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Kanji カナリア
Rōmaji Kanaria
Also Known As Diluted
Physical Description
Age 4 (Series)
9 (Epilogue)
Gender Female
Hair Color Light blue
Eye Color Amber
Personal Info
Blood Type
Status Alive
Family Isuka Suginami (Foster-Mother)
Ikaruga Suginami (Creator/Mother)
Professional Info
School Magic Academy
Weapons Lævateinn
Submachine guns
Species Half Wood-Elf
Inquisition Role
Affiliation Valhalla (Formerly)
Heretic Alliance
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 4 (Cameo)
Volume 5
Anime Episode 7 (Younger Self)
Episode 11
Seiyuu Mami Shitara

Kanaria (カナリア, Kanaria) is a half-wood-elf girl created by the Alchemists' Design Children, effectively making her Ikaruga Suginami's daughter. Believing her mother had been killed by the Inquisition, she joined Valhalla to fight against them to avenge her. She is the second host of Lævateinn.


Through accelerated growth, Kanaria's appearance is that of a teenager when in reality, she is only four years old. She has long, light blue hair that reaches down to her neck and her elf heritage is shown through her pointed ears.

Her regular uniform consists of the Magic Academy's blue and yellow attire while her combat gear is a blue bodysuit.


With her goal-oriented mind in destroying the Inquisition to avenge her mother, Kanaria speaks in short sentences and is constantly seen with a stern expression on her face. However, her serious attitude contrasts with her biological age. As Kanaria is still mostly a child who refers to herself in the 3rd person, she becomes easily bribed with sweets, and she is generally immature and stubborn. She is particularly irked with Takeru, who she refuses to accept that she lost in both their duels. Her attitude towards Ikaruga is also conflicted as she does not know what to believe, as she was raised thinking Isuka was her mother and that Ikaruga had abandoned her to die.



Baby Kanaria

The infant Kanaria in the anime.

Kanaria was the result of an intentionally failed experiment engineered by Ikaruga to have herself evicted from the Alchemist's facility. The entire basis of the project stems from Ikaruga's growing interest in the outside world after reading a children's book involving family and parentage, and wishing to leave to life she currently led. Kanaria was created as a wood-elf with no inherent mana, and she was presumed to have been disposed of as a failed experiment.  

At some point, she learned of her mother's death at the hands of the Inquisition and joined Valhalla to avenge her. Kanaria became Orochi's 2nd disciple and learned a number of the Kusanagi Style's techniques from him. He also started calling her "Diluted" in reference to her habit of adding water to her drinks.  

Two Alchemists Arc[]

With her dying breath, Isuka informs Ikaruga that Kanaria has survived the incident and is with Valhalla.

Hyakki Yakou Arc[]

Kanaria and Orochi are sent to the mountain village where the Kusanagi clan once inhabited as they receive further orders to disrupt the transportation convoy moving the recently escaped Kiseki who was promptly captured. While trusted with Lævateinn, Kanaria was warned not to activate its powers. Kanaria assaulted the convoy's airplanes and briefly fought Kanata before the latter falls out of the plane and shoots its wings, forcing Kanaria to leap out of the plane as well. During Takeru's attempt to calm Kiseki down, Kanaria attacks him and completely knocks him out where Kiseki thinks Takeru had died, resulting in an enormous catastrophe. When Takeru enters God Hunter form, Kanaria fights him again, only to lose very quickly until Orochi arrives to both disengage Takeru's God Hunter form and destroy Kiseki to temporarily stop her rampage. She joins Orochi in retreating from the area after Sougetsu calls for a ceasefire.

Valhalla Calling Arc[]

Kanaria acts as Takeru's reluctant guide through the Magic Academy's East Side after his month-long coma. She acts somewhat vindictive of him over her loss in their brief fight during Kiseki's awakening, and ends up hitting him when Takeru gets overly familiar when he considers how tough Orochi's training was and tried to comfort her. They encounter Mari who cries over Takeru's recovery and Kanaria leads both of them to Orochi and Mother Goose. Kanaria continues to monitor Takeru, and joins him and Mari to look for Lapis around the campus. During this, Takeru, Mari, and their two classmates end up in the West Side of the Magic Academy and come under attack by the students there. Still unable to properly reconcile with Lapis, Takeru arms himself with an iron pipe and Kanaria jumps in to assist him with a bladeless sword and the two eliminate the students.

Later, Kanaria is invited by West Side executive and Valhalla leader Elizabeth, who makes an offer to assist Kanaria in avenging her mother in exchange for delivering Mistelteinn to her. Kanaria ponders on the thought, seeing as how Orochi and Mother Goose had previously renounced her intents before. Haunted comes uninvited and she slices his hand off, only to have it reattach itself shortly after. Out of self interest and still pondering on Elizabeth's offer, Kanaria takes Takeru somewhere remote and challenges him to a duel. The two come to a stand off, with Kanaria's comparative lack of experience is made up for by Takeru's human body. When both are weakened, Elizabeth and a number of wizards arrive to take Lapis away and Kanaria is whisked away as well. Kanaria is imprisoned underneath Elizabeth's manor, but is eventually able to break out and strike Elizabeth with an anti-vampire weapon to weaken her, giving enough time for Takeru to properly fight back. At the end of the ordeal, Kanaria fears that now she will be branded as a traitor and decides to leave the Magic Side and follow Takeru, Lapis, and Mari back out. Before leaving, Orochi throws her Lævateinn and gives her ownership over it. During this time, Takeru convinced her to speak with Ikaruga when they met again.

Crimson Lotus Arc[]

Kanaria joins Takeru, Lapis, and Mari in returning to Inquisition controlled territory where they were met by Nagaru who disguised herself as a pureblood wizard guarding the area with a company of wizards supporting her. The team heads out to save their comrades and first rescue Usagi from an attack and she defends the 5th Laboratory's entrance along with Usagi and Mari while Takeru went inside to help Ouka against Laugh Maker. As the trio continued to defend the entrance, they quickly hide when Mari's innate sense of magic and Kanaria's Lævateinn begin to sense something off and they witness a large group of people in Relic Eater armor descend en masse from the sky. They quickly enter the laboratory to warn Takeru and Ouka and Kanaria is asked to carry the unconscious Ikaruga while the Inquisition soldiers arrive to apprehend them. However, the soldiers that fought alongside with them vouch for their safety and Kurogane relents and allows them to leave.

White Escape Arc[]

Kanaria follows the reunited platoon along with Nagaru deeper into the train tunnels from the Grey City to an abandoned highway. Intent on fleeing Inquisition territory to rendezvous with like-minded allies, they obtain and vehicle and begin driving to their destination. Kanaria is seated next to Usagi, who was placed between Kanaria and Ikaruga, giving her an awkward position between the reunited "family." Ikaruga continues to stare at her while Kanaria ignores any sort of looks and remains silent.

The team temporarily rest at the inn where everyone relaxes in the hot springs and Kanaria quickly leaves with Ikaruga following her out. Kanaria stares down at Lævateinn, thinking to herself that she shouldn't be relaxing when she had to avenge Isuka. Ikaruga convinces her not to leave and expresses her concern over someone who she abandoned in the past and Kanaria temporarily decides to stay around them, but makes sure that Ikaruga knows that she won't accept her nor forgive her.

The team heads out again in their van, but are quickly intercepted by the Inquisition forces sent after them. With the highspeed chase, the team was unable to respond offensively and they were quickly caught up by the vans utilizing charms to boost their speed. Kanaria volunteers to attack the vans and she arms herself with her firearms and the magical procedure to simulate wings. The three pursuing vans are quickly neutralized and Kanaria reenters the team's van, only for Ouka to spot another van closing in on them with a figure on top of the car wearing the recognizable colors of the EXE uniform. Scarlet's Relic Eater causes the team's van to fall off the road into the forest below and their quick escape attempt is stopped by Scarlet and her squad. The team's ditch effort in starting an avalanche and being shielded from it with Mari's barrier fails when Gou breaks through it, separating both parties. Kanaria awakens first and finds Ikaruga buried in the snow and feels a strange sense of relief when she finds her safe. Gou's intervention knocks Ikaruga out and Kanaria brandishes Lævateinn and enters combat against the giant.

Kanaria finds an evenly matched fight against Gou and feels some sympathy when she notices his void-like eyes that conveyed a sense of loneliness, but the latter is able to incapacitate her. Usagi is able to clear up Kanaria's doubts on Ikaruga's safety and covers for Kanaria, giving enough time to regain her footing and finish Gou off.

Heretic Alliance Arc[]

Kanaria continues following Nagaru and the 35th Platoon to the Heretic Alliance headquarters where she is active in wanting to hunt down Suzaku in the Alchemist's headquarters, the First Laboratory. Takeru's lackluster introduction in the alliance's meeting has Kanaria quickly excusing herself from the meeting room with Ikaruga following after her. Kanaria is not seen for a while, but Ikaruga mentions finding her when the latter meets with Takeru later on. The same conversation has Kanaria as its focus as Ikaruga feels burdened with responsibility, and she is comforted by Takeru, who assures her that her fears and worries are perfectly justified.

Kanaria sulks in the courtyard while she recounts an argument she just had with Ikaruga where the latter tried to convince her to stay behind in the assault and to abandon the thought of vengeance to prioritize her survival, as per Isuka's dying wish. Kanaria; however, mouths her off, as she intended to fight back against those who tormented Isuka and storms off while mentioning that Ikaruga should not dare to call her by her name. During the strategy meeting where Nagaru briefs the mission objectives and procedure, detailing it as a rescue mission first and foremost as everyone will be teleported out immediately after their VIPs are secured. Kanaria is angered by this as she had wanted an all-out assault on the facility. Nagaru calmly explains that an assault will cost them too much time, manpower, and resources to be an affordable maneuver and Kanaria is subdued by Takeru to stand down.

As the day of the operation comes, Kanaria gears up with the rest of the platoon and is told before entering the teleportation circle by Takeru that he won't get in the way of her vengeance, but advises her as the "senior pupil" to look back once in a while to see what she may leave behind if she were to fall. As the teleportation magic surrounds the party, Kanaria is left dumbfounded when she finds herself not surrounded by the magic as the others and Takeru states that this is what Ikaruga wanted for her, and she is left behind. Alone in the courtyard, Kanaria reveals that she had already known Ikaruga's involvement with her name and creation from Isuka and the latter only wished for her to live free as Ikaruga had wanted. Kanaria becomes silent and lost in how to proceed, but mental images of Ikaruga who was injured during her fight with Gou and the realization that Ikaruga had went to combat in her place fill her with dread. Completely lost, Kanaria suddenly hears a faint voice in her head and sees a figure made from Lævateinn's flames, but as she tries to get a closer look, the flaming silhouette vanishes. Acting on instinct, Kanaria takes Lævateinn and approaches the teleportation device and while it reads 0% charge, Lævateinn's flames burst and flow into the device, charging it and the silhouette from before pushes Kanaria's shoulder, bidding her to go.

Kanaria flies through the battlefield and arrives to help Ikaruga who was struggling against Suzaku. Kanaria's intrusion; however, is for naught as Suzaku shares that, like Isuka, Kanaria was planted with the same "re-education" chip that tears away at her mind, incapacitating her. Unexpected long range assistance from Usagi and Mari lets loose the controls to the chip and Kanaria re-brandishes Lævateinn to obliterate Suzaku's body, swearing that she'll hunt the rest of the Suginami children to finally kill her.

Witch Hunt War Arc[]

Kanaria is tied down to bed by Ikaruga in order for her to completely recover from the reeducation chip's effect on her brain. She is not seen until Takeru's duel with Orochi where she intervenes to buy Takeru time to regenerate, declaring herself worthy to take part in their duel as a fellow practitioner of the Double-Edged Style. Kanari; however, quickly exits the battle, leaving Takeru to finish the fight.

Call of Twilight Arc[]

In the confusion that occurred in Kiseki's entrance, Kanaria is saved by Kanata from falling into the cracks in the earth from Kiseki's violent arrival.

Promise of Dawn Arc[]

Kanaria appears to assist Takeru from being swallowed by the Hyakki Yakou's flesh mass after the latter is captured by its extensions. Kanaria arrives with back-up in form of the united remnants of the Inquisition, Valhalla, and the Heretic Alliance. As Takeru conveys his true intentions to sacrifice himself to Kurogane, Kanaria notices his lie towards the rest of the 35th Platoon and when questioned by Ikaruga on what Takeru actually intends to do, Kanaria keeps his intentions hidden and supports the ambiguity of Takeru's answer to his platoon. Kanaria is contacted by Takeru through Lapis where the latter thanks the former, and Kanaria explains that she only kept the secret in order to keep Ikaruga with her. Still feeling a slight grudge over how she was left behind during the assault on the First Laboratory, Kanaria decides to keep Takeru's intentions a secret as to prevent Ikaruga from chasing after him and leaving her behind. The two say their farewells and Kanaria is asked to keep Ikaruga safe.

Kanaria joins Takeru alongside Ouka, Sage, Yuzuho, Kurogane, and a platoon of Dragoons in escorting Takeru to Sougetsu and Kiseki's location. Takeru and Kanaria work in tandem in sweeping across the Hyakki Yakou's creatures until Kanaria is able to fling Takeru further towards his destination.


Five years after the conflict, with the successful reconstruction of the Inquisition and the restoration of society, Kanaria is enrolled into the new academy. While it is still referred to as the Anti-Magic Academy, its new purpose is to facilitate general law-keeping officers as opposed to its previous function of training witch hunters. Kanaria now enters high school and is assigned to the next generation's 35th Platoon, but her insistence on avoiding school life forces Takeru, now a Vice Captain of the EXE, to find and bring her back. The rest of the old 35th Platoon show up together to see Kanaria enter their old, reconstructed platoon room and hopes the best for Kanaria's future with her platoon mates.


Wood Elf: A subspecies of elves that trade natural magical aptitude for immense physical strength and agility. Even though she was created by artificial means, Kanaria retains her species genes and exerts extraordinary strength and speed that allowed her to overwhelm her opponents.

Kusanagi Style: With her tougher than normal body, Kanaria requested to learn the Kusanagi Clan's techniques by Orochi. While her body allows her to utilize Soumatou more efficiently, she has been described as being "lazily" taught by Orochi and more frequently utilizes the True Light style than the Double Edge style.

Firearm Training: While trained in close combat, Kanaria utilizes a pair of modified sub-machine guns.

Sacred Treasure- Lævatein: One of the two legendary blades that devastated the world. Lævatein came out of the war heavily damaged, but its destructive power still remains potent. Even without access to Hero Form or even its God Hunter form, Lævatein's flames still provide an immense asset that puts Kanaria's strength and speed to great use. The flames are also able to produce wing-like projection that grant Kanaria limited flight.


  • The name Kanaria means "canary" (カナリア).