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Innocentius (インノケンティウス, Innokentiusu) is the Relic Eater of Sougetsu Ootori. It is designated as a Prototype and is presumably the very first Relic Eater to have been made.


Innocentius takes the shape of a long, silver musket adorned with gold trims.


With it being one of the first Relic Eaters created, Innocentius has shown to have not formed a soul compared to the other Relic Eaters.


Judging from its classification, Innocentius is presumably the very first Relic Eater to have been created with Caligula following shortly after.

Two Alchemists[]

After a failed attempt at inciting a full war between the Inquisition and the Alchemists lead by Suzaku, Sougetsu was only able to negotiate the mutual destruction of the 5th Laboratory run by Isuka. Feeling slightly irritated, Sougetsu brings out a case where he lock and loads Innocentius and calls all available troops to join him in a little excursion against the 5th Laboratory. In said excursion, Sougetsu shares his ideals as a "leader" and takes to the front and shoots a number of enemy Dragoons. The bullets don't seem to have done any damage, but soon enough, the Dragoons begin to slaughter one another.

Crimson Lotus Arc[]

Sougetsu mentions during his visit to the Alchemist's First Laboratory that he had attempted to control Kiseki's Hyakki Yakou utilizing Innocentius. But due to Kiseki's currently incompatible mindset in wanting to willingly utilize it, he was unable to.

White Escape Arc[]

Sougetsu brandishes Innocentius in his short fight with Haunted before the two are swallowed by the immense power from Orochi's Ama no Habakiri.

Call of Twilight Arc[]

Sougetsu appears after the Kusanagi Sibling's recuperation and shoots Kiseki through Takeru and renders her unconscious. He does the same to Mari after she and Ouka attempted to fight him, and Sougetsu stabs Mari with Innocentius' muzzle and orders for her to kill his adopted daughter. Sougetsu then orders for Kiseki to continue her original intent to devour the world.

Promise of Dawn Arc[]

Innocentius' ability continues to utilize Kiseki's abilities to combat the allied forces of the remnants of the Inquisition, Valhalla, and the Heretic Alliance. Sougetsu thanks Innocentius for not forming a soul and remaining true to his own ideals for the longest time. Sougetsu affixes the bayonet onto Innocentius' muzzle and a transformation occurs where Innocentius' pure white luster is distorted into a rusty brass blade.


Relic Eater- Malleus Malificarum Prototype: The white and gold trimmed musket that is brandished by Sougetsu is the first Relic Eater created and due to its experimental status, possesses no inherent anti-magical capabilities compared to other Relic Eaters as well being unable to change shape. It's muzzle can optionally have a bayonet attached to it.

Intrinsic Magic- Order of the Soul: Innocentius' bullets are not inherently lethal, but targets the souls of those who are shot by it. While its effects are not immediately apparent, Innocentius allows Sougetsu to control and command the souls of those who are under its effects, giving him free reign over either an individual or a group of people. This effect is, however, limited towards human's souls.


  • Innocentius is fittingly named after Pope Innocent VIII who issued the papal bull of summis desiderantes affectibus, or simply, the witch hunt, which is one of the key concepts of the series' universe. It is also fittingly wielded by the leader of the Inquisition.
  • It is also fitting as Sougetsu is technically "innocent" of the crime of killing his enemies as the responsibility is robbed away from him by the afflicted target's allies.