Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai Wiki


Isuka Suginami[]

A fellow Suginami Design Child and Ikaruga's twin sister. The two were extremely close during their childhood where they engineered and experimented on countless specimens for the sole purpose of research and progress. Ikaruga's sudden change of perspective due to a book she started reading gave her thoughts of seeing the world outside the facility, and she wished for Isuka to join her. However, Isuka's refusal to change left Ikaruga no choice but to abandon her, a decision she regretted throughout her life. Ikaruga vowed to free her of their alchemist bonds, and her return to the 5th Laboratory after years of separation to help Isuka fully restore the elves was only a cover to fulfill her true objective of destroying the facility and taking Isuka back with her. Ikaruga's love of Isuka and the latter's final change of heart is; however, denied by Haunted's intervention, and Isuka dies in Ikaruga's arms.

Suzaku Suginami[]

Ikaruga's genealogical mother and the progenitor of all the Suginami children. Ikaruga holds no familial love toward Suzaku and most of her anger toward her is based on concern for Takeru and how much Kiseki meant to him. Ikaruga's anger also stems from just the association of being "related" to Suzaku as the fact that Suzaku constantly refers to her on a familial basis, and Ikaruga vindicates her hatred with Takeru's purpose as well as ensuring Kanaria's safety for the future. To further differentiate herself from her "family line", Ikaruga always preferred to be called by her first name, and she also physically changed her DNA to break away from Suzaku's network of consciousness.


Ikaruga's "daughter" who she was responsible for creating during her childhood after intentionally botching an experiment to be evicted. Ikaruga's departure from the 5th Laboratory had her believe the child's disappearance from the labs signified her disposal, and the immense burden of having the responsibility over the life she brought into the world left Ikaruga significantly scarred. Ikaruga learned of Kanaria's survival through Isuka and sought to find her with some renewed hope. However, when the fated reunion did happen, Ikaruga had a hard time being accepted by Kanaria. Even with her rejection, Ikaruga never tried to stop her true feelings from coming out and tried many times to comfort, protect, and speak to her "daughter". Ikaruga began to have doubts after failing to properly interact with Kanaria and wondered if her feelings of responsibility as her creator and mother were misplaced. However, Ikaruga's doubts and worries are quelled after Suzaku's "death" where she and Kanaria finally have a moment to themselves after their combined efforts in defeating their common enemy.

35th Test Platoon[]

Takeru Kusanagi[]

The captain of the 35th platoon and Ikaruga's friend since middle school. Ikaruga happened upon a beaten-up Takeru after he refused to use his blade against the other students in a fight, and she became attracted to how he stood out among the others. As the two continued their middle school lives, Takeru's situation involving his sister was revealed to her when he confided in her about his situation being rebuked by her. When he desired to become more "normal" like other people after having his confidence crushed by Ouka, Ikaruga helped him become more socially aware, even if she herself was probably the worst one to ask for that kind of advice.

Ikaruga without a doubt knows about Takeru the most among the cast, and she is especially aware of his stinginess with money. When her past catches up to her, Ikaruga becomes the one to reveal her own past to him and further confides in him after the team is reunited after a period of separation. Ikaruga becomes burdened with knowing that Kanaria, an elf-child that she was responsible for creating, survived and had conflicting emotions for wanting to treat her as one of her own, but wondered if she would be worthy of these feelings. Ikaruga is very blatant with her feelings for Takeru, but rarely expresses it. She mostly sticks to teasing him, but is fairly confident in her feelings of attraction for him. She boldly declares that she would be perfectly fine with being Takeru's mistress, but ideally preferred him marrying Usagi so they could share her. It is not exactly known if Kanaria's return to her life influenced this thought as she showed an interest in Takeru being her father.

Usagi Saionji[]

A fellow, original member of the 35th Platoon who met Ikaruga during the formation of the platoon. Ikaruga's snide and somewhat dismissive personality clashed with Usagi's haughty and noble demeanor but as the platoon dwindled to only three members, the two became a lot closer to each other. Ikaruga's affections; however, are admitted to be ones of love and she frequently gropes and teases Usagi the most out of all the platoon members, while being completely serious that she loves Usagi as another person. Fittingly, the two are frequently paired up with each other during combat with Ikaruga providing data and other information to assist Usagi's sniping. She also provides Usagi with modified weaponry and ammunition, as well as drones to have more vision. Ikaruga's fixation toward Usagi could be explained through Usagi's childish personality reminding Ikaruga of own own "motherly" instincts that she never had a chance to express.

Ouka Ootori[]

A former Inquisitor assigned to the platoon. Ouka's professionalism came into conflict with Ikaruga's leniency towards her duties as well as utilizing illegal modification on the platoon's equipment. Ouka was the least harsh towards Ikaruga's flaws but on Ikaruga's end, she held certain disdain for Ouka's actions that permanently changed Takeru. Ouka's gradual change to accept the platoon had the two act more agreeable toward each other with Ouka coming to accept the outlandish modifications Ikaruga devised to help them accomplish their objectives. Their relationship becomes further emboldened during the platoon's separation, resulting in Ouka leading Ikaruga and Usagi in active combat. Ikaruga flat out confessed her issue with Ouka, but nonetheless agreed to follow her until the end.

Mari Nikaido[]

The final member of the platoon who was previously affiliated with Valhalla. Mari's disinterest in befriending the team was followed suit by both Usagi and Ikaruga who had wanted to let her roam freely and do as she wished. Ikaruga and Mari's relationship improved as the latter's acceptance of the platoon increased, and Ikaruga mostly watched Mari integrate herself into their circle. Most of Ikaruga's interaction with Mari always ends up with her jeering toward her non-existent chest when compared to the other members of the platoon. The two got along fairly well with Mari's open and honest nature being slightly weak against Ikaruga's teasing.


Kyouya Kirigaya[]

The 15th Platoon Captain who, along with Takeru, had known Ikaruga since their middle school days. Ikaruga is fairly well informed of Kyouya's nature, habits, and reasons for becoming further maddened by his Relic Eater. Whether or not she figured this out by intuition for knowing him for a while or by meddling in databases is unknown, but most likely the former. On Kyouya's end, he was particularly "wary" of Ikaruga.