Ivan (イヴァン Ivan) is the Relic Eater contracted to Gou. It is designated as Malleus Malifcarum VII.

Appearance Edit

Ivan takes the shape of a large grenade launcher but its main form accompanying Gou's strength takes the form of two, heavy metallic cestuses. It's Witch Hunter form takes takes the color of a texture that it similar to rock.

Personality Edit

Ivan has shown no signs of personality.

Biography Edit

History Edit

Ivan was presumably given to Gou in his induction into the EXE.

White Escape Arc Edit

Gou is used in the 2nd encounter against the 35th Platoon where they utilized an avalanche to separate themselves from Scarlet's squad. Ivan's ability was able to wade through the avalanche and break through Mari's barrier and divided both parties.

Fighting against Kanaria, Gou further utilized Ivan's close combat form to match her strength and also nullify magical power. With his enhanced durability, Gou is able to overpower her but assistance from both Ikaruga and Usagi helped in Kanaria gaining the foothold necessary to use Gou's heavy frame against him and eventually defeat him.

Abilities Edit

Relic Eater- Malleus Malificarum VII: A primarily defensive Relic Eater with considerable offensive capabilities with its explosive based attacks. Ivan's strength lied in its intrinsic magic that made Gou's already abnormally high strength and girth even tougher to bring down.

Intrinsic Magic- Magic Immunity: Ivan's intrinsic magic that completely negates any and all magical effects on its bearer, allowing them to plow through barriers as well as allowing the user to shrug off powerful spells in their offensive approach.

Flexible Material: Ivan is able to switch from a grenade launcher to a pair of cestuses with explosive effects.

Witch Hunter Armor: Because of its powerful magic immunity, Ivan's Witch Hunter armor is lacking in substantial physical defense yet it still provides a considerable amount of protection.

Trivia Edit

  • Following the trend of Relic Eater namesakes, Ivan is named after the Russian tsar of the same name. Ivan IV "The Terrible" conquered and made Russia into an enormous, multi-ethnic empire and was crowned the first Tsar of all Russia.