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Magical Heritages are objects infused with magical properties. Most of the objects are usually mundane and regular in nature but every so often, an artifact of immense power and historical property is discovered and is regularly fought for. Regular Magical Heritages are usually recovered as the goals of the students of the Anti-Magic Academy.


The Magical Heritages known as Charms are the low level, magical enhanced objects that usually give a temporary boost in whatever attribute the charm was designed for. Some Charms are more common than others and high-level charms exist for more complicated procedures. An example of a low level charm is the Highway Fairy, a charm that significantly boosts the speed of a vehicle. An example of a high-level charm is the Install Charm that allows for the transfer of souls.


Lost-Type Magical Heritages are unique artifacts that usually take the shape of a weapon and holds an intrinsic ability aside from its magical properties. These items are regularly fought for to be sold, but are extremely dangerous in the hands of those who can properly wield them. To those who can, they are gifted with their given Heritage's abilities as well as the power to enter "Hero Form", an armored state that boosts the already impressive capabilities of its augmented user.

Notable Lost-Type Heritages[]

Sacred Treasures[]

Sacred Treasures are artifacts that are, once again, usually weapons, of divine origin. These weapons are the highest class of magical heritages and hold prophetic abilities and are usually in the hands of either the Inquisition or the Magic Academy. They act similarly to Lost Type heritages in that they can boost the wielder's abilities, enter Hero Form, and the likes but are generally many leagues beyond in power.

Notable Sacred Treasures[]

Relic Eaters[]

By extension, the artificially created weapons utilized by the members of the Inquisition are categorized as Magical Heritages as well. However, they are considered "fake" by the members of the Magic Side.


Using a combination of correct Magical Heritages, sacrifices, and suitable body for a soul to inhabit, a summoner can create an Einherjar. The materials involve usually require a famous weapon a Hero would have used and the most common body Einherjars are planted in are the armors of Dragoons.