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Kagerou Ootori
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Kagerou Ootori
Kanji 鳳 陽炎
Rōmaji Ōtori Kagerō
Also Known As Hoshijiro Kagerou
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color
Personal Info
Blood Type
Status Alive
Family Sougetsu Ootori (Husband)
Ouka Ootori (Adoptive Daughter)
Professional Info
Weapons Antoinette
Species Human
Inquisition Role Magnolia Troop Agent
Occupation EXE Operative
Affiliation Inquisition
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 8

Kagerou Ootori (鳳 陽炎 Ōtori Kagerō) is Sougetsu's ex-stalker turned wife. She is a member of the Magnolia Troop division of the EXE who joined Scarlet in chasing down the 35th Platoon during their escape from Inquisition controlled territory. She is contracted to Antoinette.


Kagerou has characteristically long, unkempt, black hair with tints of blue that forms her face-obscuring bangs. She is noticeably tall, and her ghost like eyes only add to her unnerving presence.

She wears the traditional black and red EXE uniform, replacing the black pants with a long skirt.


Kagerou is an obsessed and anxiety-filled stalker who was able to convince by insistence for Sougetsu to sign their marriage documents as he had not wanted to deal with her. Kagerou seems to be solely driven to please her "husband" and becomes distraught at the mere thought of disappointing him. She also seems to be distrustful of anyone else that is close to him as she notes on having suspicions on Ouka being adopted into his family.



For a great deal of time, Kagerou was simply a prominent stalker to Sougetsu, and he decided to sign the marriage papers to avoid dealing with her. It is unknown if she has done this before or after she joined the EXE.

Two Alchemists Arc[]

Kagerou along with the other Magnolia Troop members accompany Sougetsu and act as his bodyguards during the raid on the Fifth Laboratory.

White Escape Arc[]

Kagerou, Gou, Scarlet, and a contingent of Guillotine wielding Dullahans chase down the 35th Platoon in the latter's attempt to escape the Inquisition's territory. Kagerou brings her two other companions food while Scarlet activates the Hyakki Yakou cells in her to discern Takeru's location.

After Scarlet incapacitates the 35th Platoon's van, the trio confront them on foot, but are quickly separated by an avalanche. Kagerou confronts Ouka and Mari where Vlad's inaccessibility and Mari's magic put them at a disadvantage with Antoinette's ability. Mari's abilities are nullified, and Ouka is only able to keep up with Kagerou in Witch Hunter form and a large scale attack separates the two. Kagerou gets distracted in finishing off Ouka, and Mari is able to lower her guard enough for Ouka to close the distance and knock her out.


Kagerou and the rest of the Magnolia troop are revealed to have survived their encounter with the 35th Platoon and remain in the restored Inquisition's services, once again under Kurogane's command. Kurogane and the trio work as another off-shoot squad of the EXE, now led by Kanata, with their primary duty being bodyguards for the new Chairman. Kagerou in particular takes on Nagaru's surname, suggesting that her obsession is more towards people in positions of power than Sougetsu as a person.


Relic Eater- Antoinette: Even though she is a member of the EXE, Kagerou has no other skills to help her fight other than her Relic Eater. Antoinette's sound-based abilities cover a wide area and nullifies magic, giving her relative safety in fights against witches while she is still effective at repelling physical fighters with it.


  • The name Kagerou means "heat haze" (陽炎).
  • Kagerou's surname Ootori means "phoeix/ male phoenix bird" (鳳).