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Wallenstein Family[]

Light Maker was adopted into the Wallenstein Family and given the name, Mimulus. Under the watchful eye of her new family members, Laugh Maker continued about her life without knowing the burden of her true persona, and she was well loved by both her family and her community. Laugh Maker felt extreme gratitude toward her family, but all traces of her love and warmth disappeared after her real self emerged.



Laugh Maker's superior in the West Side's Pureblood army. Elizabeth was apparently the one who insisted that Laugh Maker to be admitted into the West Side's noble families to be used in times of war. It is unknown if the Mimulus persona ever knew Elizabeth personally or truly knew of her intents.

West Side Troops[]

As Mimulus, she was well known to be very personal and adored by her subordinates, and she returned their kindness with inspiring leadership and fair treatment, as exemplified when she personally treated her wounded comrades and refused to abandon them to save herself and her father. However, this love became swept away with madness after her return as Laugh Maker, and she utilized them as living bombs to wipe out her enemies.


Kazuma Mineshiro[]

The former captain of the EXE who was responsible for shutting down Insect Cage's operations, Laugh Maker's "owners". Laugh Maker apparently saw through Kazuma's internal struggle he had with the Inquisition and his duties, and she put it on herself to "relieve" him of his burdens. This culminated in her escape after she was subsequently captured by him, released under Sougetsu's orders, and her invasion of Kazuma's household.

Ouka Ootori[]

Kazuma's adoptive daughter who made it her life's goal to avenge the death of her family. Laugh Maker utilized Ouka to facilitate the death of Kazuma's family, and she found Ouka's vengeful nature toward her to be poetic, even if she didn't know that Kazuma was connected to her in some way. While unable to withhold her urges to kill Ouka as well after their reunion, Laugh Maker wished for death and found Ouka her final means of attaining peace from her tortured existence.