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Maximilian (マクシミリアン Maximilian) is the second Relic Eater under contract with Kurogane Hayato. It is designated as Malleus Malificarum II.


Contrasting with the jet-black Caligula, Maximilian is a silver single-action revolver with only a single round being able to be loaded in its chamber. Its own Witch Hunter armor is never described but it was used in conjunction with Caligula's, giving it a silver finish.


Maximilian's history of being underutilized by its first user Kurogane had its personality formation delayed while other Relic Eaters, who have had multiple masters over their service records, had them formed many years prior. This caused Maximilian's personality to be molded after Kurogane's, even as far as mentioning its personal "law" but only with a female persona behind it. It demanded trait for its proper usage like other Relic Eaters, in this case it demanded its users to be at a disadvantage and be forced into a corner. It apparently made it clear to differentiate itself from Caligula's obedience to Kurogane while it demanded Kurogane to comply with its terms in order for its powers to be realized.



While Caligula was given to Kurogane when he joined the EXE, it is unknown when exactly Maximilian contracted with him but Kurogane was its first contracted user and has been with him since. Kurogane had wielded it during his first encounter with Kiseki but Kurogane's extreme levels of skill however made Maximilian rarely ever utilized afterwards. This is noted when he states that he has only made use of Maximilian around three other times before the events of the story. Because of this, Maximilian's personality had not taken form yet.

Hyakki Yakou Arc[]

Maximilian is first seen when it and Caligula are held against Kyouya and Takeru's heads during their short duel in the city. It is formally introduced when Kurogane brings it out after meeting Orochi to use it against him.

Witch Hunt War Arc[]

With Kurogane's departure from the Inquisition, Caligula and Maximilian remained loyal to him despite Sougetsu's control over all Relic Eaters. Maximilian was utilized during Kurogane's fight with Takeru and Kyouya where he blocked a blow from the latter while negating Takeru's attack. Kurogane reveals its abilities and aims the muzzle at the duo but Kyouya shoots Takeru away from the blast as while he takes the brunt of the damage. Kurogane accepts defeat after Takeru is able to out speed him and places his hopes onto the Heretic Alliance as he decides to stay behind and hold off the Hyakki Yakou cells spawning from the Guillotine users.

Promise of Dawn Arc[]

Kurogane is outmatched by Haunted who summons a Sacred Treasure and is sent flying into the air. Using Caligula to try and cushion himself from impacting the ground, he finds himself unable to fight back against Haunted's creatures who followed him into the air. With Caligula's reload time leaving him no choice, Kurogane turns to Maximilian and addresses it personally for the first time and she responds at how rude he was for demanding an order for the first time they acknowledged each other by conversation. Kurogane demands her powers but she refuses to recognize his need for it when her master's body and mind are still completely intact and she required him to be feel inferior, something he had never experienced in combat. Kurogane relents and prepares himself for the onslaught and is torn apart by the summoned hounds. Maximilian accepts his actions and activates its powers which completely restores Kurogane's body. Kurogane charges toward Haunted and the latter prepares his own counterattack and the two come to blows and envelopes the area in magic power. In the rubble, Kurogane is drained of his strength after utilizing Maximilian's ability while Haunted comes out of the showdown with only his Sacred Treasure breaking away.


Relic Eater- Malleus Malificarum II: An ornate silver pistol that is the second Relic Eater to have contracted to Hayato Kurogane, an unprecedented feat in the Inquisition's history. It's requirements are not known but it is no doubt connected to Kurogane's overbearingly high statistics. While a formidable weapon on its own, it's abilities are comparatively slow as its chamber could only house a single shot. When used together with Caligula's offensive prowess however, Maximilian's weakness is thoroughly covered.

Intrinsic Magic- Revolution: Maximilian's enchanted bullets nullifies and diffuses an attack, be it physical or magical. The first shot disperses the energy in the air, converting the dissipated energy into silvery particles and the following shot can allow for the dispersed energy to be condensed and detonated at a desired point. It is up to the user when to detonate the diffused energy, meaning that attacks can be continuously be dispersed to increase the counterattack's power.

Heaven's Decree: Reformation- Resistance: Maximilian's intrinsic ability that is invoked upon the user's realization of inferiority and being caught under disadvantageous circumstances. Maximilian undoes and converts all the damage its user received, multiplies its power, and enhances the next shot with immense strength. The damage returned is always greater than the damage received because of the power's amplification but its circumstantial application was the only problem that Kurogane had in using it.

Witch Hunter Armor: While Maximilian's own Witch Hunter form has not been shown on its own, it's properties were used in conjunction with Caligula's.


  • Following the trend of Relic Eater namesakes, Maximilian is presumably named after the first Holy Roman Emperor, Maximilian I who ruled both the Holy Roman Empire and the Spanish Empire while never being officially recognized by the pope.
  • Maxilimian's personality being based off Kurogane, its first contractor, suggesting that the personalities of Relic Eaters are based off either their first users or an amalgamation of multiple users.
  • Maxilimian's design in the anime is possibly based on the Colt Single Action Army.