complying with orders when a monster that threatens the world is behind him. Kyouya laughs at the prospect, enters Witch Hunter form, and breaks the van's backdoor. He pulls out his keycard to unlock the sarcophagus containing Kiseki and aims his gun at her.

Takeru finally catches up to the van and enters the back, only to see Kiseki with a hole through her chest and her limbs dangling off strands of flesh. Kyouya appears from the back of the convoy and taunts him, and Takeru lunges toward Kyouya, with anger he hadn't felt since his reformation. Kyouya laughs maniacally at how he has killed Takeru's sister and promises to send him to the same place. Takeru kicks off from Kyouya's shots, and the two stand off.

Nero's intro

Kyouya and Nero.

A cackling laughter is heard, and Nero encourages Kyouya's anger as Takeru realizes that it is Nero that transformed Kyouya, prompts him to tell his former friend that this isn't what Akira and comrades would have wanted. Kyouya instead retorts to Takeru not to mention about his comrades and readies his gun, stating that he's fully aware that he's being used by Sougetsu and Akira's death.

During the duel, Kyouya launches a volley of grenades while Takeru dodges them, but soon falls under a building as it collapses. Kyouya anticipates a counter attack, and Takeru charges at him with Soumatou activated and prepares to utilize Yamata no Orochi. Kyouya's movements are able to keep up with Takeru, and he shortens the length of the gun barrel as the two clash. Takeru is flung back, and Lapis explains that Takeru would have been unable to land a strike as she prioritized saving his life by increasing his armor. As Takeru struggles to stand back up, Lapis informs him that their sustained damage is still less grievous than the ones Kyouya had. Takeru ponders at the thought as during the entire fight, he wasn't able to land a single hit on Kyouya at all. Takeru is surprised to find the information true as Kyouya begins to cough up blood and supports himself with his gun. Kyouya entrenches himself onto the ground to unleash a storm of bullets, but Takeru puts all of Lapis' remaining magic to lengthen his blade and slice the building behind Kyouya, crushing him underneath.

However, despite his severe injuries, Kyouya immediately rises from the rubble and prepares to fight again while Nero appears and complains at how she wasn't able heal him, which all of her healing abilities have been given to the "clone". Even after Takeru pleads him to stop, Kyouya refuses to give in and prepares for another battle, but he is finally defeated when Ouka arrives and utilizes Vlad to cancel his Witch Hunter form. With his wounds overcoming him, Kyouya finds himself surrounded and warns them that not killing Kiseki will result in the world's demise, and he falls off the guard railing to the river below.

Hyakki Yakou's Rampage︻デ═一[]

Nevertheless, Ouka tells Takeru to check on Kiseki and take her back to the Anti-Magic Academy, but Takeru wants to do it alone. As Ouka persists on going to check Kiseki together, Takeru relents and warns her to prepare herself since they'll be confronting the likes of which Ouka has never seen. The duo orders for the rest of the platoon to not follow them and cuts their communication. Mari breaks off from the van and attempts to find the two before Ikaruga explains that her interference will only become a burden to the two.

As soon as they arrive for Kiseki, Takeru orders Ouka to keep an eye on them while freeing his siter from her shackles. Even though Kiseki tells her brother that she is at her limit, Takeru ensures her that he will protect her from harm by all means necessary, and he further moved Kiseki. Just as Takeru carries Kiseki away from the convey van however, a lump of flesh [Notes 11] crawling from Kiseki's wound against her plea for not showing her memories to her brother. However, it is already too late as Takeru is forced to witness a flashback of her dark past[Notes 12] while hearing eerie voices of Kiseki's plea. The flashback is too traumatic even for Takeru as his eyes rolls with tears with self-doubt and horror. While still in her brother's arms, Kiseki tells Takeru that she has tired his best and urges him to end her life.

The siblings' emotional moment is short-lived when Takeru is attacked by Diluted[Notes 13] and is blown away. As Diluted confronts an angry Ouka, Kiseki is horrified to witness her brother's apparent death and unleashes her abilities, causing Hyakki Yakou to start consuming the entire city. Ouka had to leave Kiseki to check on an unconscious Takeru while helplessly watches the Hyakki Yakou's rampage in the city. Miraculously, 35th Platoon arrives just in time and takes Takeru away in the team's van while Ouka covered them after finally accepting Vlad's contract.

From afar, Sougetsu watches the city in chaos while addressing the Alchemist's CEO and head researcher, Suzaku Suginami. She watches in glamorous awe in Hyakki Yakou's ablities and questions if anything like it can be replicated. Sougetsu denies the idea as the attribute is based from an ancient seal that cannot be replicated through science or magic. When Suzaku asks Sougetsu to have with her bet to yield any responsibilities over the Hyakki Yakou's incident should he lose, Sougetsu instead asks Suzaku to make a bet with him, whether or not Takeru would kill his sister.

TMG v05 004

Takeru's bitter farewell.

In a state of unconsciousness, Takeru returns to the realm where he contracted with Lapis and accepts her conditions, and she drapes him in her ultimate form, God Slayer armor. Back in the real world, Ouka uses her abilities to break away the encroaching flesh mass, and she begins to hear Kiseki's voice and the hatred brimming from it towards her. Despite Kiseki's efforts in not letting her emotions get the better of her, it is futile as the Hyakki Yakou is carrying out her wish to see Ouka die and not steal Takeru away from her. Farther away, the rest of the 35th platoon attempt to escape the area while keeping themselves away from the expanding flesh. However, as they continue to struggle, they notice Takeru who had previously been knocked out, standing up again with a visibly different armor than usual. Ouka manages to regroup with her team but finds Takeru standing again and goes to embrace him, but he cancels her Witch Hunter form and trusts his team to leave the area while he goes to confront his sister. Takeru charges alone, much to everyone's worry, but Ouka is the one to call out to him to not go alone and shoulder everything by himself. Takeru apologizes to her that he's not longer qualified to do so, and he moves on to meet Kiseki and fulfill his promise.

Kusanagi Sibling's Demise?!︻デ═一[]

Meanwhile, Diluted defends herself against the Hyakki Yakou's flesh masses and confronts Takeru. She apologizes to Orochi for acting out of line and briefly fights against Takeru, where he notices the familiar techniques and identifies her usage of the Kusanagi Style. However, Takeru is able to incapacitate her and manages to reach Kiseki.

Epilogue []

Surprisingly, Takeru survives his attempted double suicide when Orochi rescues him from Kiseki's grasp with an injured Diluted confronting Mari, who attempted to save him. Orochi orders Diluted to retrieve Kiseki's severed head while thanking Mari for taking care of his disciple and invites her to come with them. Hayato, Sougetsu, and the other Inquisitors confront them, but Sougetsu has called for a ceasefire, as his desire for an oncoming war has already been fulfilled and knows that Takeru will return to him someday. Mari decides to come with Orochi for Takeru's sake and delivers a message to her comrades that they will return as soon as possible. A month later, Takeru wakes up to find himself inside an unknown facility far away from home. He meets Kanaria, an elf girl who brings Orochi with her, and he welcomes Takeru to the Magic Academy.

Light Novel, Manga and Anime Differences︻デ═一[]


  • Takeru's visit to Nagaru is omitted out from the anime.
  • Kyouya's effects under Nero's poisoning is never mentioned while his fight with Takeru is effectively halved.
  • Much of the events of Hyakki Yakou's rampage are altered in the anime series' twelfth episode, despite only its damage to the city stays true to the light novel's counterpart.[3]
    • Instead of Kanaria, Haunted nearly kills Takeru and attempts to capture Kiseki.
    • Ouka fights against Haunted in order to save the Kusanagi Siblings.
    • Takeru fights Haunted in his God-Slayer Armor while attempting to reach Kiseki.
    • Takeru manages to stop Hyakki Yakou's rampage by embracing Kiseki, and their attempt at double suicide never occurs.
    • Orochi and Kanaria never meet Takeru or Mari after the Hyakki Yakou incident, the events do not set up for Volume 6.


Major characters[]

Supporting characters[]

Minor characters[]

Story Impact[]

  • The tragic past of the Kusanagi Clan is briefly explored where Kiseki caused a massive destruction onto her village five years before the series' beginning.
    • Kusanagi Siblings' bitter past is further elaborated where the young Takeru was given a choice to either kill or protect Kiseki, but the latter chose to protect her since she is his only family member left despite knowing her apparent immortality. That decision later risen his cause to help his fellow comrades to bare their burden, though it still haunts him as he makes vain effort to save his own sister.
  • For the first time since her five-year long confinement, Kiseki experiences her freedom while meeting with the rest of the 35th Platoon Unit members. Her freedom however is short-lived as she wrecks chaos in the city after being freed.
  • In a brief duel between Kyouya and Takeru, Kyouya's insanity is shown as he blames Takeru for the 15th Platoon Unit's tragedy, especially Akira's current condition. His warning regarding Kiseki's behavior further foreshadows her later antagonism against humanity in the later arcs.
  • Kiseki's rampage marks the decisive turning point in the series with war looming around the horizon. Takeru, Mari, and Lapis are taken to the Magic Side's headquarters where they are made hostages of Valhalla.
    • 35th Platoon Unit is halved with only three people left in the group, with Ouka as a substitute leader. [4]


(To be added...)


  1. The Dullahan informs Takeru that any information that is heard in their discussion will be punished for in future visits. Normally, the visitation time was 10 minutes but Sougetsu personally messaged the facility to give Takeru 15 minutes to talk to his sister, an offer Takeru declined.
  2. In the anime's tenth episode, Kiseki's grim message about killing her was replaced with a alarm sound.
  3. Kiseki's apparent immortality makes her a prime subject to perform inhumane experiments on while also keeping her asleep and pacified.
  4. Takeru keeps his sister's status and condition completely secret.
  5. According to her data, Kiseki's power was special due to its unknown properties and anything she touches, should her power unleashed in an unimaginable scale, would turn into a part of her without end. Due to that power, according to Sougetsu himself, the entire planet would meet its end.
  6. Diluted is Kanaria's nickname because of her weakness against caffeine beverages, such as tea and coffee.
  7. Kiseki stays away from Ouka as it was her that Kiseki thought would take Takeru away from her, as well as being the reason she was able to escape.
  8. The information Ikaruga gave to her fellow comrades was a lie but her reasons to do so was to not instill fear to her fellow comrades, as well in keeping Kiseki's true power as a secret. That however did not ease Ouka's suspicions as she suspects Kiseki was more than meets the eye.
  9. Unbeknownst to Kyouya, who questioned Hayato's decision in letting the monster live, Hayato had willingly let Kiseki survive their first encounter five years prior the series. Kyouya's desire for revenge against the heretics, which was later revealed to be for Akira's sake, was still astute in favor of having Kiseki perish.
  10. Prior her first participation into the platoon, Ouka was so obsessed with her revenge that she was obstinate in socializing and kept to herself. Courtesy of Takeru and the rest of the platoon, she reformed into a better person.
  11. According to Takeru, who was among the few to know the Hyakki Yakou, anyone that touched the flesh's red substance will be consumed alive by it. Not helping matters however that the powers only granting Kiseki's wishes only to destroy anyone but Takeru, who she wished to be the only person to end her life."
  12. Among these flashbacks were from the past that was away from Takeru's knowledge, especially his late father's futile efforts in killing Kiseki as well as her torment by the Inquisition's inhumane experiments. That alone enough brought the pain and horror to Takeru as he was clueless to realizes Kiseki's suffering.
  13. Instead of Kanaria, Haunted, who makes his anime exclusive appearance in this arc, stabs Takeru with his thorns instead and came to "pick" Kiseki. Either way, that prompts Hyakki Yakou to consume everything under Kiseki's sadness.


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