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This page catalogs the many locations in the series.


In the beginning, the regular human world existed without magic. A strange phenomenon occurred when the mythological world, commonly identified as the Nordic Mythological world, collided with the human world. This event set loose strange creatures but most importantly, introduced the concept of magic to the human world. Soon enough, regular humans and their magic-sensitive peers became stratified and the outbreak of the First Witch Hunt War occurred close to 150 years before the start of the series. The clash between Orochi Kusanagi's Lævateinn with its Destruction property against Mikoto Kusanagi's Mistelteinn with its Twilight property engulfed the world with volatile Void magic that left much of it inhospitable. While the war ended with Mikoto's death, the Inquisition became the ruling authority of the remaining world and outlawed the usage of unauthorized magic while the Magic Side retreated somewhere else.

Real World[]

Inquisition Territory[]

The Inquisition's current major territory occupies much of Japan and its neighboring countries but even so, it only occupies a small portion of Japan after the war as much of the northern lands remain uninhabitable. At least one large city functions inside its territory and a multitude of ordinary people inhabit the seemingly "regular" lifestyle the world as returned to.

Inquisition Headquarters[]

The headquarters of the Inquisition where its main body of administrative activity takes place underneath Sougetsu. Graduates from the academy are also pulled into the Inquisition's ranks. The administrative building is also linked with the academy's own. Other facilities such as the underground research facility as well as the prisoner areas are located beneath the grounds.

Anti-Magic Academy[]

The facility devoted to training young adults into fully-fledged Inquisitors to help protect the world from hostile magic users. Students are placed into platoons to learn how to function as a proper military unit while also attending class to help their knowledge against their enemies. The campus is relatively large with a public coliseum, towers, and numerous facilities train its students.

Grey City[]

A mostly abandoned cityscape bordering Inquisition territory that is often inhabited by vagrants and criminals that deal with business outside of the Inquisition's reach. Many rogue witches are also present within the lawless areas and underground passageways exist beneath its streets. These tunnels are used for smuggling and for transporting goods across the area.

Fifth Laboratory[]

One of the large Alchemist headquarters located deep within the Grey City. It was previously a fully sanctioned Alchemist facility before Isuka Suginami bargained with Valhalla officer Haunted to convert it into her personal laboratory to research the dark elf project to gain Valhalla's trust. It was previously a weapons facility before Isuka devoted all efforts into restoring the elves. It was based near the border to inhibit interference from the Inquisition.

First Laboratory[]

The primary headquarters of the Alchemists run by Suzaku Suginami located near the mountains. Served as the main research facility in manufacturing the mass-production type Relic Eaters and also researching Kiseki Kusanagi.


The uninhabitable area that covers much of the world after the Witch Hunt War. Volatile traces of Void magic run rampant across its territory that destroy anything it comes into contact with.

Critical Point[]

The absolute edge of the Sanctuary's "safe zone" where a natural disaster known as an Akashic Hazard frequently runs rampant across its territory.

Magic Territory[]

The area inhabited the remaining magic users left in the world. It is located within the Sanctuary, referred to as the "Inner World", where a union of magic and science was able to make the lands devastated by the Void magic hospitable again.

Magic Academy[]

The safe-haven and 2nd largest institute that remains in the world. The Magic Academy is split into two sides where the West Side focuses on warfare and is attended by students of pureblood lineages while the East Side focuses on utility and is attended by mixed bred students.

Mythological World[]

Heretic Alliance Headquarters[]