Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai Wiki


Nagaru Hoshijiro[]

The Student Council President of the academy and secret ring-leader of the Heretic Alliance. The two have known each other since Kazuma Mineshiro's days as the EXE's Captain and came into contact following his death. Kanata dug into Nagaru's files, but learned that none of her family records and papers held weight as her true origins were a complete mystery. Nonetheless, Kanata trusted Nagaru's decisions in knowing that the current state of the Inquisition was not the way to be and leaked sensitive data to her as Nagaru's primary informant in the Inquisition. Kanata's self-consciousness about her age was frequently teased by her.

Hayato Kurogane[]

The austere captain of the EXE who promoted Kanata from the Banshees to take Ouka's place after the latter's demotion. Kanata, while happy with her promotion, worked directly under the watchful captain's eye as his direct subordinate. She became frighteningly aware of his dedication for work and his unshakable will that, like many others, were scared of. His demands for her to work past her hours gained her annoyance.


Kanata's Relic Eater that primarily takes the form of a sniper rifle. While Kanata's role in combat requires silence and focus, Nobunaga conversely was very talkative and congratulatory for every shot she landed, and she frequently requested for it to quiet down.