Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai Wiki


Takeru Kusanagi[]

Kiseki's older brother and caretaker. Because both she and Takeru are the only survivors of the Kusanagi Clan, Kiseki is deeply in love with him to the extent that she only wants to be killed by him. She was extremely happy when he proposed that if her power runs rampant he will commit double suicide with her. After breaking his promise, she sees him as something that should belong only to her, and she attempts to break his mind and make him suffer the same way she did. She promises him that she will kill all life on Earth, and at the end, she will kill his platoon in front of him.


Ouka Ootori[]

At first she is jealous of how Takeru speaks about her which led to the activation of Hyakki Yakou. After Takeru broke his promise, she blames her and the platoon for him wanting to live and not die together with Kiseki. Since then, she holds deep hatred for her and promises that Ouka will be the last human she will kill.