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Mamoru Jougasaki
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Rōmaji Jōgasaki Mamoru
Also Known As
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color
Personal Info
Blood Type
Status Deceased
Professional Info
School Anti-Magic Academy
Platoon 35th (Formerly)
Weapons Guns
Species Human
Inquisition Role EXE Dragoon Pilot
Occupation EXE Operative
Affiliation Inquisition
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 10

Mamoru Jougasaki (城ヶ崎 守 Jōgasaki Mamoru) is one of the members of the EXE who was sent to track down Hayato Kurogane after he began to act independently from the Inquisition and he is contracted to Heliogabalus.


Mamoru has neck-length brown hair. He wears the standard red and black EXE uniform. While his appearance denoted some degree of frivolity, he was known to be a very attentive worker.


Being a member of the EXE, Mamoru is a firm believer in the Inquisition's justified actions and firmly holds to the ideal that their actions are protecting the world. He looks up to Kurogane, who he thought embodied the same ideals, and the latter saw much of his former self in him that would eventually come to betray the expectations Mamoru placed on him.

Mamoru also exhibits his lively and easy-going traits, as he was still relatively young compared to the other members of the EXE, and jovially greeted the 35th platoon with misplaced nostalgia during a tense moment. He also referred to Kurogane as "senpai" instead of captain, where the latter constantly told him to stop treating his work as if he was back in school.



Mamoru, Iori Himemiya, and a number of unnamed members were once part of the previous generation's 35th Platoon during their academy days. They were led by then captain of the platoon, Hayato Kurogane who quickly ascended the ranks to become the youngest Dullahan in service to the Inquisition, leading Mamoru to become the platoon leader. In their second year, Mamoru and Iori would be the only surviving members after an incident took the remaining 3 members of their platoon while he was heavily injured.

Witch Hunt War Arc[]

Mamoru and Iori Himemiya confronted Hayato Kurogane about the EXE's status after the initial outbreak of the war and was headstrong in trying to know what the future of the EXE was going to be. With the advent of the Guillotines, Kurogane informs them that the EXE will temporarily be suspended, but remade with the new Relic Eater bearers. Mamoru is unexpectedly thrown the Captain's emblem of the EXE, and Kurogane bids them to carry out their duties while he took a leave of absence.

Kurogane's departure was his formal defection from the Inquisition after Sougetsu Ootori's actions crossed the line of his inner morals. While being told not to follow him, Iori and Mamoru led a squad of Dullahans to track him down, and Mamoru confronted Kurogane along with the members of the 35th platoon inside an abandoned newspaper building where a document involving Sougetsu's identity was hidden. Mamoru was able to retrieve the document and pleaded for Kurogane to stand down while also questioning why he would go so far to betray them. Mamoru mentions that he was able to negotiate with Sougetsu of lightening everyone's sentences should they surrender, and Kurogane feigns capture before attempting to take away the document and gives chase to Mamoru.

Outside of the building near the town fountain, Mamoru reads the contents of the document, yet still questions why Kurogane would betray the Inquisition. Kurogane's reasons for turning against Sougetsu enrages him as he believed that the Inquisition was still in the right to combat the witches using any means necessary. The two enter their Witch Hunter forms, but Mamoru is hopelessly outmatched and at the battle's end, he exclaims what Kurogane is aiming for and why he left them behind. Before Kurogane is able to convey his true reasons, Mamoru is crushed from within his Relic Eater while a familiar laugh resounds from the armor. As Heliogabalus' armor dissipates, Mamoru's body is covered by Kurogane's jacket.


Dullahan Training: As customary of every EXE member, Mamoru is a highly skilled Inquisitor with excellent combat and investigation abilities. He is still relatively young given his constant reminiscing of his platoon life, yet remains a dutiful operative.

Dragoon Piloting: Even since his academy days, Mamoru excelled in piloting a dragoon rather than conventional fighting. His skills are put to use with his Relic Eater's particular armor taking form of a Dragoon chasis.

Relic Eater- Heliogabalus: Trading off mobility for outstanding defense and offense, Heliogabalus is special in that instead of taking a form fitting armor like other Witch Hunter armor, it takes the shape of a dragoon. It is armed with an enormous cannon as well supports on its legs to stabilize its slow, but powerful gunfire. Its defense is also enchanted by its intrinsic magic that doubles as an offensive attribute when applied to its shells.


  • The name Mamoru means "defend, protect" (守).
  • Mamoru's surname Jougasaki means "castle" (城) (jou) and "cape, peninsula" (崎) (saki).