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Ikaruga Suginami
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Kanji 杉並 斑鳩
Rōmaji Suginami Ikaruga
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age 16 (Series)
21 (Epilogue)
Gender Female
Height 167cm
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Purple
Personal Info
Blood Type
Status Alive
Family Isuka Suginami (Sister)
Suzaku Suginami (Genealogical Mother)
Kanaria (Daughter)
Professional Info
School Anti-Magic Academy
Platoon 35th
Weapons Magic, Dragoons
Species Human (Designer Child)
Artificial Dark Elf
Inquisition Role
Occupation Alchemist Researcher (Formerly)
Academy Student (Formerly)
Heretic Alliance Operative
Affiliation Alchemists (Formerly)
Inquisition (Formerly)
Heretic Alliance
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 1
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Seiyuu Ryoko Shiraishi

Ikaruga Suginami (杉並 斑鳩 Suginami Ikaruga) is the 35th Platoon's technological expert and Takeru Kusanagi's oldest friend who was formerly affiliated with the Alchemists as she is a product of the Suginami Design Children Project.


Ikaruga Animation

Ikaruga's character sheet

Ikaruga is a beautiful young woman with waist-length brown hair that is constantly unkempt, most likely because she rarely sleeps, with deep purple eyes. Her body is maturely grown as she is the tallest female member of the platoon as her body is maturely grown, and she is constantly seen with mint candy in her mouth. While she wears the academy's skirt and shirt, she replaces the green jacket with her white lab coat.

Due to the embedded dark elf cell using the Lost Matrix, Ikaruga is able to temporarily change herself into a mythical dark elf where her hair turns white and her skin becomes grey with the addition of her ears becoming pointed.

In the Epilogue, Ikaruga cuts her hair into a significantly shorter style to most likely differentiate herself from her genealogical family, and she wears a regular researcher's outfit and skirt.


Ikaruga is an extremely laid-back individual with habits that resemble a shut-in, and she speaks with a knowledgeable yet relaxed tone, she rather has a tough time that she rarely cares to add any honorifics or speak in a tone that would be considered respectful. She states that she doesn't care for normal people and only took an interest in the ones who "stick out". Ikaruga mostly sticks to the sidelines during her teammates' banters to pursue her own work and only chimes in when there was a fight that needed to be broken up, a sexual joke or moment to capitalize on, or when her expertise was needed.

Ikaruga notably has the most "maternal" instincts on the team and looks out for the others as much as Takeru does. This trait no doubt stems from her past regrets during her departure from the Alchemists.



Ikaruga was created along with Isuka Suginami (Ikaruga's sister) in an Alchemist facility where they were part of the "Design Children" project, genetically engineered children to have minds geared toward science and technology to help advance humanity. For most of her life, Ikaruga and Isuka developed and experimented upon countless subjects while never having any interest in the outside world. They were created in the Alchemist's primary lab before they were transferred to the 5th Laboratory to manufacture weapons. On a fateful day, a test subject was found with a book, and Ikaruga began reading it. Isuka advised against it while Ikaruga continued to read and developed an interest in what was outside of her normal confines. Wanting to feel similar to a mother and wanting to taste the outside world, Ikaruga intentionally botched an elf resurrection trial where a mana-less wood elf was the end product. Expecting eviction or an even worse fate, Ikaruga was ready to leave, but Isuka stated that she could say something to the higher-ups to cover up Ikaruga's mistake, knowing that they were both too valuable of an asset to lose. Isuka's confrontation with Ikaruga about the elf-infant, however, gave her an immediate sense of burden and responsibility as she was now responsible for protecting the child. Ikaruga's senses, however, willed her to pack her things and leave and Isuka refused to do so when asked the night she headed out. Ikaruga also left with the Lost Matrix and attempted to leave with the elf-child in tow but she was nowhere to be found.

She eventually stumbled into the Anti-Magic Academy where she enrolled in its middle school where she took interest in the problem child named Takeru Kusanagi, as well as meeting Kyouya Kirigaya. Her intelligence made her a valuable asset in the Inquisition, and she was scouted out to enter the Reginn branch but she refused the offer, stating that she wanted to live out her youthful school life before entering her profession. After graduation, she and Takeru were placed into the 35th Test Platoon where they met Usagi Saionji.

Hero Summoning Arc[]

Ikaruga hacked into another platoon's database to pull up an assignment for her two platoon members to attempt to complete before Sougetsu Ootori bursts into the room to introduce them to Ouka Ootori, their new platoon member. Ikaruga drives the team to their location while providing intel and calms Takeru down from his violent outbreak during their helpless attempt. The mission does eventually come to a success, but Ouka starts to complete assignments on their own, and Ikaruga is the first one to accept the fact that Ouka was unapproachable. She still nonetheless joined Takeru's attempts to befriend her, or in her case, make her soften up.

She contacts Takeru during the Einherjar attack and patches Sougetsu's rallying call to him, and she keeps Takeru and Usagi in contact with each other, while also identifying the EInherjar's identity as King Arthur.

Witch's Struggle Arc[]

Along with Usagi, Ikaruga was indifferent to Mari Nikaidō's addition to the platoon and didn't mind if she went about her business. Ikaruga stayed on the side, but she was made to train with the platoon during their preparations for the mock battle tournament. On the day of the tournament, Ikaruga fawned over the new model of dragoons, that would eventually come to assault the Inquisition.

When Haunted arrives and separates the team, Ikaruga ends up with Ouka and Usagi, and she wakes up the unconscious Usagi who is revealed to have injured her eye during the commotion. Having prepared for a fight, Ikaruga is able to ready a number of magic-dampening chaff grenades as well as a riot shield composed of rare materials for Ouka to utilize against Haunted.

Two Alchemists Arc[]

The previous incident during the mock battle tournament's tampered Dragoons as well as the acquisition of rare materials during the fight against Haunted prompts Ikaruga to be called into Sougetsu Ootori's office for questioning, where her background as a Suginami Design Child of Alchemist origins come into question. She is asked about her relation to the elf resurrection project as well as any information regarding the alchemist's motives and allegiances, which she denies. With lingering regret, Ikaruga decides to confront her past and contacts Isuka Suginami, promising to hand over the Lost Matrix she stole years ago if it meant having the opportunity to meet her and finish what they started. Ikaruga masks her true reasons for her leave of absence by telling Takeru that she'll be leaving for a while to watch the dragoon race near the outskirts of the city.

Ikaruga is tailed by her platoon members while she travels to the border territory and enters the sewers, constantly in communication with Isuka and being guided to the rendezvous point. Ikaruga's rendezvous with the Alchemist mercenaries turn into a fire-fight when they spot the tailing 35th Platoon and the EXE operative, Kanata Oonogi spying on her. Takeru becomes injured, and Ikaruga whisks him away to a safe house to treat his wounds while the other members of the platoon are captured and taken to the 5th Laboratory. Ikaruga contacts Isuka once again and threatens to call everything off if any of her platoon members were hurt and negotiated for their safety. After patching up his wounds, she goes over her past to Takeru, and the latter still intends to help her in her goals. Ikaruga's subsequent seduction attempt is revealed to be a guise to drug Takeru to halt him from stopping her, and she apologizes and leaves him while Isuka and her helicopter arrive.

Reunited again, Isuka demands to know why Ikaruga came back now of all times and to know what she gained from her experience in the outside world. Ikaruga simply states that she felt "youth" and Isuka gets angered at how she had suffered at Ikaruga's expense after her departure. Isuka demands Ikaruga to hand over the Lost Matrix and the latter explains that while she did come with the intent of using it, she had instead implanted it on herself and reveals her incomplete transformation into a dark elf. Ikaruga reveals her real intentions to not only destroy the facility that caused them so much grief, but also bring Isuka back with her. Isuka begins to relent at the idea until Haunted arrives and revels in her expression, and he proceeds to kill her. Ikaruga attacks Haunted and the ensuing clash destroys the 5th Laboratory's main facility level. Ikaruga tends to the dying Isuka and the latter apologizes and reveals Kanaria's survival, but soon passes away. Ikaruga refuses Haunted's jovial proposal to join Valhalla, and he lets loose a mechanical dragon while he bows out. Ikaruga guides Usagi to a rail-gun emplacement, while guiding the team to distract the dragon enough for Usagi to get a clear shot at its flotation device where Takeru would be able to finish it off. In the aftermath of the fight, Ikaruga sits alone near the laboratory's debris and is approached by Takeru. While critical of Takeru's words that charmed both Ouka and Mari, Ikaruga is nonetheless caught in his routine of "shouldering her burden".

Festival of Fools Arc[]

Ikaruga joins the rest of her platoon in the Witch Hunt festival and explains to the confused duo of Mari and Ouka that Takeru's sudden motivation stemmed from his lack of money. However, Ikaruga takes front-and-center leadership when the 35th Platoon allies itself with other failing platoons and leads their joint project in a cosplay-cabaret-cafe. During the events of Mephisto and Reima Tenmyouji's attempted takeover of the academy, Ikaruga kept herself in relative safety while coordinating the platoon's attempts to stop them. She also supplies Usagi with the two enchanted bullets to force Mehpisto's soul out of Ouka's body and permanently destroy her essence once and for all. At the end of the ordeal, Ikaruga arrives at the school's roof to treat their wounds.

Hyakki Yakou Arc[]

The platoon's recent success lands them in a tight situation when during an assignment, Kiseki Kusanagi (Takeru's younger twin sister) breaks out of her holding facility to see him. Ikaruga, having been told of Takeru's past during his angry tirades in his middle school days, explains Kiseki's abilities with false information, saying that the problem she suffered was Overflow Complex. Takeru later thanks her for simplifying this matter to lessen everyone's fears. The wardrobe of costumes she had prepared for the mission provided them ample supplies to properly disguise the siblings but after a short while, the entirety of the team is apprehended when Kiseki is discovered.

Ikaruga and the others are broken out by Nagaru Hoshijiro, and Ikaruga drives the team to regroup with Takeru near the convoy truck containing Kiseki while the former went ahead to pursue the truck. The team reunites with him after his fight with Kyouya, but Takeru bids the rest of his teammates other than Ouka to get as far away from Kiseki as possible. Reluctantly, Ikaruga agrees to move away while Mari becomes angered at how they're leaving their friends behind. When Takeru is knocked out by Kanaria, Ouka brings his unconscious body to the van after Ikaruga and the others agreed to stick with them to the very end. Ikaruga drives the team away from Kiseki's flesh mass, but they are forced to leave the vehicle after it veers off the road as they fight back against the flesh mass. Mari's barrier begins to falter, but Ikaruga is able to supplement it. While the team ponders on how Ikaruga is able to utilize magic, she promises to explain it to them later. Takeru; however, awakens with his God Hunter form activated and leaves the team. Ikaruga takes the chance to escape with the Usagi and the unconscious Ouka, but Mari breaks away from the platoon to chase Takeru.

Crimson Lotus Arc[]

Along with Ouka and Usagi, Ikaruga was imprisoned for a duration after the events of Kiseki's awakening until they were sent off to assist the Inquisition soldiers against the invading Valhalla forces that occupied the Grey City. Ikaruga handled the logistics of their operations, and she assisted both Ouka and Usagi in keeping them out of harm's way with constant information. During a campfire, Ikaruga is the first to notice Ouka's distress and decides to come clean with her own conscious and reveals her past to her and Usagi, prompting them to do the same. Ikaruga is not convinced of Ouka's intention of bringing Kyouya to their side, but agrees to follow through with her actions if she intends on carrying them out. Ikaruga continues to aid the two the next day in combat and after the trio saves a squadron of Spriggans from an Einherjar and defeats it on their own, they are welcomed back into the company's camp, and she lectures a number of Reginns on their equipment.

Ikaruga remains back at the camp while Ouka and Usagi leave to fight. During the time they investigated an enemy camp, their own stronghold was attacked, and Ikaruga was taken hostage by Valhalla's forces where she and a number of others were held inside the ruins of the 5th Laboratory. Ikaruga leaves behind a box containing an advanced rifle for Usagi to utilize when she returned with the survivors from their operation, and the rifle itself was embedded with the same nanomachines Ikaruga had utilized as she is able to communicate with Usagi to tell her of her condition and also teach her how to use the gun. A while later, Ikaruga is approached by Laugh Maker herself, and her communication with Usagi is cut off. During the final portion of Ouka's confrontation with Laugh Maker, the latter brings out the mind-controlled Ikaruga to stab Ouka with an anti-vampiric knife and incapacitate her. However, Takeru's intervention is able to save them both, but Ikaruga remains unconscious as the unit is spared from apprehension and allowed to leave freely.

White Escape Arc[]

The still unconscious Ikaruga is carried by the reunited 35th Platoon with Kanaria and Nagaru as they go deeper into the train tunnels from the Grey City to an abandoned highway. Intent on fleeing Inquisition territory to rendezvous with like-minded allies, they obtain the vehicle and begin driving to their destination. Ikaruga is seated in the back of the van next to Usagi, who was put in between her and Kanaria. Throughout the duration of the car ride, Ikaruga stared at Kanaria after their reunion, but the latter is unresponsive to her.

While the team rested at the hot springs to rejuvenate, Ikaruga took the time to approach Takeru to thank him for bringing Kanaria back with him. Before he could respond earnestly to her sexual advances, Kanaria's quick departure from the bath quickly has Ikaruga following her out as well. Kanaria attempts to leave, but Ikaruga stops her and even with Lævateinn drawn at her. Ikaruga pleads for Kanaria to stay and listen to what she has to say, to which Kanaria relents. Ikaruga has Kanaria sit down and have her hair dried by her, and she attempts to explain her reasoning for trying to keep Kanaria safe as her duty as Isuka's sister. In the end, Kanaria tells her to do what she pleases, and Ikaruga is left with a lingering sense of regret as she was unable to reveal that she was the one who named her Kanaria, not Isuka, and that she was the real person behind her creation.

When the crew is pursued by the Inquisition on the highway, Ikaruga keeps Ouka informed on the cars chasing them, their position on the highway, and their status during the chase. When the van is thrown off the road by Scarlet Magnolia's assault, they quickly regroup, but are separated once again after their usage of the avalanche to lose their pursuers is stopped by Gou. Ikaruga ends up separated and finds herself with Kanaria who is strangely relieved in seeing Ikaruga safe. However, Gou's interruption knocks Ikaruga out, and Kanaria begins to fight him with blind anger. Ikaruga is then quickly treated with the water from the hot springs by Usagi and her assistance allows Kanaria to win over their opponent.

Heretic Alliance Arc[]

Ikaruga follows the rest of the team to the Heretic Alliance's headquarters where she and the others have trouble adapting to their location with its strange atmosphere. Later, Ikaruga and the others worry about Takeru and his intent to speak with Lapis, but allow him to speak his mind with her. Ikaruga remains in silence during the Heretic Alliance's first meeting and during the preparation period, Ikaruga dragged Takeru into a small room and pinned him down on the floor. Ikaruga confesses that she is scared beyond belief at the thought of losing Kanaria again and demands that he embrace her to calm her nerves. Takeru does so and comforts her, stating that her worries are perfectly sound and that her denial of not being her mother is untrue, and that she should embrace that fact proudly. Takeru's referral to her as "Suginami" is also stopped as she states that she hates being called by her "family" name and asks to be called by her first name. Takeru empathizes with her burden and is glad to see her finally open up to him and declares that once again, he'll share her burdens. Ikaruga becomes serious and takes that as a proposal to be Kanaria's father, but reassures him that she won't monopolize him like that. After around 30 minutes, Ikaruga leaves the room and warns him to not speak in such a manner that would get a girl's hopes up.

With the preparations made, Ikaruga unexpectedly joins the team on a modified dragoon to raid the First Laboratory, and she implores Takeru and the others to keep Kanaria behind at headquarters. As the 3 parties head out, Kanaria is pushed out of the teleportation magic circle, much to her dismay. Ikaruga is able to keep up with communications and pilot the dragoon effectively with Usagi on her shoulder and the team eventually breaks past the diversionary fight to enter the facility. Takeru, Ouka, Mari, and Lapis head inside while Ikaruga and Usagi part ways outside the entrance. Ikaruga herself hunts down stragglers around the facility but her dragoon becomes unresponsive after a number of encounters, and Ikaruga is forced to abandon it. A voice reaches her ear and Suzaku Suginami shows herself outside of the facility.

Suzaku quickly deduces Ikaruga's intentions for coming to the laboratory to rescue Kiseki, but Suzaku happily states that the latter has escaped. Suzaku had realized that containing such a beast was wrong and the best way to study it would be to let it roam freely, more so now that Kiseki had fully accepted her demonic body. Suzaku extends a hand for Ikaruga to come to study Kiseki with her on a nearby hill, but the latter refuses and declares her intent to kill her. Ikaruga's nanomachine-enhanced magic is easily trumped by Suzaku's own nanomachine enhancements that grant her the powers of a high elf that vastly out-trumps Ikaruga's dark elf abilities. Ikaruga is able to land a fatal strike, but Suzaku quickly recovers and explains her pseudo-immortality through the Suginami Children and reveals their true purpose was to act as spare bodies for her consciousness. Upon learning this, Ikaruga quickly alters her own genes so that Suzaku couldn't take over her body, and she is soon assisted by Kanaria who fights in her stead. Even then, Suzaku reveals that, like Isuka, Kanaria has a chip inside her head that causes her crippling headaches should she go against orders, but Suzaku is blindsided by a magic bolt and a sniper round to the head from Mari and Usagi. Suzaku tries to recover, but she is swiftly executed by Kanaria, who swears that she'll hunt down every last Suginami to finally end her. Kanaria swiftly falls to her knees and Ikaruga embraces her.

Witch Hunt War Arc[]

Ikaruga and the other platoon members comfort and assure Takeru of his essential role in bringing everyone together so far, and they hear from him the situation with Kiseki rejecting her chance to be saved. She joins the others in traveling to the Critical Point to uncover a document regarding Sougetsu's identity. When the document is fought over by the defected Hayato Kurogane and his former colleagues from the EXE, Ikaruga spots for Usagi in snuffing out the EXE sniper honed in on their location. Ikaruga lets her drones fly, but all of them are quickly shot down and Usagi is forced to flush out the EXE sniper by destroying the tower she was entrenched in. Ikaruga and the others quickly rush to Takeru's side after the latter's struggle against Kurogane. She quickly runs away from the Akashic Hazard that covers the area with the others before they are assisted by Sage. In the alliance's safehouse, Ikaruga is unable to crack the encryption on the retrieved document, and she hands it over to Ouka in an attempt to piece it together with her previous experience from the EXE.

When news that Valhalla had appeared near the Inquisition headquarters, the team quickly moved out to meet their enemy. As the alliance members approached the area, they were quickly confronted by a number of einherjars. Takeru's condition made him unable to sustain longer engagement, and Ouka placed Takeru in Ikaruga's care as everyone else fought outside. Ikaruga tries to convince Takeru to stay out of the smaller skirmishes, but even she is unable to admit that the enemies that stood before them would require his strength. Takeru; however, declares that if any of his comrades were to fall, his wish wouldn't come true, and he calls for Lapis to aid him as he headed out for combat. Later, in the midst of Takeru and Orochi's duel, Usagi and Ikaruga hone in on Orochi Kusanagi's weak right leg and disable it from afar.

Call of Twilight Arc[]

Ikaruga and a number of other members of the alliance are caught in the aftermath of the duel between Takeru Kand Orochi. Mari uncovers Ikaruga, Kanaria, and Usagi from the rubble, and the three witness Kiseki's emergence and quickly plan to regroup with Ouka, and they confront Kiseki together. However, the Hyakki Yakou suddenly targets Ikaruga, Mari, and Usagi where they are swallowed by the variants while Kanaria is narrowly saved by Kanata.

Like her fellow squadmates, Ikaruga becomes stuck under the effects of the Hyakki Yakou's ability to induce dreams upon those captured by it. Ikaruga finds herself awake back in an alchemist research facility where the dark elves project was successful in restoring the species. Not only did the alchemists sell the dark elves for Valhalla's use, but for the Inquisition as well for the sole purpose of gathering further data. With the ensuing war destroying most of Japan, Isuka expresses her excitement in future research milestones while Ikaruga feigns excitement, but feels that something is off. As Ikaruga quickly goes through the thought of leaving the lab with Isuka, the memories of her departure and sorrow come back to her, and Ikaruga finds herself staring at a black void where Kiseki reveals herself. Ikaruga lets clear her opinion on Kiseki and admits that she never liked her from the start, and she wonders why Kiseki hasn't killed her yet. Kiseki intends on killing Ikaruga and the others in front of Takeru, but Ikaruga retorts that she wouldn't be able to pull through for fear of getting hated by her brother. Ikaruga continues to taunt Kiseki before the latter "leaves" the dream, and Ikaruga assures her that no matter how many times she is shown the same dream, she will always be there to insult her.

Ikaruga is later saved from the Hyakki Yakou after Ouka manages to fight her way out of the flesh mass. After Kiseki's "defeat," Ikaruga doesn't fall back on her word on how she hates her, but doesn't deny how much Kiseki had suffered for 15 years. Ikaruga even mentions how she might be able to cure Kiseki of the Hyakki Yakou in the future. The niceties abruptly end with Sougetsu's appearance, and Ikaruga quickly slaps Takeru out of his trance and tells him to go deal with him while she and Usagi protected Kiseki. However, she and the others are once again swallowed by the Hyakki Yakou.

Promise of Dawn Arc[]

As she is surrounded by Hyakki Yakou, Ikaruga managed to attach a number of nanomachines onto Kiseki's body and locks in on her position for later. Stuck in the middle of the swathe of Hyakki Yakou's wave of flesh, Ikaruga and Usagi try to quickly come up with a means to escape the predicament. Ikaruga maintains a flimsy magic barrier through her elf form and admits to being envious of Mari's natural aptitude for magic. In the meantime, Usagi prepares all of her equipment and proposes her plan: Ikaruga will cancel her barrier when she fires off an anti-matter round through the walls of flesh, lest they get caught in the explosion, for them to gradually escape it. Ikaruga states that she isn't all that confident in her magic capabilities, but Usagi encourages her that this is the only way they can even attempt to get out alive. The plan works, but the ensuing blast blows the two off their feet. Ikaruga now exhausted from the transformation and explosion and Usagi supports her as they trudge away from their area before the Hyakki Yakou's flesh recovers. As they encounter another flesh mash, Ikaruga asks for a pistol, and Usagi hands over her sidearm as they prepare to fight back. However, Takeru arrives to cleanse the area of the Hyakki Yakou's flesh, and the duo quickly yells at him for his choice in timing as he is disarmed from God Hunter form by Ouka. The crew quickly gather themselves after a demonic roar jolts them out of their squabble, and Ikaruga prepares herself to enter elf-form again in the coming confrontation against Sougetsu.

However, the team is met with immediate opposition in the form of a powerful creature spawned by the Hyakki Yakou, an incarnated form of the malevolent curse Kiseki bears and, apparent immunity to magic through its demonic erosion on the team's own magical means of attack. The team is forced to fight it with their own strengths, and Ikaruga uses what remains of her own magic along with Mari's help to maintain their protection against the Hyakki Yakou. Ikaruga, along with Mari and Usagi are unable to join the escort team to deliver Takeru to Kiseki and Sougetsu, but they arrive by helicopter while Takeru fights Sougetsu. As Takeru is teleported to another world with Sougetsu, Ikaruga attempts to drop from the helicopter she's on with the others while Usagi holds her back from doing so.

With Takeru's disappearance, Ikaruga returns to camp along with the rest of the platoon where their wounds are treated. They collectively worry about Kiseki in particular and how she will have to acknowledge that Takeru has disappeared. Aside from Mari who is going through extensive medical treatment due to her overworking herself, the trio stay together for a day before they meet with Nagaru again. As they drive near the area, they notice an explosion off in the distance and head toward its origin. Ikaruga and Usagi keep up with Ouka who reaches the crater first.


After the restoration of the Inquisition and the rest of society, Ikaruga along with the other members of the 35th Platoon graduated and in these 5 years become officially employed within the Inquisition. Whereas Mari became an academy teacher and the others became EXE operatives, Ikaruga becomes the Chief Administrator in the Reginn's branch and exclusively worked in maintaining Kiseki's health, studying the Hyakki Yakou and assisting her through her everyday life. She also maintained Akira Yoshimizu's health and stabilized her condition to live a normal life. Although she has Kanaria enroll in the academy, the latter runs off, so Ikaruga sends the rest of her old team to try and find her. The team later joins Takeru after the latter gains key information from Haunted that tips them off on a method to cure Kiseki as well as wipe out Suzaku.


  • Design Child: A young savant, Ikaruga's vast understanding of the sciences comes from her genes that originate from the Alchemist's Design Children Project to create geniuses to advance scientific progress. Ikaruga's lack of an approachable personality and combat ability is made up for her unparalleled knowledge in technology, enough for her to be scouted by the Inquisition's Reginn, only to refuse the offer to "live out her school life first".
  • Inventor: Having spent most of her early life developing weapons for the Alchemists, Ikaruga's skills in weapon modifying and manufacturing remain one of the many skills she offers to her platoon. She mostly helps Usagi in this case by supplying her with modified rifles, ammunition, and also reconnaissance drones to assist in sniping.
  • Hacking/Logistics: Ikaruga's knowledge of computers give her numerous information and she is able to relay all relevant information regarding the team's situation on the field. Her expertise in hacking also allows her to pry into information from the Inquisition's database as well as other systems for her use. While her gear is not completely mobile, she has occasionally utilized a van to carry her equipment.
  • First Aid: Ikaruga's skills in science in previously attempting to recreate the elves gave her medical training that is above average compared to basic-level first aid. She is capable of performing surgery or other procedures given enough time and equipment.
  • Dragoon Piloting: Ikaruga's technological knowledge extends to a wide range of machinery that is not limited to effectively piloting a dragoon and taking it into combat.
  • Lost Matrix- Philosopher's Stone: Borrowing the abilities of magical heritage, Ikaruga utilized it to create an imperfect nanomachine cluster that allows her to alter her genes to a limited extent. This was primarily used to alter herself into a Dark Elf which temporarily gave her the ability to effectively fight back with the use of magic that all elves inherently possessed. In this state, she gained access to the anti-matter property Catastrophe. However, she cannot maintain this form for long and rarely uses this ability unless her life is in danger, which even then, she would rather help out with logistics as she still has minimal experience in combat.


  • The name Ikaruga means "turtledove" (斑鳩), a small Old World dove with a soft purring call, noted for the apparent affection shown for its mate.
    • Like the other Suginami members, Ikaruga is named after a bird, which is a spotted dove in her case.
  • Ikaruga's surname Suginami means "cedar" (杉) (sugi) and "average, ordinary, common, row, and, besides, as well as, line up, rank with, rival, equal" (並) (nami).