Laugh Maker
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Laugh Maker
Also Known As Mimulus Wallenstein
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Reddish-Blue
Personal Info
Blood Type
Status Alive
Family Sage (Adoptive Brother)
Professional Info
School Magic Academy
Weapons Magic
Species Witch
Inquisition Role
Occupation Pureblood 2nd Company Vice Captain
Affiliation Magic Academy
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 7

Laugh Maker is the true-identity of the witch, Mimulus Wallenstein. While a respected officer of the Magic Side in the latter ego, her true self is a psychopathic murderer obsessed with making others laugh before slaughtering them. She is the witch who was responsible for the death of Ouka's family.

Appearance Edit

Mimulus has long, flowing blonde hair while wearing a small red cap that matches the color of her bright red uniform. The uniform parts down the legs, which are covered in white stockings. While she normally keeps a stern face as her identity as Mimulus, she has a perpetual smile on her face when she becomes Laugh Maker.

Personality Edit

Mimulus is a brooding yet considerate commander who garnered the respect of her troops and cared for them in return. However, her true self was broken and her single-minded belief was that anyone who smiled and died would go to heaven. Instilled to send everyone to their happiest end, Laugh Maker was obsessed in making sure that everyone met their demise with a smile on their face. For her, she didn't know any better and was given the belief that her acts were just. However, even inside her chaotic mind, she longed for death.

Biography Edit

History Edit

Laugh Maker was the product of Red Butterfly's Insect Cage, a witch trafficking ring where she was born with an uncanny ancient attribute of Radiance. However, its nature was supportive than offensive and to truly utilize her for killings, they constantly abused her and broke her will into thinking that laughing and smiling, regardless of its basis, would send people to heaven, conceivably the happiest fate anyone could ask for. Around the time when the facility was shut down, she was captured by the Inquisition but was given a chance to escape by Sougetsu and escaped her iron maiden and tracked down Kazuma Mineshiro and forced his adopted daughter, Ouka to slaughter her family. Afterwards, Laugh Maker was given a forged memory and adopted into the Wallenstein household where she attended the Magic Academy's Pureblood campus as Mimulus Wallenstein. The leader of the West Side, Elizabeth was fully aware of her true identity however and planned to utilize her other self in the oncoming war. Mimulus herself was aware of Laugh Maker's existence but never considered that it would be herself.

Crimson Lotus Arc Edit

When the conflict in the Grey City broke out, Mimulus was ranked as Valhalla's 2nd Magic Company's vice captain and she tended to her wounded comrades and confronted her father for further orders and he notified her that they were to abandon their company and save themselves. Mimulus refused to follow the order but her father ruefully begins to mumble out loud in terror as he knew the day would come where his beloved daughter would have be awakened again. Mimulus begs to know what was troubling him and he poises a gun to his temple where he couldn't bear to watch the Magic Academy's higher ups order them around and use her as a weapon. After apologizing for being so weak and condemning Insect Cage, he damns the West Side and commits suicide and hatefully carries out his last order where he mutters "laugh" to signal Laugh Maker's consciousness and Mimulus' true personality and memories return to her.

Laugh Maker is soon met by Ouka and the former recognizes her as the girl who she made to kill her family and Ouka charges against her. Have previously killed her own subordinates, Ouka demands to know what made Laugh Maker kill her family and she reveals Ouka's father as a previous Inquisitor and the EXE's former Captain. She simply explains that Ouka's father was suffering from his duties as an Inquisitor and the mercy he felt toward the children at Insect Cage so she freed him of his suffering and made sure he died with a smile on his face. Ouka is forced to retreat after this first encounter with Kyouya intervening in the fight and Laugh Maker retreated while Ouka tended to her comrades.

In the ruins of the 5th Laboratory, Laugh Maker reads the same book Ikaruga read while she waited for Ouka to confront her. With Vlad draining the battlefield of blood to empower his master, Ouka however started the confrontation calmly as she deduced that Laugh Maker led a false life and that she was different from the person she was before, as Laugh Maker previously mentioned that death would liberate her. Rekindling her anger, Ouka condemned Laugh Maker to stop pretending to be a madman, as it diluted her anger and motivation. Laugh Maker sent out a number of Einherjars to detain Ouka and while she was distracted, Laugh Maker was able blindside Ouka by forcibly moving a hypnotized Ikaruga to stab her with a knife made of spirit silver, an anti-vampire weapon. Ouka is subdued by Ikaruga while Laugh Maker explains that through her magic, Ikaruga saw Ouka as Isuka and Ouka would soon see Ikaruga as her own late sister.

Laugh Maker's spell pierces through Ouka's mind but Takeru jumps in to cancel the spell and Laugh Maker falls, sensing Takeru's killing intent, she resigned herself to judgment with certain glee. Ouka aimed towards Laugh Maker while Takeru held the gun with her. In the end, Laugh Maker was only shot in the leg and spared but Ouka's final judgment came afterwards and Laugh Maker was bit by Ouka in her Vampire Form. Due to this, Laugh Maker was bound to her will and was forbidden to kill anyone, including herself. Granting Laugh Maker an existence of eternal, guilt-ridden torment, Ouka walked away with her vengeance fulfilled.

While the 35th Platoon were safely allowed to leave, Laugh Maker was captured and classified as an A-rank threat by the Inquisition and taken into custody. Later however, Ouka was aware at how Laugh Maker had escaped imprisonment but seeing as how she heard she didn't kill anyone during said escape, she surmises that Laugh Maker was allowed to escape.

Epilogue Edit

Following the end of the war and the Inquisition's restoration, Laugh Maker, as per Vlad's abilities, remained enslaved to Ouka's will. Ouka rose to become the Vice Captain of the EXE and she kept Laugh Maker near her as a personal reconnaissance agent. Vlad's magic seems to have pacified her mind compared to what she was before and she now speaks respectfully to Ouka with an intent to atone for her crimes. Ouka suggests that she meet with Sage during his visit to Japan as her brother was worried for her. She herself insists that she would rather stay out of sight but Ouka pushes for her to meet with her family.

Abilities Edit

Conditioned Witch: Laugh Maker was a witch created by forceful means within the Insect Cage trafficking ring and she was conditioned to be the group's assassin and hunter. Even though her property was primarily a supportive one, she was trained into maximizing utility spells to better capture and execute targets.

Ancient Attribute- Radiance: A property that strengthened other spells to their maximum limit, primarily used in a supportive nature. It was also capable of converting life energy into magical power. Laugh Maker was given ways to reinforce spells to the absolute extreme to harm others.

Charge Glitter: A reinforcement spell that utilizes the primary effects of the Radiant property to bring out the maximum potential to the affected target.
Enforcement- End Order: A spell similar to Mephistophele's body control spell only this took control of the entire body instead of just the mind. Gives complete bodily control of a given target to Laugh Maker, putting them under her mercy.
Binding Chains: Laugh Maker calls upon numerous magical chains to restrain and capture her opponents.

Summoning: Laugh Maker was able to summon a number of Einherjars with relative ease as well as reinforce them through her magic.