Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai Wiki


Mamoru Jougasaki[]

Iori's partner and friend since their days in the academy where they along with Kurogane comprised the previous generation's 35th Platoon. Iori's orderly and composed nature compensated by Mamoru's brash and easygoing disposition and their relationship was further emboldened at how they were the only two survivors of the platoon's original graduates.

Hayato Kurogane[]

The captain of the EXE who Iori knew since her academy days. According to Mamoru, Kurogane was their Platoon leader during their first-year but the latter was quickly assigned to become the new Student Council President and only "knew" the two for around a year in the same platoon. Even with this comparatively small time together, both were inspired by Kurogane's strength and dedication and Iori aspired to be like him. Unlike Mamoru however, she respectfully referred to Kurogane as their captain. This admiration however turned out to blind her to the ideals Kurogane truly followed as on the outside, Kurogane dispensed the law of the Inquisition while in reality, Kurogane more closely followed a personal ideal that happened to be in line with most of the Inquisition's actions preceding Sougetsu's moves to bring them closer to war. Iori however learned only the means of his efficiency in being remorseless while in truth, Kurogane's wish for justice was all that drove him and ruthless efficiency was only an extremity he had to enforce in dire circumstances.

35th Platoon[]

Iori did not share the same nostalgic sentiments toward her platoon days as much as her partner and she held no favoritism on the platoon that stood in her path toward her goals. She did however praise just how well she was put into a corner with their combined efforts and praised Usagi's sniping abilities as well as Ouka's insight on what Kurogane had really wished for them to learn.