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Kanata Oonogi
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Oonogi Kanata
Kanji 大野木 彼方
Rōmaji Ōnogi Kanata
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age 23
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color
Personal Info
Blood Type
Status Alive
Professional Info
Weapons Sniper Rifle
Species Human
Inquisition Role Banshee (Formerly)
EXE Sniper
Occupation Inquisition Banshee (Formerly)
EXE Sniper (Formerly)
Heretic Alliance Operative
Affiliation Inquisition
Heretic Alliance
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 3
Anime Episode 3

Kanata Oonogi (大野木 彼方, Ōnogi Kanata) is a member of the EXE who was previously an ace sniper in the Banshees. She primarily worked under Hayato Kurogane before joining the Heretic Alliance. She is contracted with Nobunaga.


Kanata has neck length, black hair cut in a bowl shape and has noticeably large eyes. She is most often wearing her black EXE uniform with its red and black color scheme.


While being relatively new member into the EXE, Kanata is a skilled and disciplined professional as she frequently accompanies Kurogane on his operations, with her superior officer's stern composure intimidating even her. Her clear distinction with the Sougetsu's goals and her own beliefs; however, led her to defect toward the Heretic Alliance, while also having some minimal issues with Kurogane's priorities during an attempt to persuade him. Almost similar to her superior, Kanata begins to form an ideal belief in herself to work with the Heretic Alliance towards making a better future.

Outside of work, Kanata showcases self-consciousness about her age and looks as she envied Ouka's figure for someone so young.



Kanata was an accomplished Inquisition Banshee who was promoted to become a Dullahan in service of the EXE after Ouka's demotion. Some time before that, she became acquainted with Hoshijiro Nagaru and was in frequent contact with her. She was in communication with Kurogane during Haunted's attack in the Anti-Magic Academy's mock tournament where she helped in coordinating the defenses and evacuation.

Two Alchemists Arc[]

Kanata is sent to trail Ikaruga after the latter is branded a traitor by the Inquisition in order to incite a war against the Alchemists. She is joined by three other EXE operatives in trailing her and the situation turns awry when Ikaruga is assaulted by the mercenaries originally sent to escort her. The situation escalates further when her comrades fail to respond and she finds the 35th Platoon on the scene as well, forcing her to interfere. Soon after, her location is compromised and she faces off against a dragoon while being unable to utilize her Relic Eater.

Hyakki Yakou Arc[]

Along with a convoy of Dullahans, Kanata joins Kurogane in transporting Kiseki to her new holding facility. Kanata's plane is assaulted by Diluted and with Nobunaga's disadvantage up close, she tries to engage her in close-combat. She is successful in pinning her down and opens up the cargo hatch doors, putting them both into free fall and Diluted flies off, but Kanata is able to delay her by firing towards her and blowing one of the wings off.

Crimson Lotus Arc[]

A number of EXE members, Inquisition troops, and the halved 35th Platoon were sent to the Grey City to reclaim the territory after a contingent of Valhalla wizards forcibly occupy the area. Kanata is encountered inside the shower room by Ouka, where the former admires Ouka's physique, before she relays a message from Kurogane that states Ouka should leave the battleground with her teammates and escape from the area.

Later, Kanata joins Kurogane in fighting against the witch army across the battlefield and during a moment of rest, and she brings up why Kurogane seems to be especially lenient towards Ouka, a claim that he denies. She asks him if he intends on following with Sougetsu's orders after the battle's end, and she asks him if he would join the dissident's faction. Kurogane refuses to join them but orders for Kanata to be focused on the task at hand in regaining control over the Grey City and he prepares to engage the enemy beneath them. Before leaving, Kurogane warns Kanata to fulfill her duties as for now, she is still under his command, and she should do well to obey orders as he was perfectly willing to execute her if she disobeyed them.

Heretic Alliance Arc[]

It is revealed that Kanata and a number of older members of the Inquisition defected to the Heretic Alliance's side during the aftermath of the conflict in the Grey City and had collectively fled to the alliance's headquarters. Kanata appears at the end of the briefing meeting, and Nagaru reintroduces her to the 35th Platoon and their allies. She is assigned to cover the the alliance's raid on the First Laboratory and positions herself in a highly elevated area away from the conflict to make full use of Nobunaga's abilities.

Witch Hunt War Arc[]

Kanata remains in the alliance's headquarters while the 35th Platoon and the other squads were away on their respective assignments. Kanata approaches Nagaru in the courtyard and the two enter a short conversation on "if they world should end", and they both agree that the world must continue to exist. Nagaru explains that there was more than one reason that she dispatched a large number of operatives outside of the base as she intended to lure the enemy here. Kanata is hugged by Nagaru, and the latter thanks her for protecting her up until this point and a teleportation charm is placed on Kanata's back and she is teleported away in her confusion.

Kanata leads the remnants of the Heretic Alliance and regroups with the 35th Platoon in the ruined city near the Inquisition's headquarters, and briefs them of their status in trying to safeguard as many civilians as possible.

Call of Twilight Arc[]

Amidst the confusion of Kiseki's appearance in the city, Kanata was able to rescue Kanaria from Kiseki's violent awakening before the ground crumbled beneath her.

Promise of Dawn Arc[]

Kanata arrives with Kurogane, Kyouya, and Kanaria along with a fleet of helicopters to assist the 35th Platoon. She had taken command of the scattered reinforcements after the destruction of multiple Inquisition branch headquarters and had them all converge in their area to work together with the remnants of Valhalla and the Heretic Alliance. She boasts a for a while over her leadership capabilities before Kurogane resumes command over the allied forces. After the latter listens and accepts Takeru's will to save the world, Kanata is ordered to gather forces to assist Takeru in their final push towards Sougetsu.


With the war's end, Kanata becomes promoted to be the captain of the EXE while Kurogane is promoted to the Vice Chairman of the Inquisition under Nagaru. As captain, Kanata brings Takeru and Ouka into the EXE's service as Vice Captains while she later has Usagi join the reserve troops. While her higher position led to her being an effective leader, she was still reprimanded by Kurogane who technically carried more authority over the troops than she did.


Dullahan Training: Having been an ace of the Banshees before her induction to the EXE, Kanata's skills in infiltration and network is already one of her foremost skills in her arsenal. Her talents had her supervised by Kurogane on multiple occasions and she was sufficiently recognized for her combat capability and infiltration, being able to survive and encounter against multiple dragoons alone with no help from her Relic Eater.

Sniper Training: Kanata's primary method of fighting was utilizing a sniper rifle to deal with her enemies from afar. Her abilities as a sniper was doubled when she was given her Relic Eater that considerably complimented her skills.
Infiltrator: Kanata was able to sneak up on Ouka without being perceived and was able to disappear just as quickly without her being able to pick up on it. She was also able to evacuate a number of Inquisition members to safely defect to the Heretic Alliance.

Relic Eater- Nobunaga: Kanata's Relic Eater whose offensive properties increase the farther away the target is relative to the her original position. An extremely well suited pair given Kanata's natural proficiency with sniper rifles, but virtually ineffective should the target get close.


  • The name Kanata means "beyond, other side, yonder, there" (彼方).
  • Kanata's surname Oonogi means "big, great" (大) (o), "field, wilderness" (野) (no) and "tree, wood" (木) (ki/gi).


  • The series was originally supposed to star a teenage Kurogane being assisted by a teenage Kanata.