The Magic Academy is the secret institution that is comprised of the remaining magic users in the world, simply referred to as the Magic Side. It is located within the magic-ravaged lands known as the Sanctuary outside the area that is separated from the Inquisition controlled areas. Around this area, the children are sent to the academy much like how people sent their children to the Anti-Magic Academy. With the help of the group Valhalla, the magic-using community were able to flourish and advance since the days after the war.

The academy itself however holds a distinguishing characteristic in that the campuses are separated into two distinct halves, the East side and the West Side, both with their own separate administrations. Discrimination among fellow magic users exist as the West portion of the campus only allow for Pureblood mages whose lineages date from before the war and their campus teachings focus on warfare. On the other end, the East Side teaches Harmony and promotes magic for defense, healing, and industrial purposes. Valhalla leaders Orochi and Mother Goose "lead" the East Side while the West Side was formerly administrated by Elizabeth. Both parties however answered to the higher Senate.

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