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Lævateinn (レーヴァテイン Lævateinn) is one of the Sacred Treasure-type Magical Heritages that clashed with Mistelteinn to cause the end of the first Witch Hunt War and destroy most of the world. It was previously wielded by Orochi Kusanagi and was given to Kanaria. It has lost a significant portion of its power in the aftermath of the war.


Lævateinn is a black great-sword with a pommel in the shape of wings and the faces of the blade etched with burning runes. It has not shown a human form nor has it shown its armor to its wielder.


Lævateinn has become "inactive" after the Witch Hunt War, and it has yet to show signs of personality.



Similar to Mistelteinn, Lævateinn was forged in a different world separate from the human world and when the two words collided, it was discovered by humans. Lævateinn in particular was first discovered by the magic utilizing faction and in the great war, it was wielded by Orochi Kusanagi against the Inquisition. However, Lævateinn wasn't the only Sacred Treasure recovered by humanity and the Inquisition was shown to have had Mistelteinn at their disposal, wielded by none other than Orochi's sister, Mikoto. The latter's God Hunter form went out of control, and Orochi's final confrontation with her not only led to her death but also the world's devastation as the Destruction and Twilight type magic properties left much of the planet uninhabitable. Lævateinn lost most of its powers and was brought back to the magic-side while Mistelteinn was also recovered by the Inquisition at the war's aftermath.

Hyakki Yakou Arc[]

Lævateinn is brought into combat by Kanaria during Valhalla's assault on the Inquisition convoy containing a pacified Kiseki. Kanaria brandishes the blade against Takeru and knocks him out after the latter was already weakened by his duel with Kyouya. Takeru later reawakens in God Hunter form and duels Kanaria again, where she is defeated.

Valhalla Calling Arc[]

Lævateinn is not physically used in the events that transpire in re-contracting with Lapis but Orochi throws Kanaria Lævateinn when the latter leaves with Takeru, Mari, and Lapis after Elizabeth's defeat.

Crimson Lotus Arc[]

Lævateinn is brought back to Inquisition territory with Kanaria as she follows Takeru and Mari in regrouping with their platoon in the Grey City. The trio save Usagi from an attack while Takeru goes off to look for Ikaruga and Ouka and Lævateinn senses the mass-produced Relic Eaters as a large amount of troops arrive after the fight with Laugh Maker.

White Escape Arc[]

As the 35th Platoon, Nagaru, and Kanaria fled from Inquisition controlled territory, they were assaulted by the EXE's Magnolia Troop. Ikaruga, Usagi, and Kanaria were separated from the others and faced off against Gou, who was armed with the anti-magic Relic Eater, Ivan. Kanaria utilized Lævateinn but most of its powers were nullified by Gou's Ivan and the two squared off solely on physical strength. Kanaria's strenght was inferior but she was able to pull through against Gou with Usagi and Ikaruga's assistance.

Heretic Alliance Arc[]

Lævateinn remained by Kanaria's side during her stay in the alliance's headquarters. When she was denied to partake in the raid of the First Laboratory, Kanaria sulked by the courtyard with Lævateinn next to her. Unexpectedly, the blade's flames flickered to life on their own and Kanaria heard a voice whisper from it and intuition guided her to the inactive teleportation device. Lævateinn's fire fueled the device back to full functionality and a wispy form of a hand pushed Kanaria's back to go forward. Lævateinn was utilized in her fight against Suzaku.

Witch Hunt War Arc[]

Lævateinn is once again wielded by Kanaria against its earliest owner, Orochi, when she challenges him in the middle of Takeru and Orochi's duel where the former's inferior regeneration rate forced him out of the fight.


Sacred Treasure- Lævateinn: One of the two blades that devastated the world with its destructive might. While powerful, it did not fully survive the Witch Hunt War and the blade was reduced to its base form without any personality, access to God Hunter form, or even Hero form.

Intrinsic Magic- Destruction: Lævateinn spewed forth from its black blade searing hot fire that reduced anything it touched into cinders. While it's power has vastly diminished, it still retains a trace of its destructive power yet.

Víðópnir: An ability that granted wing-like projections that allowed its users to fly.