Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai Wiki


Orochi Kusanagi[]

Mother Goose's partner and joint executive leader of the Magic Academy's East Side. The two have known each other since the days of the First Witch Hunt War, where she offered to form a contract with him and he refused up until a few months before the outbreak of the second war. The two are very goal-oriented in changing the world for the better, even it if costs a multitude of lives. While Mother Goose is a unique Sacred Artifact Magical Heritage at how she seems to be able to defend herself independently, she still treats Orochi as her "host" and follow his orders his command in combat. Ultimately, their end-goals in mind are different, as Mother seeks the change the entire existing world for the good of humanity under Sougetsu's rule while Orochi simply wishes to see Mikoto again.

During the relative peace-time; however, Mother Goose found Orochi's laid-back nature outside of combat rather unsightly and demanded him to work as an academy staff member to earn his keep. The two's differences also surfaced during their disagreements on how Takeru should handle Lapis and while Mother Goose hoped for the two to terminate their contract, Orochi demanded for Takeru to enforce his control over her.


Valhalla's rogue officer who is one of Mother Goose's longer known compatriots since the First Witch Hunt War. Longevity; however, has made Mother Goose very aware of Haunted's instability and yet acknowledges his talents, and she keeps him on hand to act as one of Valhalla's agents. However, she has no hesitation in admitting that she has long since denounced Haunted's actions in his service to Valhalla. It is more than likely that she knows by personal experience on how killing Haunted will only prove tiresome, as she dissuades Orochi from even trying as she states it would just waste their time.

Takeru Kusanagi/Lapis[]

The duo who stood in her and Orochi's way in their attempts to rewrite the world. Mother Goose disposition on them rarely changed in the series as she viewed both of them a potential danger, but was always polite in referring to them. Even when completely opposed to her own goals, she never treated them with hostility. By the time of world's end and with Orochi slain, Mother Goose approached them with the hopes of imparting her wish to the duo and prayed for the success after Takeru saw fit to sacrifice himself if it meant having everyone else be safe.

Mari Nikaido[]

A young witch of Aurora who was previously affiliated with Valhalla. Despite Mari's membership in the organization, the chain of command mostly had the two unknown to one another, but Mari was under Mother Goose's consideration in trying to eliminate the former in order to keep their secrets from the Inquisition. When they did finally meet, Mother Goose, while not apologetic greeted her kindly afterwards. They directly came to meet each other in combat where she still willed for their safety.


Sougetsu Ootori[]

The head of the Inquisition, the enemy of all life, and the primary opposition that stands between Mother Goose's goals. While Sougetsu gleefully plays with the thoughts of an end-war, Mother Goose dedicated her entire existence in trying to stop Sougetsu's plans of apocalypse and find a host capable of utilizing her powers to usurp his seat of God. Mother Goose; however, still showed mercy and an attempt for peace against, but she was only met with denial with Sougetsu's intent to continue his war against magic.