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Lapis Lazuli
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Lapis Lazuli Light Novel
Kanji 草薙ラピス
Rōmaji Rapisu Razuri
Also Known As Mistilteinn
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 135cm
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Purple
Personal Info
Blood Type
Status Alive
Family Takeru Kusanagi ("Brother")
Professional Info
Species Magical Heritage
Inquisition Role Inquisition Issued "Relic Eater"
Affiliation Mikoto Kusanagi (Former Master)
Takeru Kusanagi
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 1
Manga Chapter 4
Anime Episode 1 (cameo)
Episode 2
Seiyuu Iori Nomizu

Lapis Lazuli (草薙ラピス Rapis Razuri) is a Relic Eater contracted to Takeru Kusanagi. Her true classification is that of a Sacred Treasure Type Magical Heritage, Mistelteinn, who was previously wielded by one of Takeru's ancestors, Mikoto Kusanagi. Unlike other magical heritages, she prefers staying in her human form.


Lapis is a short girl, who has long purple hair that are stylized into "drills". Lapis is always seen wearing a blue dress and hat on her head with cross logo. It is mentioned that before the Witch Hunting War she had the appearance of a tree branch while Nero taunted her in saying at how she's currently taking her former master's appearance. In her bladed form, she takes the shape of a long broadsword with circular guards around the handle where in the middle lies a trigger akin to a firearm. In this form, she can change shape into any other bladed weapon her master requires.

The Witch Hunter form she grants cases her host in a form-fitting, azure knight-like armor. When her soul and user's soul fuse during Godhunter form, the combined form has her host's own features mixed with magic. Turning their hair the same azure color, eyes of amber, and hardened skin that appears indistinguishable from armor.


Lapis is solely fixated on her contractor and shows no concern over anyone else unless they involve themselves with her contractor. Even if addressed, she never responded to anyone other than Takeru, but as the series went on, she came to acknowledge others but mostly because of their importance to Takeru. She speaks with a monotone and subservient voice, but is known to get extremely jealous and critical of herself if Takeru were to admire or even think about using another blade. Understandably, she is very proud of her abilities as a top-class blade. She soon becomes jealous of Takeru's interactions with his teammates, often becoming silent and unresponsive if she feels that she has been ignored for too long.



Lapis was created in the world of Norse Mythology and eventually came into the possession of the Inquisition sometime before the first Witch Hunt War. During the final moments of the Witch Hunt War, she was contracted to Mikoto Kusanagi who was forced to clash blades against her brother, Orochi who wielded Lævateinn and the two blade's powers nearly destroyed the world in the process. Mikoto was destroyed after prolonged usage of the God Hunter form forced Orochi to end her suffering and since then, Lapis had yet to be contracted again and Sougetsu sought to have her be partnered with someone in the near future.

Hero Summoning Arc[]

After nearly a hundred years, Lapis finds a suitable host for her to contract with in the form of Takeru Kusanagi. Her interest in him is noted on during Sougetsu and Ouka's conversation where the former mentioned how the 35th platoon, while full of semi-incapable oddballs, had someone who was a candidate for contracting with her. Lapis appeared to Takeru during his frantic run to assist Ouka during the Einherjar's attack, but she disappears after he hesitated on answering her questions. When Takeru was dying after getting hit by the Einherjar's intrinsic magic, Lapis appeared before him once again where he answered all of his questions, and she proceeded with their contract, healing all of his wounds and cladding his body in azure armor. Lapis congratulates him on successfully becoming her host, and the two are able to easily defeat the Einherjar, cutting through its intrinsic magic and breaking it apart. Beforehand, Sougetsu contacts Takeru through her, and reveals that contracting with Lapis was the sole reason he was allowed enrollment into the academy.

Witch's Struggle Arc[]

Lapis is officially "enrolled" into the academy after her contract with Takeru because of her insistence in staying in her human form. She clings to Takeru in his classes, gaining the ire of his fellow classmates and his platoon members as her fake ID lists her as his "sister". While the platoon prepares for the mock-battle tournament, Lapis monitors the school grounds and reports her findings back to Sougetsu and Kurogane on attempting to find any intrusion in the grounds.

When Haunted appears to "rescue" Mari, Takeru equips Lapis and enters Witch Hunter form, which is matched by Haunted accessing Nacht's Hero Form. Nacht's abilities in close combat that interrupt healing and distort the area with slashes prove troublesome, but Lapis' abilities to change shape into a different assortment of blades allow Takeru to keep up with the necromancer. Mari's later assistance allows Lapis to use her own reserves of magic power as well as using Mari's to beat back Nacht's Berserk Enchant, allowing Takeru a clean strike through Haunted's chest. However, Haunted soon recovers and retreats, but not before identifying Takeru's relation to the Kusanagi Clan.

Two Alchemists Arc[]

Lapis watches Takeru practice his sword-swings early in the morning before Takeru's conversation with her is cut short with Takeru's neighbors yelling at him for being too loud. At school, Ouka makes an interesting note at what Lapis "demands" from Takeru as Vlad demanded blood from her, and Takeru finds himself unable to answer that question. Lapis helps the 35th Platoon in tailing Ikaruga after the latter's departure and subsequent labeling as being a traitor to the Inquisition. After Takeru is drugged by Ikaruga, Lapis engages Witch Hunter mode, so he could retrieve her. Lapis showcases her ability to jump and glide short distances and reveals that she doesn't like to be praised so openly. Her ability to absorb magic once again proves critical with Mari's assistance as it was required to fully bring down the mechanical dragon.

Festival of Fools Arc[]

Lapis locates Usagi in the mock-battle arena's chapel when Reima and Mephisto attempt to enslave the entire school and joins Takeru in fighting against Reima. Tyrving's abilities make up for Reima's lack of training with blades, but Takeru is able to effectively fight back against him. Reima utilizes Tyrving's ultimate magic, wish granting, but its immense magical power is utilized against him with Lapis' own abilities and Takeru knocks Reima unconscious to have Usagi deal with him later on. Takeru approaches Tyrving and ponders at its incredible abilities that would be beneficial to have around, but Lapis begins to get jealous and offers to cancel their contract, to which Takeru quickly denies any interest in blades other than her. Takeru and Lapis confront the possessed Ouka, but Vlad's stakes forcibly disarms Lapis and her Witch Hunter form, leaving Takeru to fend off Vlad on his own.

Hyakki Yakou Arc[]

Lapis' origins are questioned by Nagaru during her conversation with Takeru when she points out that Relic Eaters are usually named after tyrants and criminals. Nagaru mentions at how unlike Tyrving or Nacht, Mistelteinn was a blade that was forged in the mythological world instead of the human world, and she warns him not to trust Lapis too easily and to reject her offers if she ever makes him any.

Takeru arms Lapis to fend Kiseki from Kyouya, and her form as a sword has a tough time dealing with Nero's shotgun fire. Takeru is able to defeat Kyouya after his platoon arrives to deal with his weakened state, and Lapis joins Takeru and Ouka in confronting Kiseki. Takeru is soon knocked out by Kanaria and taken back to the platoon's van, and Takeru finds himself back in the realm where he first made his contract with Lapis. Lapis offers Takeru abilities that go what he knows is currently possible, and Takeru accepts, willing to give up his humanity if it meant getting what he wanted. Lapis embraces Takeru as he wakes up clad in a different armor from before, but with an immense grasp of his new powers.

Armed with the God Slayer Armor, Takeru leaves to pacify Kiseki and quickly defeats Kanaria. Takeru's body, however, fails to listen to his intentions and is hugged by Kiseki. Takeru finds the only option is to fulfill his promise and commit suicide with her and returns her embraced. At the last moment, however, Takeru begins to realize the weight of the meaning of killing himself and the people he would leave behind, and he discards Lapis as is unable to bring himself to kill Kiseki. Lapis is forcibly disarmed from Takeru and is hauled away by Orochi and Kanaria, with Mari following them.

Valhalla Calling Arc[]

Lapis along with Takeru and Mari are brought to the witch's headquarters and safe haven of the world's remaining magic users in the Magic Academy. While Mari attended class, Takeru was in a month-long coma and upon his awakening, he was led to Mother Goose where she explained the circumstances of the risk of being contracted to Lapis and how it threatened the world. For this reason, they had sentenced Lapis and Takeru to be executed should they "continue" to be perceived as a threat. Lapis herself, who had been avoiding Takeru appears in the room and acts akin to a scorned lover. Takeru is unexpectedly advised by Orochi and later by Mother Goose that re-contracting with her would be the ideal as Takeru's intentions are clearly not foul; and he only needs to make Lapis obedient again to him again and avoid utilizing God Hunter form's activation on her own. This endeavor, however, required Takeru to romance Lapis to make sure she would never go against him.

Lapis continues to avoid Takeru; however, and forces him, Mari, and Kanaria to search for her around the school. Lapis is finally found by Takeru near one of the tower's roofs and Takeru tries to charm her. Takeru's conversation eventually has him ask about her previous wielder, and Lapis divulges into her past and of her origin as a weapon forged in a different world. Lapis explains of how the world came to ruin when she clashed with Lævateinn and how her previous host was killed. Takeru asks who her previous wielder was, and Lapis reveals her to be a female of the Kusanagi clan, Orochi's younger sister, Mikoto. The conversation goes well in Takeru's favor as he was able to fully express his intent to continue being with Lapis, but Kanaria's interruption ends their encounter and Lapis agrees to stay with him, albeit, still unsure of herself.

During their short outing with the girls showing Takeru how to fly on a device, Takeru and Mari's classmates crash land into the academy's discriminatory West Side where the purebloods train themselves for war, and Takeru fends them off, with Lapis being unable to be used with a Gleipnir put on him. At the fight's end, the instigator West Side student takes Lapis as hostage and threatens to harm her, and Takeru begins to beat down on his barrier with only his fists. Lapis is saved but berates him for his self-inflicted harm as she was not in any danger, but Takeru makes it clear that he felt genuine anger in seeing someone else have their hands on her. Lapis shows up in Takeru's bed during night-time and shares the memories with him during the time she was contracted to Mikoto. While it began with slightly hopeful tone and enjoying what little of the world she experienced, she began to slowly despise it. During the ensuing battle she had with her brother, Orochi, Mikoto unleashed her Hyakki Yakou powers in contempt for the world, and Orochi was forced to slay her.

Lapis observes a formal duel between Takeru and Kanaria a few days later but at the end of the fight, Elizabeth and a number of West Side wizards arrive to whisk her away, and Takeru is unable to keep up with her captors while she is taken back to Elizabeth's manor. Takeru fights his way through Elizabeth's small army of wizards while Mari dueled Elizabeth for a short while. While Takeru was assisted by Haunted in fighting off the troops, Elizabeth tried to convince Lapis to break her contract with Takeru. Lapis; however, vehemently responds back, insulting Elizabeth's vampirism and how her insult toward Takeru would be repaid in full. Takeru arrives, and Lapis is able to reunite with him. With the Gleipnir deactivated, Lapis arms him with Witch Hunter form to fight Elizabeth. However, the two are forced to activate God Hunter form again, but with a 10-second time limit. With the assistance of Kanaria, the two are able to defeat Elizabeth within the allotted time window. In the end, Lapis joins Takeru, Mari, and Kanaria in leaving the Magic Academy to return to their comrades.

Crimson Lotus[]

Having returned from the Magic Side back into Inquisition controlled territory, Lapis and the rest of the halved platoon hurriedly moved out into the Grey City to save their comrades, and Lapis is equipped by Takeru when he jumps into Ouka and Laugh Maker's fight. God Hunter form is temporarily accessed once again to beat away Laugh Maker's magic while Ouka was able to incapacitate Laugh Maker before rendering her long-awaited vengeance.

White Escape Arc[]

Lapis continues to accompany Takeru as he and the 35th Platoon now with Nagaru and Kanaria head deeper into the Grey City's subway tunnels to come out near an abandoned highway. Lapis remains at Takeru's side and suddenly appears on his lap during the team's car-ride to their destination. Takeru notices something off about her, and she only responds by saying that she's experiencing an error. When the team takes a break at an inn, Lapis's continued anxiety and unresponsiveness unnerves Takeru.

When the team comes under attack, Takeru and Nagaru are confronted by the EXE Vice captain, Scarlet Magnolia, and Lapis' continued distress forces Takeru to fight back ineffectively with his blade against her. Takeru is finally able to convince Lapis to trust him, but the two are still unable to do anything against Bloody Mary's intrinsic ability. When Nagaru places the seal, she bartered from the innkeepers from before. Scarlet's abilities work against her, and the Hyakki Yakou cells embedded in her begin to react. Seeing no other choice but to eliminate Kiseki's fragments, Takeru pleads Lapis to enter God Hunter form, and Lapis warns him that he must let go of the trigger after 10 seconds. The duo fuse together once again and tear through the flesh mass but once the 10 seconds elapse, Takeru finds himself unable to let go and passes out. With the battle won and the flesh mass burning away, Ouka and Mari find the unconscious Takeru with Lapis crying over his body.

Heretic Alliance Arc[]

Two days after Takeru fell unconscious, the crew arrived at the Heretic Alliance's headquarters, and Lapis separated herself from everyone else and stayed alone in the basement of the facility. After Takeru regains consciousness, he goes to find her in the basement and finds her in silence. Lapis wishes for Takeru to let her go, but the latter obviously refuses and asks for the reason why Lapis is so insistent. She responds that her emotions toward him go beyond that of a sword, and its wielder and has steadily been approaching levels similar to that of a human longing for another and while Takeru is surprised to hear this, he accepts her emotions and hopes that they can make something work and continue being partners.

Takeru leaves with his intents carried out and Lapis is once again left alone to contemplate the conversation. Ouka of all people soon enters the room, and she notes at how this is the first time they've ever interacted with each other. Lapis asks what she wants, and Ouka wishes to know what Takeru had said to her and laughs after being told of what the two's conversation was. Vlad suddenly brings out his voice to chastise Lapis on fearing her master's demise and the three come up with a compromise, should Takeru be unable to let go of his God Hunter form like before, Ouka and Vlad will be there to forcibly disarm him from the armor.

Lapis joins the raid on the First Laboratory where the 35th Platoon splits into groups with Takeru, Lapis, Mari, and Ouka heading inside the facility to locate Kiseki. They are separated once again after Kiseki's voice resounds throughout the corridors and a wall of flesh divides them. Takeru and Lapis go deeper into the facility where they encounter Kyouya and Nero. While their respective aims are unrelated, Kyouya takes immediate interest in the transfer charm Takeru planned to use on Kiseki and demands that he hand it over so he could save Yoshimizu and the two come to clashes, resulting in Kyouya's defeat after an arduous duel. Kiseki; however, arrives at the end of it and Takeru attempts to convince her that she can be saved but flat out refuses, breaking Takeru's heart and forcing him to utilize God Hunter form to escape. True to her word, Ouka eventually reaches their location to stop Takeru and Lapis from overexerting themselves, and they survive the encounter after Kiseki decides to escape through a hole in the ceiling.

Witch Hunt War Arc[]

Takeru grieves over Kiseki's decision, and he runs into Nero and the restored Yoshimizu, who thanks him for restoring her. Lapis appears to warn him of Nero, but the latter assures both of them that she wasn't looking to fight them. Later in the platoon room, Lapis appears in the middle of the platoon's pep-talk to Takeru where they all assure him that his actions have saved them in one way or the other and he should have more faith in himself. The platoon are soon sent out to the pursue a document regarding Sougetsu's identity, and they are met by the recently defected Kurogane and a number of EXE operatives chasing him. When Mamoru is defeated by Kurogane, Takeru and Lapis engage him in combat after Kurogane deemed Takeru a threat if he remained contacted to Lapis. Takeru and Lapis are unable to keep up with Kurogane, but Takeru uses Soumatou to its absolute limit to land a single hit across Kurogane's chest before he fainted. As Kurogane approached Takeru's unconscious body, Lapis materialized to protect him and Kurogane considers that Lapis' devotion for Takeru might prove different than what he previously thought and leaves them be.

As the war escalates with Valhalla appearing near the Inquisition Headquarters, the alliance immediately responds to the attack and Takeru is urged to stay back and save his strength for later while everyone else fought the smaller battles due to his headaches. Takeru; however, resolves himself to fight and Lapis accompanies him in eliminating a large number of einherjars on his own before Mother Goose and Orochi confront the alliance. Takeru and Lapis leave to duel against Orochi, and Lapis' ability in changing shape allows Takeru to keep up against Orochis superior techniques. Assistance from Ikaruga and Usagi damage Orochi enough for him to recall Mother from her fight with Mari and Ouka, and he equips Gungnir and accesses Deification while Lapis grants Takeru God Hunter armor. The two's high-speed clash ends with Takeru out-speeding Orochi and slaying his master.

Call of Twilight Arc[]

With Kiseki's sudden arrival, Takeru is immediately put back into action and tries his best to cut his way past the Hyakki Yakou to reach his sister. Lapis assists him into fending them off and does not object to Takeru's already battered condition as she understand at how everything they have accomplished was for this moment. When the duo finally reach Kiseki, Lapis utilizes God Hunter form to break through the holds Kiseki has over the other platoon members. However, their successful attempt is interrupted by Haunted, and the duo have their rematch against Haunted and Nacht. But the fight is soon interrupted by another party, Kurogane instructs Takeru and Lapis to chase after Kiseki while he held Haunted off, and the two quickly depart. When the siblings are finally reunited and with Kiseki convinced that she would like to live on regularly, Sougetsu's intrusion has Mari and Ouka fight each other while Kiseki is commanded to continue devouring the world. Takeru and Lapis are swallowed by the variants but inside, Lapis encounters Mother Goose. The latter explains that there is no time to waste and shares with Lapis "the power to save the world".

Promise of Dawn Arc[]

Lapis pulls Takeru out of the Hyakki Yakou's forged dream after what seemed liked centuries of solitude for Takeru and before fully reawakening Takeru, Lapis hesitantly reveals a method to secure the world's safety. Mother Goose reveals herself and reveals the method of having Takeru and Lapis continue their fusion, only this time, Mother Goose will offer her soul as magic fuel for Lapis to utilize Deification and usurp Sougetsu's position after slaying him. However, when they commit the deed, their existences will not be able to hold its position and their physical existences will fade away, and they will watch over the world as a soul, a concept of god. Lapis follows with Takeru's regular pattern of thought in resisting and finding another way for themselves, but Takeru makes the unexpected choice in accepting his role as a sacrifice if it meant saving everyone and preserving their lives as they are now. Lapis adamantly stands against Takeru's intents and, in a rare show of concern for someone other than him, asks him how the others will feel about his decision. Lapis warns him of the loneliness he will face but Takeru confesses that with no other solution, he will not mind spending an eternity fused with her. Lapis finds herself unable to deny him as the two accept Mother Goose's proposal, and Mother converts herself into magic energy for the two to inherit. The two enter pseudo-godhood and set forth.

Lapis joins Takeru in saving his comrades from the Hyakki Yakou and face off against its demonic spawn before they confront Sougetsu. Takeru is unable to utilize Lapis' armor against the spawn with its magic eroding Demon property and Takeru is forced to fight with Lapis' blade form. The soulless demon attempts to consume Takeru's soul, but Lapis is able to cling on to it strongly enough to repel the demon. Afterwards, Takeru and Lapis are sent off to face Sougetsu but the distance they travel has Lapis run out of magic, and has Mari power them through one last time before they reach Sougetsu. The fight quickly changes its tone as Takeru's attack misses completely against Sougetsu's ability to phase in and out of reality and their God Hunter form is forcibly canceled by Naglfar. The duo have their second chance against Sougetsu when Nagaru reappears to transport the combatants to the mythological world. Takeru wins against Sougetsu and finishes him off by driving Lapis through his head, and Lapis assumes his soul and with it, the seat of god. With final task ahead of them, Lapis and Takeru reaffirm their promise as Takeru's body begins to break down for the imminent transformation.

Lapis and Takeru meet in the recreation of the old platoon room, and Takeru prepares himself to step out together with Lapis. Lapis, however, tells Takeru to stay in the room while she left on her own. It is revealed that hours before the confrontation with Sougetsu, Lapis consulted with Mother Goose where she revealed her deepest desires to both wish for an eternity with Takeru, but also wanting him to spend the rest of his life back with his comrades. In the end, Lapis deems herself as Takeru's blade and decided to focus her efforts to assume the seat of god by herself. As Takeru tearfully tries to go with her, Lapis refuses and states that she'll be content with knowing that he'll be happy with the others. Takeru realizes that his current feelings mirrored that of his comrades when he made his decision to leave them behind and is unable to deny her. Takeru and Lapis embrace and share a kiss as light envelops Lapis. She promises to watch over him and protect his happiness for eternity, and the two part ways as Takeru reaffirms her wishes and promises to acknowledge her.


Five years later, Takeru "meets" Lapis again. Takeru asks Lapis if she was surprised by who he picked as his wife, and she replies that his choice is very much like him.


Relic Eater/Magical Heritage- Mistelteinn: Lapis' true classifcation is that of a Sacred Treasure Magical Heritage, Mistelteinn, one of the two blades responsible for devastating the world when it clashed with Lævateinn in the First Witch Hunt War. She is a highly versatile blade that utilizes its property to combat magic and empower itself.

Intrinsic Magic- Twilight: Lapis's unique magic that dissipates all other forms of magic to convert it for her own use. Lapis's inherent short supply of mana is made up for with this ability. However, magic stored through this method are still different to her's as to reinforce and utilize more magic.

Grant of Twilight- Twilight Enchant: Lapis can utilize said stored magic to increase the functions of her user, either to reinforce her defenses or increase the magic output to maximize attacking power.

Witch Hunter Armor/Hero Form: Lapis' armor takes the shape of a form fitting knight armor with an azure finish. Like most other Magical Heritages that grant armor, Lapis can help accelerate her user's regeneration and augment their vision, strength, durability, and speed to fit their needs in combat. In Takeru's case, the advanced regeneration allows him to utilize his abilities with no risk of self-injury.

Flexible Material: Like other Relic Eaters/Magical Heritages, Lapis can utilize magic to change her form. Whereas her regular state is that a large blade, she can change to other bladed weapons to fit her user's needs.

God Hunter Armor: At the cost of the user's soul dissipating and fusing with her own, Lapis can grant an empowered form to her user that unites herself with her user. The azure flame that was utilized to convert magic are turned into twilight fire that coruscates around the armor and blade. The user's strength and other vital functions are massively increased but this state can only be maintained for so long before the user loses themselves after being completely fused with Lapis.

Grant of Godslaying- Ragnarok Enchant: Whereas Twilight Enchant required to be activated, the twilight flames that cover the armor naturally devour all surrounding magic without discretion and they can be channeled back to the user to be utilized for their needs.