Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai Wiki


Ikaruga Suginami[]

Ikariga is Kanaria's creator who for the longest time thought of her as dead. She originally created Kanaria as an intentionally failed experiment to get herself evicted from the Alchemists, but was also burdened with the responsibility of the life she created. Kanaria was subsequently abandoned by Ikaruga after the latter thought she was disposed of while in truth, Isuka was able to keep her safe. Kanaria's separation from both of them led her to believe that her real mother was killed and sought to avenge her. Kanaria, however, thought of Isuka as her mother and hated the idea of acknowledging Ikaruga as her mother. Even when she was unresponsive toward the others' attempts at reciprocation, Kanaria always felt a tinge of sadness and regret over something.

However, it's revealed that Kanaria was in fact aware of Ikaruga's true status as her creator, but she didn't want to come to terms with how much Isuka suffered for her. She came to bury this burden after identifying and partially killing Suzaku, the one responsible for her "family's" suffering. While Kanaria still was rebellious and juvenile, she came to accept Ikaruga.

Isuka Suginami[]

Isuka was Kanaria's adoptive mother who looked after her after Ikaruga's departure. Kanaria initially viewed Isuka to be her mother and had mistaken her for Ikaruga for a while until the day Kanaria was given to Valhalla and Isuka revealed the truth behind her name. While knowing her real "mother's" identity, Kanaria still felt some contempt for Ikaruga for leaving both of them behind and, Isuka's suffering and Kanaria's own attempts at comforting her being met with rebuke only furthered this.


Orochi Kusanagi[]

Essentially Kanaria's surrogate father after she was inducted into Valhalla. Orochi, upon her request, began teaching the techniques of Double-Edged Style normally left secret to anyone outside of the family. With Orochi's teachings, however, came much physical punishment and taunting, but in Kanaria's case, her physical constitution made her learn the techniques exceptionally easier. Even so, Orochi never really gave her teachings that much thought and continued to goad her, with her particular weakness for strong tastes gaining her the name "Diluted". Kanaria still respected him, mostly out of fear, but also out of some genuine attachment as he was the closest thing to a father figure in her life.

Takeru Kusanagi[]

The captain of the 35th Platoon who wields Mistelteinn. The two initially met as enemies during Kiseki's rampage and Takeru's first usage of the God Hunter form. Kanaria's quick defeat nurtured jealousy as she was humiliated, and she kept a wary watch on him during his stay in the Magic Academy. Takeru; however, felt someone he could empathize with as he too experienced Orochi's harsh tutelage, and he could imagine how Orochi treated her as she wasn't part of the family. While Kanaria initially hated to admit it, she was the junior pupil to Takeru's seniority.

Mari Nikaido[]

The Witch of Aurora formerly associated with Valhalla. The two did not acquaint with each other until Mari's enrollment into the Magic Academy during Takeru's month-long coma. The two became friendly with each other to refer to the other in their first name and get physical with one another during their bouts.


A fellow member of Valhalla who led the West Side's Pureblood faction. Elizabeth was knowledgeable on Kanaria's reckless and vengeful intents to attack the Inquisition, and offered to assist her if she helped her in return. Kanaria ended up following through with these orders, but she soon fought back after Elizabeth turned against her word.


Valhalla's rogue officer who was previously acquainted with Kanaria evidenced by his surprise in her extremely rapid growth. Like every other character, Kanaria did not enjoy Haunted's company and was very casual about cutting his arm off when he attempted to touch her ears.


Suzaku Suginami[]

The CEO of the Alchemist's corporation as well as the genealogical origin of the Suginami Design Children. Suzaku embodied the person who was directly responsible for Isuka and Ikaruga's worries and Kanaria vowed to hunt every down last Suginami down to kill her off for good.