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Mother Goose
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Mother Goose
Also Known As Gungnir
White Witch of the East
Physical Description
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Red
Personal Info
Blood Type
Status Alive
Professional Info
Species Magical Heritage
Inquisition Role
Affiliation Magic Academy
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 6

Mother Goose is the joint leader of both the East Side of the Magic Academy and Valhalla along with her partner, Orochi Kusanagi. She is the human form of the Sacred Treasure type Magical Heritage, Gungnir.


Mother Goose radiates an faint light from her person, already suggesting by appearance alone that she is something extraordinary. Similar to Lapis, Mother Goose is draped with a flowing white dress with gold trims and a cross on her headpiece. She is mostly seen with her eyes closed, but is noted to have piercing red eyes when she opens them.

Her "Hero Form" armor grants its wielder a pure-white, silvery armor that covers their entire body while a contrasting black cape is draped on its back. The appearance is said to be comparable to Lapis' God Hunter form.


Mother Goose is primarily benevolent and bases the organization of Valhalla to ultimately save the world. While generous on most occasions, Mother Goose is highly demanding from her subordinates as to move advance their goals further. Matching her benevolent goals, she is generally kind and merciful toward her enemies and has the demeanor of a high-class lady.

In the light of her goals, Mother Goose is just as, if not, even more bloodthirstand than Orochi is, and she is willing to do anything by any cost if it means getting closer to remaking the world. However, she would still offer a chance for anyone to yield before facing her.



Unlike Mistelteinn and Lævateinn whose memories of the mythological world was erased, Mother Goose had her memories of the old world intact and sought to remake the new world back into the old one. However, she was somewhat content in acting humanely and made a name for herself among her peers. When Mother Goose learned of Sougetsu's identity, she abandoned the thought of continuing her life as a human, found Valhalla, and utilized resources to help find a safe-haven for magic users in the world after the First Witch Hunt War devastated the world. She had previously offered Orochi Kusanagi and to contract with her, but it was not until after the war he accepted. The two became executives in the Magic Academy's East Side campus where they jointly led Valhalla with the other higher-ups. She was responsible for sending Haunted and Mephisto to weaken the Inquisition.

Witch's Struggle Arc[]

With Mari's capture, Haunted contacts Mother to ask for support in rescuing her, but she denies him any sort of help as his actions have only increased the stigma against witches, something that Valhalla did not advocate.

Festival of Fools Arc[]

Mother Goose appears to Mephisto, and she chastises her for working alone and disobeying orders, similar to how Haunted as been acting. Mephisto refuses to work with Haunted, and Mother Goose reluctantly allows her to act independently.

Hyakki Yakou Arc[]

Mother Goose orders Orochi and Kanaria to investigate the situation with Kiseki Kusanagi, and she sends the two to retrieve her during her transfer to a new holding facility.

Valhalla Calling Arc[]

Mother Goose is met by Takeru and Mari after Kanaria and Orochi bring them to meet her. She welcomes them to the Magic Academy's East Side, but her introduction is cut short by both Takeru and Mari, who asks her what she intends with holding them hostage here. Mother laughs at their forwardness and comes clean with the fact that Mistelteinn is a dangerous weapon and reveals Lapis' true function as the weapon that devastated the world during the First Witch Hunt War by causing the Akashic Hazard, putting the world into a fallout and irradiating much of it with volatile magic energy. Mother urged Takeru to stay away from Lapis and remain in the Magic Side, but Orochi contests the idea, explaining that Takeru would die if he canceled his contract. So the two came to an agreement that Takeru must make Lapis utterly loyal to him to convince them and Valhalla's Senate that Lapis would be a non-issue.

After Elizabeth's death, Takeru, Lapis, Mari, and Kanaria prepare to head back to the Inquisition's territory to regroup with their platoon members, and Mother Goose and Orochi sees them off. Mother asks Orochi if he's alright with letting Takeru go, and the latter takes solace in the fact that Takeru will be a thorn on Sougetsu's plans as he is content with him making and choosing his own choices.

White Escape Arc[]

A few days following Elizabeth's defeat, Mother Goose and Orochi were called to an emergency meeting with the West Side's executives on their inability to maintain control of Mistelteinn and branding them responsible for Elizabeth's death. Orochi; however, counters back, explaining that evidence of the Almighty property have already been traced back to Elizabeth, and it was her active attempts to take Mistelteinn that had her suffer her fate. Mother Goose proposes that they will not report the West Side's transgressions to the high Senate only if they ceased to interfere with further plans, an agreement they find little to argue with. A few days later, the duo calls Sougetsu in his office and offers to make peace to talk in a remote location they last met in, to which Sougetsu agrees to do so. Sougetsu specifically asks for Orochi to get on the line, and he offers the latter to join him instead, as Mother Goose's intentions for the world went against his code and Sougetsu's own intent was to return the world to its regular state, a world without magic. Orochi falls silent but refuses, stating that if it meant having Sougetsu die and bringing Mikoto back, he would do anything. Mother Goose; however, mentions that destroying the root of all magic would end in the destruction of the world as well.

A day later, Mother Goose and Orochi traveled to the cold, northern territory in a now abandoned town that was forbidden to be inhabited by the Inquisition's laws. They meet Sougetsu, and they make him one last offer to stop the war from starting before the West Side finishes their preparations. However, he instead welcomes the conflict. The negotiations end, and the duo plan to duel Sougetsu to the death. However, the latter fully acknowledges that Sougetsu is not good in a traditional fight, and he begins to walk away as 50 Guillotine-armed Dullahans appear behind him. Mother Goose senses something off with the Guillotines, and Sougetsu gleefully reveals that each Guillotine is remotely-powered by 50 witches in stasis. Orochi is armored by Mother Goose, and the two begin to fight back against the army sent against them as Sougetsu runs off, calling a small army to back the Dullahans as he made his way back to his transport. As Orochi finishes killing the Guillotines, Mother Goose reports that Sougetsu was detained by Haunted, and Orochi decides to utilize his ultimate technique to kill Sougetsu outright. Breaking the limits of Soumatou, Orochi's speed reaches a point where time seems to have stopped and a single blow from his blade envelopes the entire area in light.

Witch Hunt War Arc[]

Mother Goose, Orochi, Haunted, and other Valhalla troops teleport themselves near the Inquisition headquarters in a surprise assault. While the troops devastate the cityscape near it and Haunted goes off on one of his hunts, Orochi and Mother survey how Sougetsu had intentionally avoided evacuation and how the Inquisition troops were surprisingly acting on their morals instead of following through with orders. Orochi deduces that Sougetsu had left the civilians in their homes to feed the Hyakki Yakou, and he decides to "feed" himself to the a few unlucky individuals before Kiseki awakened.

When the duo confronted the Heretic Alliance, Orochi led Takeru away from the battlefield to have their duel while Mother was confronted by the rest of them. Mother summons an army of Einherjars to detain them, and only Ouka and Mari stand in her direct path. While giving them a chance to back down and accept the birth of a new world, she relents and fights back with her powers. Effortlessly, Mother's magic prowess are able to overwhelm Ouka and Mari, and force them on a struggling defensive. Ouka becomes occupied defending herself against a hoard of angel like beings while Mother Goose personally approaches Mari to try and reason with her, and reveals how powerless they are in stopping her. Mari retaliates, but Mother infuses destructive magic within Mari's limbs and detonates them, leaving Mari without a left leg and arm but not before Mari landing a single punch across Mother's face. With Mari unable to continue the fight, Ouka absorbs a certain amount of Mari's blood to fight back. Ouka's empowered Vampire form inhibits a number of Mother's spells, and she is forced to bring the both of them to outer space to suffocate her. Mother Goose leaves Ouka to die in the vacuum, but is surprised to see Ouka was soon brought back by Mari who had used Drain magic when the two made contact earlier to bring Ouka back using converted magic. Mother Goose is assailed by Vlad's stakes and admits that Mari had outsmarted her, but the fight prematurely ends as Mother Goose is summoned by Orochi.

Orochi's duel with Takeru escalates when Mother Goose deifies Orochi while Takeru enters God Hunter form. Surprisingly, Orochi is bested in the contest of speed and falls over defeated. Mother bids him farewell as she still intended to carry out their plan, and Orochi says his last goodbyes to her.

Call of Twilight Arc[]

After Sougetsu appears and affects Kiseki and Mari with Innocentius, Kiseki is commanded to continue devouring the world and Takeru and Lapis are caught within its tendrils and swallowed. Deep inside the variant, Mother Goose appears before Lapis and reveals to her the power to save the world.

Promise of Dawn Arc[]

As Takeru is saved from within a forged dream inside the Hyakki Yakou by Lapis, Mother Goose's vision appears before them. She informs him of the only method remaining to save the world, and it was for Takeru and Lapis to complete their merging and inherit the seat of God. Having already taught Lapis the procedure for Deification, Mother Goose offers her very soul as fuel for the process. She also relays Orochi's last message for Takeru, and he begins to consider what would happen if he accepted her offer. Mother Goose explains that once the two merge together and kill Sougetsu, the inherent impurities of Takeru's soul and Lapis' state of being a "replica" would have their individual existences be wiped out and continue existing only as a concept who could only monitor the world as a soul. Takeru; however, makes the unexpected decision of accepting this role it if meant saving everything else he cared for and while Lapis admonishes this uncharacteristic decision from him after their struggle, Takeru admits that he wouldn't mind an eternity of loneliness since he would have Lapis with him. Mother Goose chimes in on their broken-off conversation and entrusts them with her soul and prays for the future of the world and the duo's safety. Mother Goose is transformed into white particles and surrounds them with power.


Sacred Treasure- Gungnir: Mother Goose's true identity is that of the legendary weapon, Gungnir. Her powers are understandably considered to be one of the strongest magical abilities in the series. Unlike other magical heritages, Mother Goose can freely utilize her spells and is considered a top-rank witch on her own. When wielded in her original, bladed form, she can grant the power of godhood to her user.

Intrinsic Magic- God's Authority: Mother Goose's spells exceed that of human use and is classified as something that is not of earthly origin. Her magic allows her to imitate and reproduce the myths of the old, Nordic world whose magnitude pale in comparison to conventional magic. Her extensive usage of transfer magic aid in her mobility.

Geirskögul: Mother Goose materializes an enormous bird the size of a jet to assault her foes.
Skeggjöld: Mother Goose summons an enormous, 100 meter length axe that descends on her enemies.
Herja:Mother Goose summons a horde of angels that bombard her foes with multiple strikes.

Hero Form:Mother Goose arms her user in a white armor, draped in white flames along with a flowing black cape. Like all Hero Form armors, this form grants a multitude of abilities and augmentations that empower her user.

Deification: Mother Goose's ultimate ability that ascends herself and her user into Godhood, granting its user miraculous abilities that bend the laws of the physical world. This power however can truly manifest after the user replaced the Seat of God.