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Iori Himemiya
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Kanji 姫宮 伊織
Rōmaji Himemiya Iori
Also Known As
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Info
Blood Type
Status Deceased
Professional Info
School Anti-Magic Academy
Platoon 35th (Formerly)
Weapons Sniper Rifle
Species Human
Inquisition Role EXE Sniper
Occupation EXE Operative
Affiliation Inquisition
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 10

Iori Himemiya (姫宮 伊織 Himemiya Iori) is one of the members of the EXE sent out to track Hayato Kurogane when the latter started to act independently from the Inquisition, and she is contracted to Daji.


Iori has untied and wavy back-length, light-colored or dark-colored hair that gives off a very dignified look about her.

She wears the black and red uniform of the EXE.


Compared to the lively and somewhat brash nature of Mamoru Jougasaki (Iori's partner), Iori is the more level-headed and goal-oriented member of the duo who constantly calmed him down from his energetic outbursts. While nowhere near as idealistic as Mamoru, Iori had high ideals and expectations placed on Kurogane as well.

With her more introverted nature, Iori was quite ruthless in her work and was noted to be less merciful than Ouka Ootori and Hayato Kurogane, a lesson that she did not correctly learn from her superior.



Iori, Mamoru Jougasaki and a number of unnamed members were once part of the previous generation's 35th Platoon during their academy days. They were led by then captain of the platoon, Hayato Kurogane who quickly ascended the ranks to become the youngest Dullahan. Mamoru became the new platoon leader, but by their second year, 3 of the other platoon members were killed while Mamoru was heavily injured by an error in judgment in Iori's case.

Witch Hunt War Arc[]

Iori and Mamoru Jougasaki confronted Hayato Kurogane about the EXE's status after the initial outbreak of the war and was headstrong in trying to know what the future of the EXE was going to be. With the advent of the Guillotines, Kurogane informs them that the EXE will temporarily be suspended, but remade with the new Relic Eater bearers. Mamoru is unexpectedly thrown the Captain's emblem of the EXE and Kurogane bids them to carry out their duties while he took a leave of absence.

Kurogane's departure was his formal defection from the Inquisition after Sougetsu Ootori's actions crossed the line of his ideals. While being told not to follow him, Iori and Mamoru led a squad of Dullahans to track him down and Mamoru confronted Kurogane along with the members of the 35th platoon inside an abandoned newspaper building where a document involving Sougetsu's identity was hidden. Mamoru quickly ran off with the document secured while being chased by his former captain. The 35th Platoon was kept in place for a while with Iori suppressing them from afar.

Iori briefly engaged in a standoff with Usagi Saionji, who was assisted by Ikaruga Suginami, in trying to get Iori away from their position. Usagi is able to flush Iori out from her entrenchment by shooting the building she was taking cover in, and Iori is forced to utilize her Relic Eater. Iori quickly recovers and with her Relic Eater equipped, she confronts Takeru Kusanagi, Ouka Ootori and Mari Nikaidō where the latter two stay behind to fight her while Takeru continued to chase Mamoru and Kurogane down. An aerial battle takes places where she goes on the defensive against Ouka and Mari. but with her Relic Eater's information processing ability, she is able to avoid most of their attacks. However, Iori is blind-sided by Usagi's shot and is forced into a corner with the trio working together. Iori is defeated and blacks out as her Relic Eater is unable to sustain flight. When she opens her eyes, she finds Ouka stopping her fall and Iori helplessly admits defeat as she realizes Ouka had learned from Kurogane's ideal a lot quicker than she did herself. Iori admits complete defeat and feels nostalgic, but as she attempted to cancel Daji, she finds herself pierced by her own Relic Eater.


Dullahan Training: Iori is a seasoned EXE member known for her pitiless attitude toward her duties that is similar in vein to Ouka Ootori. While not explicitly trained as a sniper, her Relic Eater and her expansive mind helped her become a fearsome opponent at range.

Sniper Training: Compared to Kanata Oonogi, Iori admits that she is not a talented sniper like her colleague, but her Relic Eater's functions allow her to deduce enemy locations and patterns, giving her an equal footing when it comes to skill.

Information Processing: Iori's talent that helps her comprehend and make use of numerous data. This was her "quirk" that landed her in the previous generation's 35th Platoon as well being her most useful "tool" in combat in either assisting her colleagues or fighting alone. This level of processing was equated to that of a high-spec computer.

Relic Eater- Daji: A Relic Eater that functions as a drone that flies above a given area and gives information of magic power in a 2 kilometer radius as well as act using magic to act as sonar to find enemy positions and movement, giving her little obstructions from her target. It is a remotely controlled Relic Eater that supports its user, but can also grant Witch Hunter armor that has weapon emplacements built on to it as well as granting flight.


  • The name Iori means "that one" (伊) (i) and "weave, weaving" (織) (ori).
  • Iori's surname Himemiya means "princess, young lady of noble birth" (姫) (hime) and "temple, shrine, palace" (宮) (miya).