Family Edit

Sougetsu Ootori Edit

Kagerou's technical husband and target of her stalking days preceding their marriage. For some reason or another, Kagerou was immensely attracted to Sougetsu and she was soon identified as his stalker for some time. Sougetsu eventually grew tired of her constantly shadowing him and filed the marriage papers to settle her down. Kagerou's attitude however still bordered on obsession and constantly had the intention to maintain his happiness.

Ouka Ootori Edit

The adoptive daughter that Kagerou never particularly wanted. Having wanted to monopolize Sougetsu's attention for herself, Ouka's addition to the "family" never sat right with Kagerou and the two's relationship were never all that positive.

Acquaintances Edit

Scarlet/Gou Edit

Kagerou's commanding officer and fellow operative in the Magnolia Troop division in the EXE. While Scarlet herself leads with certain efficiency and Gou acts as the team's muscle, Kagerou provides the well-being aspect of the crew with her "motherly" treatment of the team as provides them with food on multiple occasions.