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Mari Nikaidō
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Kanji 二階堂マリ
Rōmaji Nikaidō Mari
Also Known As Aurora Witch
Fuel Tank
Physical Description
Age 16 (Series)
21 (Epilogue)
Gender Female
Height 158cm
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Personal Info
Blood Type
Status Alive
Professional Info
School Anti-Magic Academy
Magic Academy
Platoon 35th
Weapons Magic
Species Witch
Inquisition Role
Occupation Valhalla Informant (Formerly)
Academy Student (Formerly)
Magic Academy Student (Formerly)
Heretic Alliance Operative
Affiliation Valhalla (Formerly)
Inquisition (Formerly)
Heretic Alliance
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 2
Manga Chapter 4
Anime Episode 1
Seiyuu Kanae Itō

Mari Nikaido (二階堂 マリ Nikaido Mari) is a witch who is famously known as the Witch of Aurora, based off her ancient Aurora attribute. She was formerly a conscript member of Valhalla before becoming the first enrolled witch in the Anti-Magic Academy where she joined the 35th Test Platoon.


Mari Animation

Mari's character sheet

Mari has shoulder-length brown hair that is tied in a small ponytail in the back with bangs swept to the left side and yellow-green eyes.

She is visually distinctive when compared to the rest of her team as she rarely keeps to the academy's uniform. Instead, she wears a dark-blue jacket with an orange skirt while wearing brown boots with white thigh high socks. Lastly, she has her hat that matches her jacket and a tri-colored scarf. For a duration of the series, Mari wears a Gleipnir, a specialized collar that inhibits her magic use.

In the Epilogue, Mari retains her signature beret, scarf, and personalized outfit even in her new job as an academy teacher. A fact that Ouka ridicules her for wearing such a short skirt near the students. She also loses her twintails in favor of keeping her hair flowing straight.


Mari is a selfless girl whose only reason in joining Valhalla was so that she could safeguard the children she grew up with in an orphanage in the outskirts of town. With the string of events causing her to do less than reputable deeds with Valhalla's members, the guilt eventually came to a breaking point and led to her defection. Mari's sense of justice is strong, but her motivation mostly comes from her affection towards Takeru Kusanagi, often competing with others and complaining how she never gets any of her romantics "flags" raised. However, she begins to cherish her teammates as well.

Mari's prodigious ability with magic makers her fairly confident in her abilities, and she generally carries herself with a proud demeanor. Due to comparatively small chest, however, she is frequently teased by her teammates while being at odds the most with fellow platoon member, Ouka, who embodies the two things she can't stand the most: having a large chest and more importantly, for despising magic.



Mari was born to a daughter of a renowned witch and lived in a city near the lawless borders. She was soon orphaned and lived together with a number of children at a church, being raised together by the church's manager. While the rest of the Inquisition controlled territory persecuted magic-users, Mari was told by the orphanage manager that magic could also be used for good, a goal that Mari took up to change the general thought on magic. On a fateful day, however, Mari returned to find the orphanage in flames and Haunted approached her and explained that the children have been saved, but would only be left in her custody if she cooperated with Valhalla.

Hero Summoning Arc[]

Mari conducts business deals throughout the city to gather magical heritage fragments as per Haunted's request and runs into the 35th Platoon during an exchange. She quickly excuses herself while the 35th Platoon's first mission with Ouka Ootori takes place. Later, she brings back the gathered magical heritages as well as a boxed meal set for Haunted in their safe-house where she finds Haunted bloodied after a session of chopping up corpses.

Witch's Struggle Arc[]

Wracked with guilt over being responsible for the einherjar's summoning. Mari attempts to fight Haunted, but a number of Inquisitors break into their location and Haunted effortlessly kills them as Mari is forced to watch. As more Inquisitors arrive, Haunted disappears and incurs a memory-loss charmon on Mari and knocks her out, whereupon she is captured by the Inquisition.

Sougetsu Ootori decides to have Mari enroll into the school after a brief period of imprisonment as he was unable to get any information out of her through the incurred memory loss. He assigns her to the 35th Platoon where everyone but Takeru Kusanagi seems to want to ignore her. Mari's lack of concrete memories of her past confuses and worries her, and Takeru sympathizes with her goal in proving magic's usage to help society as a noble one and trusts in her. Mari begins to quarrel with Ouka, due to the latter's distrust for magic for any kind. Mari assists in the platoon's struggle in the first round of the mock battle tournament but in the second round, Haunted appears to reclaim her. Takeru fights him off while Mari questions why someone like him knew her and call to her so affectionately. Haunted makes her regain her memories of her growing up in the church before she met Haunted and the events that followed. Mari gives in and agrees to leave with Haunted if he promised to leave the platoon unharmed. However, Takeru notifies her that the orphans that Valhalla had held hostage have already been killed and Haunted admits to the fact.

Mari screams in denial, but Takeru reassures her that she shouldn't give in and abandon her dream and promises to share the burden together. He states that instead of despairing over the past, she should look into saving more lives in the future. Takeru engages Haunted in combat while Mari contemplates her thoughts and attempts to use magic, even if it meant detonating the Gleipnir on her. However, Ouka arrives to tell her that she bargained for her freedom and hopes that Mari could prove that not all magic was harmful and help her fight back. Mari is told by Takeru to shoot at him instead of Haunted, and Takeru is able to use Lapis Lazuli's abilities to channel both Lapis' magic and Mari's to fight back against Haunted who retreats after sustaining numerous wounds. In the epilogue, Mari fully enrolls into the academy after Ouka's negotiation with Sougetsu.

Two Alchemists Arc[]

Mari joins the rest of the platoon in tailing Ikaruga after her departure that was soon followed by her being branded as a traitor. She and the others followed Ikaruga to the border territory where she guides them through the underground passageways until the team is soon separated with Takeru (and by extension, Lapis Lazuli) and Ikaruga headed towards safety while Mari, Ouka and Usagi were captured by the Alchemist's mercenaries were taken as prisoners to the 5th Laboratory. They are met by Isuka who wonder at why they would risk their lives for Ikaruga, and they respond that they wanted to protect her. Isuka divulges into her shared background with Ikaruga to show them how she truly was.

When Ikaruga and Isuka reunite, Mari, Usagi, and Ouka are thrown out into the nearby streets where they witness a small army led by Sougetsu, showing up near them. Sougetsu simply states that he's waging war and allows the girls to take munitions and firearms to help them, but Mari enters the limousine Sougetsu was in as her magic was currently inhibited. During the fight against the replicated mechanical dragon, Mari showed up in the team's desperate moments to blast Takeru with magic to power and fuel Lapis' Twilight Enchant.

Festival of Fools Arc[]

Mari joins the 35th Platoon in the Witch Hunting Festival to gain points and money, but becomes more involved after learning of Usagi's circumstances with her family. When Reima Tenmyouji kidnaps Usagi and Mephistopheles possesses Ouka Ootori, Mari is sent to deal with the dispelling of the school-wide enslavement spell and works to counteract it. The process takes a considerable time and Mari's inability to channel large amounts of power due to her gleipnir and is confronted by the possessed Ouka, who she quickly discerns as fake. Mari's arm is grazed by a bullet, but she regains safety after Usagi tackles Ouka off the building and buys her time to finish her dispelling enchantment. However, Usagi is chased away by a hypnotized mob while Ouka makes her way up to Mari again. Takeru intervenes this time, but he struggles to keep up against Ouka and Vlad while Lapis is disarmed from him. Usagi's arrival and the trust she has in everyone allows her to deal with Mephisto once and for all and Mari is able to completely dispel the magic circle around the school.

Hyakki Yakou Arc[]

The platoon's recent success lands them in a tight situation when during an assignment, Kiseki Kusanagi (Takeru's sister) breaks out of her holding facility to see him. Mari, along with the other platoon members utilize Ikaruga's wardrobe of costumes to dress Kiseki up for her to spend a few hours with her brother in the city, but the platoon as well as Kiseki are soon captured by the Inquisition.

Mari and the others are freed from captivity by Nagaru Hoshijiro, and they leave with Ikaruga to catch up with Takeru, who moved on ahead to save Kiseki from her containment cell inside a convoy truck. The team joins him after his fight with Kyouya Kirigaya, but Takeru bids everyone except Ouka to run as far as they can from Kiseki. Ikaruga reluctantly agrees and takes Usagi and Mari in her van, but she is convinced otherwise to return to their teammates. Ouka brings the knocked out Takeru back to the team's van, and she leaves to buy them some time against Kiseki's encroaching flesh mass while the others drive off. The van becomes damaged and the team come out to fight back against the flesh, until Takeru reawakens in God Hunter form and leaves alone to confront Kiseki. As Takeru refused to commit suicide with Kiseki, Orochi Kusanagi cancels Takeru's God Hunter form and incapacitates Kiseki, and Mari arrives to try and protect him. Orochi; however, greets her, and he thanks her for watching over his disciple. As Kurogane arrives to stop them, Sougetsu arrives as well and agrees to a ceasefire and for Orochi to take Takeru and Lapis while Kiseki would be recovered by the Inquisition again. Mari is offered to come with Orochi and Kanaria, and she agrees to follow if it meant protecting Takeru and vows to return to their comrades.

Valhalla Calling Arc[]

Mari tearfully clings to Takeru after the latter wakes up from his month-long coma after the Hyakki Yakou incident. Mari follows Takeru in hearing out Mother Goose's intentions, and both of them interrupt her greetings and demand to know why they were brought here. Mother Goose explains their situation and also apologizes to Mari for treating her so poorly as a disposable tool, but Mari rebukes her sympathy, stating that she was fully aware of being used. The next few days, Mari attends classes with Takeru getting acquainted with two fellow Magic Academy students, Inia Blackmore and Ananda Nodens, and they help in trying to bring Lapis around the school after Takeru loses sight of her. During downtime, the group showcases flying to Takeru, but they end up crashing into the academy's West Side. Takeru is helped by Kanaria in driving them away. She becomes particularly angered when Takeru and Lapis show more intimacy after they re-contract and complains at how their stay in the Magic Academy was meant for her to exponentially increase her own relationship with him.

When Takeru's duel with Kanaria is interrupted by Elizabeth, Takeru was unable to fight back effectively with Lapis being taken away. Mari arrives to assist while Takeru rushed toward Elizabeth's manor to rescue Lapis, and she proves more than capable of keeping up with Elizabeth's Almighty property with her recreated Sun and Moon properties. Her prowess was enough to force Elizabeth to retreat, and she moves on to try and find Takeru. She fights against more West Side wizards and finds Takeru unconscious in Elizabeth's manor after his victory. She joins him in leaving the Magic Academy to reunite with their platoon with Kanaria joining them.

Crimson Lotus Arc[]

Mari joins Takeru, Lapis, and Kanaria in returning to Inquisition controlled territory where they were met by Nagaru who disguised herself as a pureblood wizard guarding the area with a company of purebloods supporting her. Mari, Takeru, and Kanaria move out in assisting their comrades in danger, and they save Usagi from certain death and tend to the wounded Spriggans while Takeru moved on ahead to assist Ouka against Laugh Maker.

Mari and Kanaria feel a strange sensation after fending the entrance to the 5th Laboratory with Usagi and witness the arrival of a squadron of Relic Eater users after Takeru and Ouka save Ikaruga from Laugh Maker. As Kurogane arrived to apprehend them, he allows the platoon to leave after the Inquisition soldiers vouch for their camaraderie that allowed them to survive and win the skirmish.

White Escape Arc[]

Mari follows the reunited 35th Platoon with Kanaria and Nagaru deeper into the train tunnels from the Grey City to an abandoned highway. Intent on fleeing Inquisition territory to rendezvous with like-minded allies, they obtain the vehicle and begin driving to their destination. Mari is placed in the middle seat of the van next to Ouka and gets particularly angered at how Takeru's relationship with Lapis and Ouka has far exceeded her own with him. As Ouka switches places with Nagaru to drive, Mari questions Nagaru in the seat placement and the two get into a conversation of Mari's place in the platoon, and how she seems to be slightly more aware of their surroundings. Nagaru also shares some of her background to her and how she is unable to sympathize with other, which explains her normally happy attitude.

The team reaches a checkpoint and stops by an inn before moving on with their journey. In the bath, Mari and Ouka share a noticeably lighter conversation, but quickly return to their usual banter while the others have their separate conversations. Back on the road, the team is quickly pursued by 3 Inquisition vehicles and the team begin to evade them. Their vehicle is eventually is thrown off the highway, but the team lands safely and start traversing by foot until Scarlet Magnolia and her troops confront them. While Nagaru stalled them with talking, she signaled for the rest of the team to gather in one space as they planned to use the mountain behind them to incur an avalanche. When Scarlet realizes this, she opens fire, but Takeru and Kanaria deflect the bullets before Mari erects barrier for them to wade out the avalanche, only for Gou to break through and separate both parties.

Mari ends up with Ouka in the separation, with the former complaining at how she was resuscitated by Ouka, and they are quickly confronted by one of Scarlet's subordinates, Kagerou, who also happens to be Sougetsu's wife, making her Ouka's adoptive mother. Mari immediately fires off her magic, but Kagerou's Antoinette cancels and detonates Mari's magic procedure, severely burning her hands, leaving Ouka the only combatant against Kagerou. Ouka's mobility and mental fortitude is able to avoid Kagerou's attacks, but she is unable to get a decent hit against her in Witch Hunter armor. Eventually, even Ouka is subjected to the effects of Antoinette and most her senses are paralyzed. Mari gathers what remaining strength she has to let loose a volley of non-operative spells to knock Kagerou down, and the latter loses her balance and drops her Relic Eater, cancelling Witch Hunter form. Ouka manages to get back on her feet and use the momentum to pin Kagerou down, cut her hands, and knock her out by dislocating her jaw. Instead of finishing her off, Ouka quickly returns to Mari, only to find her knocked out again and resuscitates her. After the two recovered, they regrouped with Takeru and Lapis, with the former on the ground and Lapis trying to wake him with tears in her eyes.

Heretic Alliance Arc[]

Mari follows the rest of the team to the Heretic Alliance's headquarters where she and the others have trouble adapting to their location with its strange atmosphere. She is personally by Takeru's bedside along with Ouka during his awakening. Later, Mari and the others worry for Takeru and his intent to speak with Lapis, but allows him to speak his mind with her. Mari in particular gets angry at the rest for letting him go and storms off. Mari is seen with the rest of the team as the first meeting of the alliance takes place and like the rest of her team, she feels uneasy with the atmosphere.

Once the preparations are made, Mari joins the platoon in the raid against the First Laboratory where she takes point along with Takeru and Ouka as they lead the charge with the members of the pureblood dissidents and the God's Embers dissidents. After felling numerous dragoons and mechanized dragons, Takeru, Mari, Ouka, and Lapis head inside the facility to retrieve Kiseki while Usagi and Ikaruga stay outside. The platoon is; however, quickly separated when Kiseki's voice resounds through the corridor, and a wall of flesh separates them. Ouka continues to try and find her way around the facility to reach Takeru in the case he is forced to use God Hunter form and Mari is contacted by Nagaru to assist Ikaruga outside, and Mari meets up with Usagi on the way. The duo interrupt Kanaria and Ikaruga's fight with Suzaku, with Mari's aurora bolts forcing Suzaku to dodge them, giving Usagi time to aim and shoot Suzaku right in head, leaving Kanaria to finish her off.

Witch Hunt War Arc[]

Mari and the other platoon members comfort and assure Takeru his essential role in bringing everyone together so far and hear from him the situation with Kiseki rejecting her chance to be saved. She joins the others in traveling to the Critical Point to uncover a document regarding Sougetsu's identity. When the document is fought over by the defected Kurogane and his former colleagues from the EXE, Mari gives chase along with Takeru and Ouka. Usagi and Ikaruga's efforts are able to route out Iori Himemiya from her sniping position and forces her to equip her Relic Eater. The latter confronts the chasing trio and Ouka partners up with Mari to deal with her while Takeru continued to chase Mamoru and Kurogane. Mari's magic prowess and Ouka's Vlad allows both of them to Iori in aerial combat, but the two have difficulty in keeping up with their opponent's information processing speed that enabled her to see predict their attacks. The duo are assisted by Usagi and Ikaruga from outside of Daji's recon range and Iori is driven to a corner with their combined efforts. Mari and the others quickly rush to Takeru's side after the latter's struggle against Kurogane. She quickly runs away from the Akashic Hazard that covers the area with the others before they are assisted by Sage. After resting in the alliance's safehouse, she joins the rest in meeting the Valhalla forces that appeared near the Inquisition headquarters.

As the alliance battle through multiple einherjars, they are confronted by Mother Goose and Orochi. Takeru follows Orochi to have their duel, and the alliance members fight against the einherjars while Mari and Ouka approached Mother Goose. The two are quick to renounce Mother Goose's intentions for the world, and they are quickly met in battle by her and find themselves out classed by Mother's transfer and summoning magic. Ouka becomes occupied by a horde of angels while Mari is personally approached by Mother and is asked to stand down as her goal to reshape the world would lead to no discrimination against magic users. Mari rebukes the offer, but is immediately incapacitated when Mother severs her left arm and leg. Before falling, Mari lands a punch across Mother's face and falls to the ground. Ouka breaks away from the angels to treat her, but her own injuries give her little options in terms of healing Mari. Mari offers her blood for Vlad to use as she admitted to not being able to contribute more to the fight. Ouka and Vlad take a small amount of Mari's blood, and Vlad appraises its high quality as Ouka is able to fight back against Mother until she is teleported and left to die in space. Mari's previous punch, however, allowed her to analyze and hurriedly replicate Mother's transportation magic to bring Ouka back before she suffocated. The fight comes to an end when Orochi recalls Mother to his side and she teleports away from the area.

Call of Twilight Arc[]

Mari recuperates from her injuries from her fight with Mother Goose and awakes to find her friends from the rubble caused by Takeru and Orochi's duel. She saves Ikaruga, Usagi, and Kanaria as they witness Kiseki's arrival, and they quickly decide to regroup with Ouka to confront Kiseki together. However, the Hyakki Yakou suddenly targets Mari, Usagi, and Ikaruga, and the three are taken in by the flesh mass while Kanaria is saved by Kanata.

Like her fellow squadmates, Mari becomes stuck under the effects of the Hyakki Yakou's ability to induce dreams upon those captured by it. Mari finds herself awake back in the Grey City where she watched the capital city near the Inquisition's headquarters burn to the ground. A vision of Haunted tauntingly recounts at how Mari had prioritized the life of the kids from her orphanage over the lives of everyone in the primary city. Mari rethinks her thought process and concludes that she would have never cooperated further with Haunted and with the likes of Valhalla to have more people killed, and she lashes back against the visions of the Valhalla sorcerers and Haunted himself. Mari figures out that Kiseki is behind her visions and confronts her where she denies Kiseki's intent on consuming the world will forever damn her chances of happiness. Mari attempts to convince Kiseki to let the world live on so she could try and understand her brother, and Mari recommends for the two to face each other and let their raw feelings get out in the open. As Kiseki "leaves" Mari hopes for Takeru's success in reaching his sister.

Mari is later saved from the Hyakki Yakou after Ouka manages to fight her way out of the flesh mass. After Kiseki's "defeat", Mari assures her that despite the condition of the world, they won't betray her since she's an important person to Takeru, and she offers to be her friend. However, the calmness quickly ends when Sougetsu shoots Kiseki through Takeru, Ouka, and Mari retaliate against him. Their combined attack fails, and Mari is stabbed through the chest with Innocentius. Sougetsu quickly orders for Mari to kill his adopted daughter, and he proceeds to give Kiseki the order to continue consuming the world.

Promise of Dawn Arc[]

Under the effects of Innocentius, Mari begins chasing Ouka down and attempts to shoot her down with her multitude of spells. Ouka is able to dodge and repel her spells away, but a continued fight would only prove to be problematic and lengthy. Mari is forced into a corner where Ouka tries to use the fact of Mari's recently restored limbs and her relatively weak physicality in general to overpower her. Mari counters back by enhancing her bodily functions with magic, and distances the two. Ouka decides to charge forward while Mari unleashes her Aurora Gate. Ouka is successful in breaking through Mari's spells and knocking her unconscious, and both begin to fall from exhaustion, only for Takeru to jump in and catch both of them.

Mari wakes up in Ouka's arms while Usagi and Ikaruga yelled at Takeru and makes a scene over how she wouldn't let anyone touch her legs except for Takeru and falls over. Once the team regained their footing after hearing a massive roar, Mari is prompted to rest for a short while before joining their combined offensive. The team are however met with immediate opposition in form of a powerful creature spawned by the Hyakki Yakou, an incarnated form of the malevolent curse Kiseki bears, and its apparent immunity to magic through its demonic erosion on the team's own magical means of attack. The team is forced to fight it with their own strengths, and Mari helps Ikaruga maintain their defensive barriers as the Hyakki Yakou attempts to overrun them. After the team regroups with the rest of the allied forces, Mari along with Usagi and Ikaruga are unable to join the escort team to deliver Takeru to Kiseki and Sougetsu, but Mari arrives to help fuel Takeru and Lapis one last time as Takeru charges toward Sougetsu, Mari confesses her feelings and Takeru reciprocates in kind.

With Takeru's disappearance, Usagi returns to camp along with the rest of the platoon where their wounds are treated. Mari in particular loses consciousness and is given intensive treatment after she continually overexerted herself since her fight with Mother Goose, Ouka, and assisting in the last push towards Sougetsu. The Seelies at least confirm her survival, but diagnoses her with long-term treatments.


After the restoration of the Inquisition and the rest of society, Mari along with the other members of the 35th Platoon graduate and but instead of joining the EXE like the rest of her comrades, she decides to become a teacher. Nagaru's status as the new chairman repealed the inhuman acts against magic-sensitive individuals and the resentment against witches were slowly replaced with acceptance and normalcy, especially after a formal alliance was formed by the Inquisition and the Magic Academy's executives. The academy now fully endorsed new students whether or not they were able to use magic naturally or not and Mari took the mantle of being their teacher, with her outgoing nature gaining the adoration of her students. She joins her squad in Kiseki's specialized room where they meet up to see both her and Kanaria off with the rest of the team. The team later joins Takeru after the latter gains key information from Haunted that tips them off on a method to cure Kiseki as well as wipe out Suzaku.


First Rate Witch: Mari is a talented witch who possesses a wide array of spells are her disposal. Aside from her usage of her natural attribute, she was skilled in other magical capabilities such as flight. She proclaims herself to be a prodigy, and her quick learning and application has proved to be quite true as her skills had her hold against far more experienced enemies. During her stay in the Inquisition, she wore a Gleipnir that inhibited her magic usage and was mostly a support in combat, most often using her magic to fuel Takeru in Witch Hunter form. Despite all of this, Mari's status as a witch who utilizes her intellect had her physical stamina and strength be understandably low.

Ancient Attribute- Aurora: A light-based magic property that is exclusive to Mari. The Aurora attribute can be utilized in both offensive and defensive ways with its extremely fast application and projection with the light property. The rainbow colored light of aurora is known to specifically damage the soul of its targets, and its overall versatility is the reason why it is considered the most powerful of the light-based attributes. However, as many other attributes, the light property is inherently weaker against dark properties.

Sun and Moon: Utilizing her inherent property, Mari recreated the once considered ancient attributes of the Sun and Moon. This allowed her to amplify her coverage against her weakness and against dark attributes with further empowerment from the Sun's light property and the Moon's dark property.
Summoner: Mari has been shown to be able to summon beings of light through her abilities. These range from the simple light wisps or to an astronomically more complex mythical summoning without the need for sacrifices as it usually would.
Offensive Abilities:
  • Aurora Arrow
  • Aurora Bullet
  • Aurora Barrage
  • Aurora Cannon
  • Aurora Gate
  • Aurora Impact
  • Aurora Blade
  • Aurora Stardust
  • Aurora Rain
  • Helios/Eclipse Blade
  • Will-o-wisp
Defensive Abilities:
  • Aurora Shield
  • Aurora Field
  • Aurora Benefit
  • Aurora Fortress
  • Large Leap- White Rabbit


  • The name Mari (2) is written in katakana (マリ), which has no special meaning. However, when written in kanji (真理 or 真里), it could possibly mean:
    • 真理 - "real, genuine" (真) (ma) and "reason, logic" (理) (ri).
    • 真里 - "real, genuine" (真) (ma) and "village" (里) (ri).
  • Mari's surname Nikaidō means "upstairs, two-storied" (二階) (nikai) and "hall" (堂) ().
    • Nikaido is a name of a clan of Japanese samurai that ruled the Iwase District of Mutsu Province during the Sengoku period during the Kamakura era. The founder was Nikaido Yukimasa and they lived in the Sukagawa Castle.