Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai Wiki


Church Head and Orphans[]

Mari's entire outlook on magic and her talents were shaped by the Church Sister who cared both for her and the orphans who lived with her. Whereas the rest of the world abhorred the idea of magic and active discrimination of magic-users took place with its branded civilian population, the sister inspired Mari to utilize her abilities for the good of others, and she gained her desire to change the way the world viewed magic. Mari was willing to work for Valhalla and do whatever was necessary if it guaranteed the children's safety.

35th Test Platoon[]

Takeru Kusanagi[]

The platoon's captain and one of the few people who bothered to try to get close to Mari during her inclusion in the team. Takeru's fortuitous lack of inherent hatred towards magic made him approach Mari with relative ease and was able to establish a friendly and casual atmosphere between the two of them. Whereas Mari's initial memory loss had her fear of what person she truly was, Takeru was unwilling to give up on her and constantly pushed for her to open up. Takeru's pure intent on befriending and assuring her of her virtuous intent to change the world's fearful view of magic was the point where Mari began to fall in love with him. Mari's upfront personality made her one-sided attraction fairly visible for all to see, but the platoon's usual dealings left very little time to get these feelings properly across. When Mari, Lapis, and Takeru are separated from the rest. Mari was the one who broke off from the others to try and save Takeru during the calamitous event with Kiseki when everyone was told to stay away from the siblings. Mari continued to advance her relationship with Takeru, but regrettably for her taming Lapis was the situation's priority. Eventually, Mari confessed her feelings to Takeru, and he kindly reciprocated them.

Ouka Ootori[]

The platoon's ace member and former Dullahan clashed with Mari the moment they met. Ouka's abhorrent disgust towards magic entirety puts her against Mari's noble intent to change the world's stigma against magic. This natural divide between the two only started with their ideologies as their personalities seem to come at odds at every turn. This made the two extremely competitive towards each other, and this continued even after Ouka's acceptance of using magic with noble intentions. The nature of their relationship towards each other transcended their differences in their views of magic, and the two held a strange level of respect toward one another but both refused to admit it. Mari in particular; however, viewed Ouka as a romantic rival for Takeru's affections, and the former's extremely close friendship with him strained Mari's general view of Ouka. The two; nonetheless, treat each other fairly well until Mari makes a quick note of Ouka's lack of social awareness, leading the two into yet another argument. Even as Mari was bleeding out from a lethal wound, she refused to back down out of sheer stubbornness in not wanting to leave Takeru with Ouka or accept the notion that Ouka was superior to her.

Usagi Saionji[]

The platoon's sniper, like the others, started her relationship with Mari on a rough start. Mari's gradual change; however, had her grow closer to Usagi first due to Mari's own upfront personality trumping over Usagi's comparatively meek nature when around others with tougher mental fortitude than her. By Ikaruga's suggestions, Mari becomes more inclined to tease Usagi, but the latter usually counters back with comments about Mari's lacking breasts.

Ikaruga Suginami[]

Mari was distrustful and wary of others during her induction into the academy, and she did not want to particularly get close to anyone. Ikaruga was also thought of in a similar pattern, and she identified Mari as someone who wouldn't want to spend time with them either and considered her a waste of time to try to befriend. However, as Mari began to open up to Takeru, she naturally became more lenient with others. Mari and Ikaruga's relationship is mostly similar to Usagi's as Mari is the frequent victim of both of their teasing with Mari's lack of bust volume.

Lapis Lazuli[]

Similar to other members of the platoon, Mari shares little to no connection with Lapis other than knowing that she is contracted to Takeru. While this didn't matter to her all that much, their time during the Magic Academy made Mari fully see Lapis as a rival in gaining Takeru's affection. Mari was notably irked at how she thought her time alone with Takeru would bolster her relationship with him, but only managed to let Lapis get in the lead.



While uncertain enemies, Mari's stay during the Magic Academy had her befriend Kanaria to a certain extent where they were on a first-name basis with each other. They were also close enough for Mari to frequently tease Kanaria by her ears without Kanaria getting all that aggressive in retaliation.

Inia Blackmore and Ananda Nodens[]

India and Ananda are two East Side students who Mari befriended during the time she attended Magic Academy while Takeru was unconscious. They frequently tease her maidenly attitude when Takeru is involved.



Valhalla's disobedient officer who most likely followed orders to recruit Mari as their information broker and runner out of his own personal interest than of Valhalla's intentions. Mari despises Haunted, much like everyone else in the series, and only conspires with him to ensure the safety of the children she grew up with. Mari's regular kindness seems to have unconditionally led to her limited actions with him as she brought him food and looked after his well-being. Mari's already low opinion of him drops considerably after Haunted's reveals that he had tricked her into working for Valhalla and having a considerable amount of blood on her hands for helping him.