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Kyouya's Parents[]

Kyouya's parents are not described in detail or met, but they are stated to have been "scum" as per Kyouya's accounts. He generally never mentions them and most likely does not think highly of them. Both Kyouya's upbringing and the area he was raised in contributed to his current aggressive demeanor.

15th Platoon[]

Akira Yoshimizu[]

Kyouya has known Yoshimizu for the longest time, and she has been by his side from his earliest memories. While he visibly treated her no differently from other people, Kyouya always listened to her when she broke up the frequent fights he got into. Although Kyouya rarely showed it, he treasured his comradely with his squad, and Yoshimizu was at its center, the strongest pillar that motivated him to do his best as she endlessly supported him.

With her apparent death, Kyouya's sole intent was to bring her back, and he was willing to do anything to achieve it. Yoshimizu's likeness and voice were constantly assumed by Nero to goad Kyouya into anger and pursue vengeance, not only feeding Nero but also supplying her healing capabilities onto Yoshimizu's comatose body. Kyouya was willing to kill any amount of people and play the pawn under Sougetsu's will if it meant bringing her back. Even if it meant doing something she wouldn't have wanted, Kyouya did not pay any mind to it. With her return came the inevitable question if she could be the same person he knew, Kyouya did not care to listen to her concerns, and he was willing to protect her with his life if she was a clone or not and wouldn't hesitate to protect both.


Kyouya's Relic Eater that constantly taunted and instigated him pursue hatred and vengeance. Kyouya refers to her as "shitty gun", and the two share an openly vitriolic relationship as Kyouya despises her for using Yoshimizu's face and voice every time she appears to him. Kyouya only put up with her as it was the means to constantly heal Yoshimizu's weak body, and to this end, Nero can be considered responsible for Kyouya's bloodthirsty intents. Even after Yoshimizu's recovery, Kyouya still calls Nero as he usually does, but he seems much more liberal with his anger and seems to have accepted her, albeit, as a means to express his anger and further protect the ones he cared for. Both were described as being "shallow" and fittingly paired together.


Takeru Kusanagi[]

The captain of the 35th Platoon who is one of Kyouya's longest known acquaintances. The two were known to be quite close during their middle school years as Takeru's violent nature complimented Kyouya's own aggressive behavior. When Takeru turned over a new leaf, Kyouya distanced himself from him, disapproving of Takeru's compliance and "lowering his head" towards others. Kyouya maintained interaction with Takeru, but it mostly consisted of insulting both him and his platoon's incompetence while Kyouya managed to lead his own platoon into one of the top platoons in the academy. Takeru never hated Kyouya for this however, as he was one of the few people outside of his platoon that regularly bothered to speak to him and he strangely took solace in these one-sided conversations.

Things took a turn for the worse after Haunted's attack in the coliseum and Kyouya was left with immense guilt and anger and this led to his contract with Nero. Kyouya's distaste towards magic and the matter regarding Kiseki had him face Takeru a number of times. The first conflict coming from Kyouya murdering Kiseki and the second fight occurring due to Kyoyua demand for Takeru's transfer charm that was intended for Kiseki to be used on Yoshimizu instead. Once the transfer was utilized on Yoshimizu after Kiseki's rejection, Kyouya offered to repay the favor and accompany Takeru and the platoon in their objective and the two repaired their relationship.

Ouka Ootori[]

The ex-Dullahan assigned to the 35th platoon whose infamous moniker during her time in the EXE reached Kyouya's ears. The two never interacted until the 35th Platoon's division where Ouka became its leader and Kyouya was attached to the unit to monitor them. Kyouya was initially uninterested with Ouka's change in behavior differed from what he had heard of her and Ouka only thought Kyouya as an uncontrollable brute. When Ouka revealed her past to her teammates, Kyouya regained his interest as he believed that their current situation was quite similar, with both having the people close to them slaughtered while they were unable to do anything. Kyouya unexpectedly offered cooperation in fulfilling her vengeance but Ouka however differentiated herself from his single-track mindset as she believed she had changed for the better and prioritized her squad's safety over risking their lives in trying to confront her nemesis. Furthermore, Ouka stated her revenge was different to Kyouya's as he still had someone left to protect compared to the dead family she could only avenge and mourn. After Ouka gained more insight on how Kyouya's usage of Nero was for Yoshimizu's health, she constantly offered him a place to join them but he turned down each offer fearing both for Yoshimizu and himself if he were to betray Sougetsu. This show of empathy was reciprocated when Ouka had other choice to fulfill her vengeance near the end of the conflict and Kyouya gladly assisted her.

Kyouya's interactions with both Takeru and Ouka show what kind of person either of them could have become if they continued to act as they were in the past. Takeru could have never taken a lesson from both Kiseki and Ouka while Ouka herself could have continued to toil endlessly alone in seeking her family's killer.

Ikaruga Suginami[]

Kyouya's general involvement with the 35th platoon usually extended to Takeru and Ouka. But it was apparent to both Takeru and Ikaruga that Kyouya had something against the latter since their earliest memory as Kyouya was always wary of her for some reason or another.

Hayato Kurogane[]

The austere captain of the Inquisition's EXE that Kyouya was provisionally made a member of after his contract with Nero and Sougetsu. Kyouya's blood-thirst never fell in line with Kurogane's orderly disposition and their relationship was never more than just that of a superior and unruly subordinate. Kyouya's distaste for Kiseki's tortured existence being kept alive conflicted with Kurogane's inner law that deemed that Kiseki herself was not at fault for her circumstance. Kurogane viewed him as a mad, stray-dog with shallow reasons for his revenge against those who wronged him. By the time Kyouya's true intentions of healing Yoshimizu are fulfilled, Kurogane's return from surviving the Akashic Hazard from their last meeting had the latter praise Kyouya's actions in protecting civilians. With vengeance and anger no longer clouding his thoughts, Kurogane began to see the formation of Kyouya's law taking shape.


The two respective leaders of their factions in the Heretic Alliance. While Kyouya was a newly joined member, he did not interact with the other members too much but was known among the alliance to be the violent individual. The trio accompanied the 35th platoon in their final advance against Valhalla and the three came to know each other slightly better. Most of it was Kyouya's pessimism against Takeru and Kiseki's situation conflicting with the optimistic hope that Sage had for the siblings.



Kyouya's prime target of vengeance as Haunted's usage of Yoshimizu ended in the death of his whole platoon save for himself. Haunted was also responsible for the first death in his squad that sent Kyouya off edge during the mock-battle tournament time period. Even after Yoshimizu's recovery, Kyouya sought to avenge his fallen comrades through Haunted's death.

Sougetsu Ootori[]

Like virtually every character in the series, Kyouya holds no true loyalty to Sougetsu and only followed orders after given Nero to prolong Yoshimizu's life. In Kyouya's words, he was the one using Sougetsu and the Inquisition to fulfill the revenge he sought, even if it meant the death of heretics who got in his way.

Kiseki Kusanagi[]

Takeru's twin sister whose existence is a highly regarded secret within the Inquisition. Kyouya became aware of her captivity around the time he contracted with Nero and her existence disgusted him on two levels. Firstly, she was of a heretical existence and Kyouya's attitude towards magic and heretics in particular reflected the regular stigma present in the Inquisition's territories. Second, Kyouya knew from the start that Kiseki had lived a tortured existence and was intent on putting her out of her misery. Even after he became an ally, Kyouya adamantly believed that his attempt in killing Kiseki was justified and never sought to apologize for it.